I want to thank you guys for all of the comments on my living room.  I really am happy with the look considering that I really did just put it together on a whim (And I was terribly tired too!).  I wanted to touch on how exactly it was done. One comment that stood out to me was LindsB about how it look like it took forever to do this.  If I’m right, she is saying that it looks like the room was pulled together over time.

Blogger LindsB said...

Seriously if thats using what you have, I'm coming shopping in your garage! LOVE that you just pulled this together, it looks like it took forever to do this! Rock on!

When you think about it, it really did take me forever to put this together! Just a year ago, I had none of these things. For example, the brass birdcage was found a few months ago for $5 bucks! The magazines that its sitting on? Well they are from my trip to NYC for Blogfest (I just found them buried in my closet!).


The coffee table is a purchase I made from another blogger over a year ago.  I paid her $60 for it after she refinished it.  I’m actually going to paint it another shade of white because this is a bright white and it kind of stands out from everything else when you look at it in person. 


The paper-weight is another item that I received from Blogfest.  It’s by John Derian.  


The lamps are from my bedroomSmile  The brass piggy bank is a recent find from a thrift store for $1.21.  The Buddha is from HomeGoods  two years ago.  It was originally for my bedroom, but I didn’t use it in there so to the garage it went.  You’re gonna see Readers Digest books a lot in my home.  I love their covers so much and you just can’t beat the price of them from GW.  My sister in law was at an estate sale and purchased 12or 13 of them for me for 10 cents each! Now I have at least 50 of them!


I got the mirror from GW for $20.  I am planning to use it for my powder room, but it looks so good right here that it may stay for a while!  The suitcases are just three of about 15 that I have! the bottom two came together for $3.53 at GW and and the smaller one was about the same price itself.


This silver bowl with the blue inside was 50 cents at a yard sale (again over a year ago!).  And again, I love my reader digest books!


The orchid is not real at all! I found it at HomeGoods earlier this year and it was $4.00 because the pot is broke.  The regular price was either $14.99 or $19.99.  The cranes were found jus the other day for $1.21 each! I was so excited to find them! Crazy excited really!

fall living room7

And last but not least, the red tray that seems to be you guys favorite! I found it at J C Penny on clearance.  It was like $10 bucks.  I’m thinking maybe $13 or so because I remember using one of my $10 off $10 or more coupons which made it next to nothing. 

I’ve always liked rooms that look like they’ve been pulled together over time.  I think people fail to realize that even in design, you don’t just snap your finger and your space is done.  How I pulled my space together is a great example of when you purchase things that you love, they will work together. All of these things are different and purchased at different times, but they work so well in the space.  I am happySmile


Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Wow! You're a woman on a mission your living room really looks great, you have some really unique accessories, can't wait to see your pillows.

Angeline said...

Love how you put this all together (esp the little suitcase and mirror combo -very creative!) - Super job, the room is gorgeous!


I agree...your room has such a curated look.....which comes from all of the beautiful items you have found at GW and yard sales. So well done...but again...you have to have the talent to put it together like you did :)

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Looks so fresh! Your taste has really evolved and is so cosmo now. Great job! Enjoy your holiday season!!

Loretta said...

You have done a excellent job in using accesssories to complete this room. Seriously we similar decorating style. I have identical brass cranes, the same Ikat fabric and two vintage chairs that you also have. Amazing.

Tonia said...

I love to see rooms that come together using things you have collected over time. So refreshing. Kudos young lady!

Olga said...

Really great outcome! And you did all that in one night! Well... hats off! Love your living room. I'm about to follow you because I find your blog very inspiring. I'm a new blogger myself learning the "serets of blogging"! Wanna pay a visit? I'd be very happy to see you around in my place and if you like it you could join me too!
Love, Olga

Olga said...

Thank you so much for visiting and joining my blog! You are such a sweetie! However, I cannot find where I can become a member of yours. I do not see it in the right bar. Can you help me?

Olga said...

Oops! found it! seemed to be problem with my internet! Everything OK now!

Sing said...

You have great accessories! I love the suitcases stacked, that's my favorite touch.

Tia Brumbelow said...

Fantastic!!! I love love love white accessories and you did a great job =)

Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties Inc said...

I just love this space!

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Silent Investor! Thanks for the shout out! I DO WHAT I CAN, I DO WHAT I CAN! Who knew Readers Digest would be such an asset to any design.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

I love the eclectic mix, and suitcases and a buddha on my list of accessories to look for..at a good price, of course. I have never seen Reader's Digest covers like these..grew up (different countries) seeing the soft covers. These have so much color and pattern and are a substantial size. Love how you use them - just like I use my National Geographic mags.

stive martin said...

All the interior things of your living room is very nice and attractive. It makes your home more beautiful and attractive.


LindsB said...

I'm so behind in my blog reading, but you are too cute to quote me. OK so although all of these items were found over time- you put them all together in one afternoon and that, my dear, is amazing!

Oh and that piggy bank, how did you know I have been searching for one of those for MONTHS now? I swear you read my mind sometimes :)

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