Chandeliers ~VS~ Ceiling Fans

Hey guys I need your opinion on something

My husband is concerned about my decision to have a chandelier in the bedroom. He has never heard of such a thing and was wondering why I would do it. He also think that our current source of light (a black and gold ceiling fan) is alright as is for the room. So I would like to ask you:
Why do you like a chandelier in the bedroom?
And while you're at it, tell me what you think about this:

Be honest!


Beckie said...

I LOVE chandeliers in bedrooms! Honestly, that's where they all should be. I like the fixture you have, but it really would depend on what the rest of the room looks like. I think ceiling fans are the all ugly...even the nice ones are ugly furniture. Ceiling fans are the cd towers of the new millennium!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Hysterical, I can just hear this conversation. I love chandeliers in a bedroom, the soft light they can bring in, the sparkle, the style.

I like this chandelier, but perhaps for a more feminine space rather than one to share with a husband. If yours is resisting, then something that is a bit more masculine might sway him!



Mrs. Chic said...

Men! They just don't get 'it' lol ~ love Chandeliers in bedrooms! I think it depends on how hot your room gets...in my living room we had to keep our Ceiling fan I like the cool air overhead. Our bedroom, there's not one in there now, so its not a big deal

As for the Chandelier you like, I like depending on how you pull the room together it could look really nice...just make sure the scale is big enough for your room

Wow....I wrote alot

Anonymous said...

I love chandy's in the bedroom!! Love love love them, I just bought my daughter one for hers to put over her tea table. And the one you have pictured is beautiful, would go nice with a elegant bedspread! I'd like to know what you went with??

Kisha said...

I have only been a lurker on your blog but today I have to speak..*shame*..lol But I absolutely love the idea of a chandelier in the bedroom or a master bath even. I think they are so beautiful and unique there. And the one you have chosen is very nice. Your bedroom is should compose of things that make you comfy and also have things of beauty. And if there's the issue of your husband being hot..stores now carry very nice (even vintage looking) floor fans.

Melanie said...

I like the idea of a chandelier in the room because it's romantic, and unexpected. It's not a bright, glaring light, but can be sparkly, or soft. From a husband's perspective, they probably like the idea of having air circulation, but you could always get a portable fan. I'm with you though--I like the idea of the chandelier in the bedroom.

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

I like them both! Have fun on your quest!

Sandi (Meme) said...

I understand your dilemna! My DH is the same way, so all I do is say, "I saw one when I was blogging, and...." He just shrugs his shoulders and okay. Have a blessed Christmas, I highly recommend the chandy!

pegr said...

I have just found your blog. Love what you're doing. I think your choice of fixture is gorgeous. get a portable fan for your husband.
Some advice to convince your husband, three words. "It's sexy,daddy". You'll get your chandelier. LOL

Tamstyles said...

I am going to be honest. I dont like that one. To shabby chic for my taste...but i did say my taste. if you like it do it. i dont think there are any rules with lights..do you.

Suzanne said...

I absolutely LOVE the chandelier in our (newly made-over) bedroom. Glass and crystals. Surprisingly, my husband likes it too. (He kinda-sorta-almost even helped me pick it out. Well, I found it and he agreed) ;)

One word of advice...it is an absolute must to have on a dimmer - which he surprised me with a day or so after he installed it.

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I love chandeliers just about anywhere! I say put one in your bedroom, it will be beautiful! I agree with your reader who said add a dimmer switch...it makes all the difference. I just did a post on lighting and I am laughing because I think I have the chandelier you showed on this post! Great taste!! ;) Sorry I haven't been by in awhile...in the middle of remodel chaos and haven't had a chance to be on the computer much. Love how everything is turning out your doing a great job!

Happy New Year to you!

Hugs and love friend,

Jack and Annie said...

I love and adore chandys in the bedroom especially! Maybe find something that speaks to both of you? It is his space as well as yours! :) I'd love a chandy in my bedroom but living in AZ where it gets suuuper hot in the summer we need all the air circulation we can get!