As you know, I'm working on my master bedroom.

When I originally started out I had everything figured out. Now looking back, I realized that I've strayed a bit (well maybe a lot). So to keep me on track, I've decided to break down each inspiration photo and share how I plan to incorporate it into my design plans for my space. Are you still with me?!

I had to decide on my color scheme. That is where these images come into play. I knew that I wanted brown walls and white for contrast. I also knew that I loved that nice watery blue as an accent.
The images below has brown walls with a blue piece of furniture. Also, it has white slip covered chairs (a nice contrast to the brown walls).

(image: House Beautiful)

This bedroom has brown walls , a pale blue duvet, and white accents. I remember when I found this image. I was smitten! This is also how I realized what blogging was!
(Janell's first bedroom read more about it here)

I recently found this picture. Although there isn't any blue in the space, the brown and white is totally part of my design plans!

(image: google images)

I think I did a great job with choosing the right shade of brown for my walls, but the white is where I strayed

I used Rustoleum Heirloom white on the nightstands and then on the headboard, but I'm not sure that I LOVE the shade for my bedroom. My trim is "Heavy Cream" by Behr paint plus primer and its more white compared to the heirloom white. I know that this is minor to many, but it has be bugging me!

Again, this post is to walk you through the transformation of the room and to show you what I'm taking from each of my inspiration rooms. There is one thing I do have to ask: How do you feel about different shades of a certain color in one room? Would the different whites bother you?


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I love the last inspiration bedroom image you show, the pop of pattern and the chandelier...wow.

Mixing whites, it's fine, particularly if they both are warm or cool. I think you are focusing on this issue because the room is so bare...once you get your other elements into the space your eye will have other things to focus on and less of the whites will show. If I were you I'd move on and then revisit this concern after the room is nearly done.

It is looking great, the dressers look amazing! Thanks for including me as one of your inspirations!!


Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

Ditto Janell...well said. I have nothing to add ;-)

Mrs. Chic said...

For me differant whites are no big deal when it comes to trim and dressers - for instance, all my trim in my house is Bright Glossy White - but I plan on painting my kitchen - delicate white are very subtle differance - whic is what I wanted a subtle differance.

I agree with Janell - once your room is more filled you won't notice the subtle differance

Brooke said...

It's going to look really nice once it all comes together. It does take time so no Rush. I feel like when I rush, I mess up, forget somen or just don't complete the job.
At any rate, can't wait to see the finish job. Will you give your room a name? All of your hard work wills soon pay off and whou will spring rolls around, you will surely have a story to tell.

Symone's Mommy said...

I, too, think mixing whites is fine. It's like mixing shades of wood...that' the thing.

Destination Seaborn said...

I wouldn't worry about the whites. I've heard that different shades of the same color add depth to a room.
Like Janell said, you can always revisit it once the room is finished.
I love your nightstands. The gold knobs really take it up a notch. Nice job! Lisa

Kelly said...

Mixing whites doesn't bother me, but sometimes, when there's a feature color and it's repeated over and over (especially when it's in different shades) I get annoyed. It's, like, too matchy matchy or something.

By the way, I think your brown looks great!


Chic Modern Vintage said...

Ditto on all counts.

Tamstyles said...

To me white is white...my trim and base boards are one white and my new dresser is another..my panels are another, my blinds are another..my ceiling...it goes on and on...you cant really mess that up. its not like green, kelly green, boo boo green..ya know? i think you are wrecking your brain for nothing..its fine.i would focus on the blue chile and not the white....your doing good.