The pantry is coming along nicely. I'm still searching for more food storage and I've found some good containers, but they can get pretty pricey!

Some of you noticed the glass storage containers that I have in the pantry right now.

I fell in love with these after seeing them in Ina Garten's kitchen (the Barefoot Contessa). They can be found at Crate and Barrel AND Target! She keeps them on her counter and I think I like them better there as well.

Another trend that I'm seeing is storage hung on the pantry door.

There are two types of door storage found on the doors above. One (my favorite) is actually shoe organizers! I've seen this done before in bedrooms for jewelry, but never would have thought of using them in a pantry. The other door storage solution can be found in your local home improvement store in the closet organization section for about $30. This is a better solution if you need a little more solid shelf space. I think I may try the shoe organizer to hold miscellaneous items.

What I'm debating over right now is using baskets in the space.

I'm loving baskets in pantries. The items in the baskets above are not that organized, but because they are in baskets it gives the pantry an organized look.

My pantry should be complete by Friday and I can't wait! The hardest part of completing this space is making it presentable. I'm not satisfied with the color, but IT'S A PANTRY! Does the color really matter?!?!

And by the way, for those of you who like the glass jars, I'm giving away two large (gallon) and two medium (half gallon) to one lucky reader of this blog!

The winner will be chosen using Random.org and announced Monday Nov. 16

Good luck!


Unknown said...

The shoe organizer idea is really clever...love the baskets too!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Great ideas, especially about using the space on the back of the door. I wouldn't dare show any photos of my pantry at this moment, but those jars in your giveaway would help control some of the chaos!! Count me in please!


Dayka Robinson said...

I really like the baskets, and I used to have that rubbermaid door storage thing and it was fabulous. I had to throw it away when I had the floors put in and needed to cut the door down. And . . .

I love a high heel and a platform! And trust, I WILL NOT be wearing those this weekend--I don't want you to have to carry me to the car the first time we meet!! I will most likely be in my trusty flats, or maybe some boots, depending on the weather.

Lindsay said...

Love the glass jars!!! Sound me in for the giveaway!! :-)

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

I love those glass jars! And a new pantry is so exciting - congrats! :)

Krys72599 said...

OMG, could I use those jars!
We're in the middle of designing a new kitchen - okay, we're just starting to design our new kitchen and we need help! It's a year away, by the time we figure out what to do and then get it done, but in the meantime I could use those jars in the current kitchen!!!
Can't wait to see your new pantry when it's all done!

A Stable Beginning said...

Can't wait to see your new pantry. I need some inspiration for mine, thanks for those photos. Love, love, love those glass jars. I currently only have one and I am using it for my laundry powder. Could definitely use some for the kitchen. Thanks for the chance to win!

Rob And Son said...

If only I had a pantry...or countertop for that matter! I love the glass jars and baskets- I might have to find a new home for them in my one bedroom brooklyn aparment:)
Please add me to the list for the give-away!

###### said...

sign me up

Tara said...

Well, how nice of you to share:) I can definetly put those to use!

Unknown said...

I love the glass jars! Your pantry is going to look great. You could use the baskets and make chalkboard labels for the outside and tie them on with some twine.

House of Brooke said...

I use the basketa and they look so much better than everything thrown around. Because I also do in home preschool, I have to keep everything organized. I love the idea of you wanting to paint the pantry blue! I say do it and go BOLD! you cant go wrong! I hope I win the giveaway! I can use those for something special. Quick question do you really really like the baskets?? And would you have enough room for them??? How many do you think you would need?

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Great ideas!! I use a shoe organizer in both of our bathrooms, everyone that sees them says they would have never thought of it.

I love baskets, but wouldn't use them in a pantry, I need to "see" everything. Or I will have lots of stuff get outdated.

As soon as my work slows down around the 16th, I plan on tackling my pantry. You have given me the urge to do it. Thanks.


Dayka Robinson said...

Girl, that thing is gone! You're going to be mad when I tell you this, but something told me to call you, but then I was thinking, "naw, they have boys, they won't want this." I didn't even think about the fact that YOU might want to use it. So sorry! I'll keep my eyes peeled for you . . .
and about the above, is it time to add that annoying word scramble thing?? obviously they want us to buy viagra!! :) and someone up there had a great idea about using the jars for laundry powder!

40 Means Free said...

I'm in! I love them! But first, let me tell you why I deserve to win. Because I'm collecting Crystal and Glassware. And I have thrown out everything in the cabinet, that is NOT! So NO need to mail them, I'll come get my giveaway! SPEECH: I want to thank all my Fellows BLOGGERS, i.e Janell & TamStyle for their on-going inspiration! Chow!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I would have NEVER thought of the shoe organizer - very clever. Also love the baskets (and the jars of course!)

pk @ Room Remix

Lisa said...

This could actually motivate me to clean out my laundry.....unless I find more creative blogs to browse...

Thanks for a great post!

Sherri said...

I love the baskets! I really should tidy up my laundry room space with some. I have shelving over the washer/dryer so this would make it 'appear' MUCH more organized and cleaner! Now I will be on the hunt for cheap ones.
I have a glass jar for sugar and coffee on my counter now. WOULD LOVE to win these and add my flour and other items to the collection!

Symone's Mommy said...

I used my door for storage in my pantry. I keep Symone's snacks in the bottom racks so they are within arms reach. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jill said...

I just posted about glass containers today! love them. Please enter me in your giveaway too. Your pantry is looking sharp.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I have a pantry that needs only one thing: YOU!!!!!

Unknown said...

I love those pantrys! Yours is coming along very nicely :) I like the idea of using glass containers & baskets! The baskets are really clever, you can put all your cans and misc items in there, all tidy and tucked away.

I think the color you chose is fine, its keeps your pantry nice and bright.

Ohh yeah, sign me up I wanna win your give away :)

Sandy said...

I love pantries and your's is looking good.
Enter me in the giveaway and thank you for all your ideas.

Amy said...

Your pantry is coming right along. I love the glass jars!!! I've always wanted some. : )

Angie Holden said...

I love pantries!! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Marla said...

Oh yeah, enter me into the giveaway! Love your pantry ideas. Marla

Linh C. said...

I love baskets!

Dayka Robinson said...

How smart you are! Yes, they are the TOB plates. I wanted them so bad, and now I'm over them. Crazy, right?

Anonymous said...

I am so loving this post! I have several pantry pictures that I have in my folder for inspiration- My pantry is this mud pink color and nice size but the shelves are so deep things get lost back there! Baskets I think may be the way to go! I have been collecting glass jars too to store staples in and would love to win a few more!!! I pick them up at GW as I just can't afford the retail prices as the stores so the collecting is going slow!!
Can't wait to see what you do with your pantry!


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I'm looking forward to seeing an awesome pantry!

Mandy said...

I should really give my pantry some love...
Yours looks great so far!
Pick me - I want those canisters!!!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I can't wait to see your pictures...I have seen those jars and drooled over them myself. I also love Ina (Is her kitchen fab or what?). My neighbor has the baskets in her kitchen, she uses her baskets to store potatoes and onions. We have very narrow kitchens in this apartment building so we need all the storage we can find.

I'm throwing myself in the mix for the canisters! :)

Tammy said...

I love organization and storage. I just bought lots of jars to organize my ribbon in the craft room. I am trying to organize the kitchen staples as we speak.
Can't wait to see it all done.

Champagne on Tuesdays said...

Entering for the jars. I found your blog through Isabella and Max Rooms tonight (found her through My Notting Hill). Just in time to enter your giveaway and read your fabulous posts.

adventures of a 1st time mom said...

I like the idea of the shoe rack for small items that takes up space on the shelves....you doing a great job so far....and why worry about changing the color it look fine for a pantry....good luck L.Duncan...

By the way enter me in the giveaway for the glass jars they are cute....

Anonymous said...

Love all your pantry ideas! Would love to win your cute jars! Rosy

Janice aka mom, grandma, said...

love them! i can always use more. thanks for the givaway.


Unknown said...

I'm down with anything that will help me get more organized!

Symone's Mommy said...

Hey, LD...you crack me up. Saw your comment on Dayka's blog "I spy" plates from Target! Too funny and, huh, I'm gone guess you and Target go way back?!

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