The other day when I put the picture of my newly painted bedroom (corner)

Mrs Chic made a comment:

I like it! It turned out nice - those chairs look perfect in your bedroom.

BTW - you paint well, no paint marks on the ceiling!

My favorite part was when she said you paint well, no paint on the ceilings...
Well Mrs. Chic....I don't paint THAT well! I actually just go in a room and paint! I don't cut in first or anything (please don't shake your head at me). What I do is paint majority of the wall/walls and then go back and cut in. Before I cut in, I tape off the ceiling and baseboards. After I peel off the tape, I usually get something like this

and that's when I pull out my trusty "touch-up" brush

add a little paint

and the spot is gone! (please excuse the textured ceiling!)

same thing with the side of the doors

Can you see how the trim paint is on the wall? My little brush fixed that too!

This brush is actually part of a pack of brushes found at Hobby Lobby. I think the pack is $7.99, but I paid $1.99 because someone opened it (thanks person who opened the pack, but didn't take anything!). And I know you guys see that brown spot on the floor under the chair right?

Well that was my way of insisting that we get new carpet in the bedroom, but my husband said "Why don't you ask your blog friends how to cover that up!" Please don't comment on that remark!!!

So there you have it! My "messy" little painting secret! I'm pretty sure that you guys are great painters so please don't be too mean in the comments;)


Dayka said...

Girl, stop. All that carrying on you were doing for that????!!! Please . . . I'll show you messy when you see my bedroom ceiling!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I am laughing at your husband's response...Can't offer any advice there except to try some good carpet cleaner. Or...just push the leg of the chair over and cover the spot.

Whatever means you used, the end result is great. Janell

Mrs. Chic said...

LOL!! you have me cracking up...I've been using little brushes for my bench I'm working on.

Who knew I should also use them to 'Touch Things Up' Thanks for the tip!! AND for puting a smile on my face

AnneLoyd said...

You have great touching up skills! I will have to try that in the bathroom I painted about...three years ago. I was trying to convince my husband to put up crown molding to cover up my poor painting skills.

Looks great! As far as paint in the carpet, just keep pushing new wood floors...my husband would tell me to try to cut most of it out...that's what he told me to do in our last house.

Tamstyles said...

you did a great job!

Its So Very Cheri said...

It looks fabulous. I love the colors too.

I hope things are going well for you in the new year. I was just coming by for a visit to see what was new on your blog and let you know I have a give-a-way ending soon.


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Um, I think I have a talent for getting paint on a ceiling... oh, and on the floor (even with dropcloths covering it!).

For the carpet, have you tried using a razor to 'shave' the painted portion away? I don't know how worked in your portion is, but it's worth a try!

Anonymous said...
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