I mentioned in my last post that I would show you a few homes in my subdivision that stood out from the rest of the homes that have been painted recently. I added in a few other homes whose color choices are not bold and that I could probably work with for my own.

There is always a house on a street that help you guide a visitor to your house and this is mine "The Orange house" on the left! Every time I invite someone to my home (who has never visited) I say "once you pass the orange house on the left mine is....". I love this house even if I can't figure out how they choose their Christmas decor! I guess they will always have Halloween right?!

Then there is this house, the "Periwinkle house". This is how I incorporate this house into my directions: "If you see the Bright blue house on the left, then you have gone too far"! When I saw the "painter guy" painting this house I was like WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

So when I was telling him colors I was thinking about using for my house I mentioned blue, but not like that blue house. He told me that they are from Jamaica and that it reminds them of home so now I understand why they made such a bold color choice.

This house belong to my neighbors. They recently had it painted and once I saw it I was like WHAT? THAT'S IT? But I found out they will be moving soon and they wanted something that wouldn't scare buyers away. My thoughts are as long as it's not orange or periwinkle then it is okay! I would have like a little more color, but hey maybe our house can be the house for that!

This is my favorite (color wise that is) house on my street. It's a sage green with cream trim. It looks so clean and soothing to the eye.

Here are a few other homes in my neighborhood that aren't too shabby in color

So what do you think? If you were getting your house painted TOMORROW what colors would you choose?


Tamstyles said...

colored houses is new to me because we dont really have that here. when i visit my aney in stone mountain, i kinda noticed the painted homes in GA but now i really see it from your post...hmmmmmmm....we mostly do brick in texas so hmmmmm..i guess i like the more muted colors. not crazy about the bold ones..we go nuts here if someone has purple trim on the outside...so i dont know girl....just no pink (smiles)

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I love browns, browns with a hint of green. Something mid tone so the sun doesn't start to fade it too quickly.

The color a house is painted really can have quite the effect on the look of a house and how it is perceived. When I first saw our house it was painted blue and I thought it was the ugliest thing around. Then one day I was looking on rmls to see what was new on the market and saw a new house, thinking, hey that looks nice! It was the blue house! They went back and painted it an earthy green/brown...what a difference. I seriously don't think I could have bought it if it had remained blue.

Good luck, can't wait to see what you pick!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

I love the browns and green myself. I don't think I could extremely BOLD on the outside. Now, on the other hand inside I have been using very strong colors (for me), I went with a deep red and tan for my kitchen, a green for our bedroom, my oldest's bedroom is hugger orange (The Chevy color), there are beginning pics of it on my blog. Our living room is a khaki color. I am thinking of using orange in my laundry room and half bath. I want purple somewhere though....


Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Wow, what a colourful street. I like the suggestion of shades of brown and earthy greens. Not too dark, with ivories and creams, or greys depending on the main colour.

AnneLoyd said...

I like the sage too. It's neutral and has a nice warm look to it!

adventures of a 1st time mom said...

I like the sage too....i would probably do a just shade darker than the sage and trim with cream or khaki....good luck!!!

Katy said...

My all time favorite is a greenish grey color with white trim and black doors. 2 of my friends have done this color (with my suggestion) what can I say I'm living vicariously through them. :-)

Can't wait to see what you decide!!!

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