The other day I mentioned my ornament wreath and how I moved on to another project because I was burned pretty bad in the process of gluing the little hook thingy to the ornament

At that time, I was making the wreath that will be used in my family room for the boys Christmas decor. While catching up on new posts in my dashboard, I saw more ornament wreaths being made and was like what? Are you kidding me? I. MUST. FINISH. MY. WREATH. NOW!!!

This is Carolyn's wreath from My Backyard Eden

This is Sarah's wreath from Thrifty Decor Chick

So I went down stairs and got to work, but then I was sidetracked by the pretty ornaments I found at the Dollar Tree over the weekend

They look silver in this picture, but they are like a pearl/blue/pretty color! They came nine in a pack for a dollar and I purchased all four packs they had!

This project is so easy even a cave man can do it (can I say that without getting in trouble)!!!

Tools Needed:
*Ornaments-amount depends on the size of the ornaments used
*Glue gun-possibly a low temp gun if you have one!
*a wire hanger

First step is to secure the tips of your ornaments with the hot glue

Then you will need to shape your wire hanger into a circle (the best you can)

***Shape the hanger prior to untwisting the top of it***

Then you will untwist the top of the hanger and start stringing your ornaments....EASY PEASY!

After all of that you will end up with this

Oh sorry, that's Eddie Ross wreath! For another tutorial go to his page

Here is mine

I planned to do a pretty ribbon and purchased this wire ribbon thinking it would be nice. Well, not so much! I think I'm just going get the kind Eddie used and be done. I'm also not settled on the place to hang this wreath. The ornaments I used are German Glass and the box says to keep dry and away from moisture so my door is not a good candidate.

What do you think?!?!

I'm linking this up to DIY day at A Soft Place to Land


Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

I LOVE the colors you used! It is beautiful! Definitely worth the wait (and the glue burns?)! Thanks for linking me up! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Back UP Carolyn (LOL), I wanted to be the first to post. At least I beat Janell today. One word, BREATH TAKING! I love it. It looks so expensive with those rich colors. WOW! Impressive! Now before you sell that, please consult me for prior pricing. CHOW!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Love it...gorgeous colors. I need to check our Dollar Store out. I need to finish my wreath also. I need to get busy.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Could you please make another one, exactly like your, for my door?! IT LOOKS FABULOUS and the colors are perfect (for my house as well as yours!!)
p.s. like how the wreath and its colors look on your front door.

Dayka said...

Two thumbs up! I'll finally be starting both of mine this week.

Mrs. Chic said...

Looks good! Hey those are my christmas colors! lol -- you when are you mailing mine?

Symone's Mommy said...

LOVE! I bought all new Christmas stuff last year. Annette and I cleaned up at Hobby Lobby @90% off. I am going w/ the silver, teals and light blues this year. Big change from 5 years of red and gold. Hope to have a post updating tomorrow. Thanks for the tutorial.

Sara said...

love, love, love it!! can't wait to go get my ornaments and try it!

Anonymous said...

Came out great! I didn't know the dollar store had the hangers too. I'm a "mommydearest", not a wire hanger in sight or atleast not under this roof. LOL I guess I'm off back to the dollar store. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post! Have a blessed night.

myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

I love your wreath, I'm glad you got back to it!
I do love, love, love the ribbon on the ER wreath.
thanks for sharing your tips!
Happy Thanksgiving

Andrea said...

Beautiful! I especially love that barely there aqua color! Good job...way to persevere through the pain!

Tara said...

Pretty, you ladies are making me want to try and make one of these:) Great job.

Bonnie said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to start my wreath this weekend!

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Great job, gorgeous colours! I'm starting to think that I should make some :S

Sara F. said...

Your wreath is soooo pretty!

Brenda Jo said...

Your ribbon looks better on the wreath than the Ross ribbon.

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