For months now, I've been saving different bedrooms to my inspiration folder. I've found a few that I've been swooning over for the past couple of months. Although they don't have many things in common style wise, they do have one thing in common....


(Laurens bedroom via Pure Style Home)

(Holly's Bedroom via In the Fun Lane)

(Michelle's bedroom via Three Men and a Lady)

(Janell's Bedroom via Isabella and Max Rooms)

Aren't they all lovely?! No unnecessary mishmash of things. Just pure style! In my bedroom design, I plan to take a few ideas from each of these rooms and use them to my liking. Can you guess what ideas from each room?!?!

What do you think?


Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

LOVELY is the only adjective you could come up with. Let's try AMAZING, SWOONING, ENCOURAGING, AND WOW!

Dayka said...

Maybe the streamlined beds? I wanted to do a mood board for you today, but couldn't figure out what program everyone is using. I'm happy to wake up and see you've already go this done!!! Keep up the good work!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Well that was fun to see! Thanks for including me in this lineup...I am really looking forward to watching you work on your bedroom!!

Can you believe I broke one of my nightstand lamps the other day? I was making the bed, in a hurry as always...and knocked over the clock, which bumbed into the lamp base, shattering one of its glass balls. And here I thought they were plastic all this time! Found at TJMaxx for well under $50 each years ago. Shoot! I'm looking for replacements.

Good luck with this room! Janell

Lana said...

Lovely collection you got there, not to mention Janell's room which inspired me to paint my masterbedroom,( from ugly yellow to Universal Khaki) First paint attempt. Hope my hubby like it when he gets home.

Janell, how funny are you sure you didn't do that on purpose? Maybe tired of your lamp.:)

Cant wait for your bedroom transformation, Good luck!

Mrs. Chic said...

My bedroom is lacking a lot of design love from me too - lol

Love the rooms you picked out...I'm thinking the central themes: Calm crisp bedding & great lighting

Rossheart said...

AS Dee says...ENCOURAGING, love all the ideas plus it does not take much to please me. I love the chandlier sp? in the bedroom, I was just thinking last night as I was staring up at mine that I would rip it right off the wall, almost did, but I was afraid of cutting off my head or something, lol.

Symone's Mommy said...

I'm sure the sunburst (or at least circular) mirror will make the cut, as well as a cool chandelier. Am I warm? BTW, thanks for the comment on my couch. I told Annette I was waiting to see what you said since you suggested I go bold. Glad you like. I'm very excited.

Deanna Jackson said...

Love the white on white bedroom; very feminine!