FAMILY ROOM: Planning the Space

Monday I shared with you my family room painted Sherwin Williams “Accessible Beige” .  Tuesday, you were able to see the color scheme and the fabric that I’m using.  Today I wanted to talk about the needs for the space.


Walking down the steps to the family room to the right you will see the door to the backyard and about a third of wall space.


Against that wall I think some sort of storage would be perfect.  Right now I’m thinking either the closet maid cubes found at Target



Or the Expidit bookcase turned on its side


The sofa will sit there where it is and I’m on the look out for a coffee table


I like the Hemnes coffee table from IKEA is a good choice because of the shelf that I can place baskets on (more storage!).

You may be wondering everything is coming from IKEA, that’s because of this

blogging my truth 015

Enough said!

I also need more seating so I’m considering bringing in two tullsta chairs.   I would love to have them slipcovered! I may have to look into that.


Moving on to the where my “vintage” t.v and computer sit, I will be removing both of those to place a wall unit there for a 50 inch flat screen…


Usually the t.v would be placed over the fireplace, but this is a small space and we the boys need more room to play the Wii!


Other items that I have not decided on include

side tables

rug (found one I like at west elm)


ceiling light fixture (another ceiling fan)

storage baskets

what to put over the fireplace

I’ll talk more about this space next week!

I have a question to ask: What do you guys think of accent walls?  I’ve been looking at the color of the space and feel like the wall where the t.v and computer currently sits would look cool painted a nice shade of blue.  What do you think?


Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I see the babies running around. Thats a good reason for Ikea, but perhaps GW may have a good coffee table?

Its coming together so well!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

The Helpmeet said...

I like accent walls, especially blue. If you have not already, you could check out the blog Emily A. Clark for inspiration. She has a very pretty navy accent wall.

Once you put the wall unit on the accent wall you suggested, it might take up a lot of the wall space and you won't see your beautiful accent color. What about putting an accent color on the wall with the fireplace and the door? I think that might look nice.

Happy decorating! It's coming along very nice!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Lakeitha, thanks for weighing in on my powder room options! I'm leaning towards #2 but still a little skeeerd! Love the accessible beige, fabric selections and everything so far! I'm thinking the accent blue on the fireplace wall as well, since the fp is usually the natural focal point. Looking forward to progress reports, gal!

Mrs. Chic said...

I think the expedit will make perfect storage - I agree with Mr. Goodwill - I simple coffee table from Goodwill would work perfectly -- and you could paint it a muted color from your Ikat fabric.

Quintel @ Urban Paint said...

go for the accent wall! will really juice up the space. :)

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

I thought about the accent wall being the fireplace wall, but that wall goes into the kitchen...What do I do about that?!

Thanks guys for your feedback!

Sing said...

I like the wall where the tv is going to be for an accent color. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Expedit and I think the new tv on top of that will solve that.

Jen Jen Qld said...

I just saw this idea at The Style files and immediately thought of your boys rooms.


Re feature walls, I love them!
What about the lovely green of the two chairs you have?

Jen Jen Qld said...

Whoops sorry, bad link...
This is the correct one:


Decorchick! said...

That swatch must be in the air! I'm using balanced beige for our new downstairs color. It appears much more grayer in our house. Can't wait to get rid of the camel/gold walls! Your room is coming along great!!