CARS BEDROOM….Window Treatment (almost)

Hi folks! It’s been a minute since I last talked about the cars bedroom

cars bedroom 005

The main reason for me not staying on task when it comes to this room is because I can’t figure out the direction I really want to go in to complete it…

I remembered a project that Emily worked on a while back and I decided to try it for myself.  She covered a roller shade in fabric for her bathroom and I thought it would be perfect for the boys room considering how my 2 year old pulled down the curtains in my oldest son’s room.

The breakdown

green eggs and ham 031

My materials included a roller shade from Walmart ($5), some spray adhesive (already had), Fabric glue from Walmart, scissors, and a credit card (to help smooth out the fabric)

First let me say that this was my first time dealing with a roller shade.  I mean, my grandmother had them in her home when I was growing up and I knew how to let them up and pull them down, but other than that, this was my first time using one for myself

Okay…So I opened the shade and rolled it out completely

green eggs and ham 033

These shades come in a larger width than my window and at the time I started this project, I didn’t realize that they can be adjusted (DON’T YOU DARE LAUGH)Confused smile

green eggs and ham 043

 Once the fabric was laid out on top of the shade, I started applying the glue across the top edge to attach it to the pole(?)

green eggs and ham 042

green eggs and ham 038


green eggs and ham 039

Here is where I realize (NOW) that I went wrong.  Once the fabric was glued to the top, I flip it shade over

green eggs and ham 047

and applied the spray adhesive (YES, IN THE HOUSESmile with tongue out)

green eggs and ham 050

That stuff is so sticky it’s ridiculous!  I don’t have a picture of this part, but when I tried to smooth out the shade on top of the fabric, it was a big mess Crying face 

I kept going though.  It was wrinkled and I didn’t care. So anyway, with my wrinkled fabric covered roller shade, I began to finish the sides

green eggs and ham 060

The right side was easy to do.  I simply lined the shade up to where the pattern ended and then all I had to do was fold over the excess part and glue it down

green eggs and ham 061

green eggs and ham 063

(ignore the fact that I need a manicure!)

For the other side, I found a point to use and it was my guide for cutting

green eggs and ham 067

My “cut guide”

green eggs and ham 068

Once I reached the top of the shade, I simply cut a piece from around the part where the mounting piece is (?)  I did this because the rest of it will be folded in anyway…

green eggs and ham 070

green eggs and ham 071


What I need for you to do is go back to the top of this post and read the title…

Okay, see where it says ALMOST?  Yeah, that’s because I almost had window treatments for this room!!! This thing was so sticky and and wrinkled and ugly by the time I got to the bottom part, I threw it across the roomLaughing out loud


Know worries though, no one was hurt during my time of rageWinking smile   I am going to attempt this project again. This time I think it will turn out a whole lot better! Hopefully I’ll have something to show you next week.

For a project so simple and inexpensive, it really gave me a run for my money.  Plus my 2 year old probably thought I was crazy afterwards!

If you want to see more on how this project should have turned out, head over to Emily’s post and Jennifer Nicole made a cute one for her daughter’s room

Have you had a hard time with a project that is just too easy to mess up?!


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Oh, we are on the same wavelength here! I had a problem with my bench project yesterday! Not everything in DIY land always goes well. Sorry about this window treatment, loved the fabric!! Janell

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Yes. I'm currently working on one. I thought it was fairly straight forward but its turned out to be a bit more complicated.

Kim said...

You are adorable and I love your blog! THat picture in your header is too precious. I'm your newest follower!

Mrs. Chic said...

Ahh thats sucks but I'm sure round two will work much better. Maybe try working on a super flat surface - kitchen table or solid floor - maybe the carpet was throwing it off.

Regardless I can already tell its going to be a cute winder treatment for the room and very practical for boys!! :)

Kathysue said...

Laekitha Love the Fabric, still waiting for mine in yellow!!! I made a roller shade about hmmmm? lets see Omgosh 34 years ago. AT that time I purchased some adhesive shade cloth from the fabric store and ironed it on, I think it is like a lining. Cut the edges and used clear glue to keep from fraying and attached with a staple gun, back in the olden days I had a wooden roller. Pretty easy to do as I remember. I made a cute bottom edge with trim. Would you believe it was a bedspread in a buffalo check and the room was in black and white and I did a traffic sign theme!! One of my favorite little boy rooms that I ever did. Having 3 boys I have done quite a few boy rooms in my day. Good luck sweetie!! KS

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

If you don't want us to laugh at you then you need to stop writing such funny posts. I am sorry it didn't work out and I'll be watching to see a new one revealed very soon.

Ches said...

Doesn't it suck when our projects dont work out the first time, but i'm sure next time they will turn out perfectly. Love the fabric choice by the way.

Myssie said...

Girl, I have had way too many DIY projects end up being thrown across the room!! I can't wait to see the finished product though!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Anyone who says they never had a project go wrong is a big fat liar. LOL! I remember trying to create an etched monogram vase I'd seen on Martha Stewart's site. I followed the directions on the container of etching cream exactly but it was a mess. (I should have read Martha's instructions!) Martha made it look so effortless.

Better luck next time and thanks for letting us know that it's okay if we're not perfect.

Emily A. Clark said...

Truth be told, mine didn't turn out all that great either--just hope no one looks close enough to tell :)

Funny you should post about this. Just last night, I took a strip of velcro and converted it to a "folded roman shade." Awww, yes--it's so rigged up, I'm sure it will fall at any minute!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Thank you so much for keeping it real! I have so been there! I really loved the fabric!

Erika Ward said...

Howling with laughter!! I've been there waaay to many times that I care to admit. The picture with the crumpled shade across the room had me in stitches. I'm sure the next time is going to be a winner.

P.S. I didn't know roller shades were that cheap! Good to know!

april said...

LmBo!! Girl you are too funny. I'm reading and all into the blog and then you stop and say... did you read the title... I was so not ready for that! LOL.. I just knew I was going to see a completed shade.

Nevertheless, good effort. Yes some Diy projects just don't turn out the way we want sometimes.. Oh I love the pic of the thrown shade.. to funny..

Love your new pic and congrats on the baby girl!!



Ha Ha Ha....I love that you threw it across the room because that is a sure sign that you were done with that project :) I hope you try again because it looks cute and I would like to know how it really works out!

SAS Interiors said...

Great post ~ In DIYland, you never know how projects will REALLY turn out and most projects are not perfect. I can't wait to see the boys room once it's complete. I'm a new follower!

~Jenna, SAS Interiors

Kelle Dame said...

Ah! That would so be meeee!!! So glad I came over from Cottage and Vine! Love your blog and thanks for being honest about your shade struggles :)Can't wait to see your next attempt! The boys room already looks awesome!
Your newest follower

DeeDee said...

OMG i was going to do this with spray adhesive... do you just not recommend it at all? i was going to do a little hem around the edges of the fabric then spray the adhesive onto the fabric then place the shade on top (a 2 person job)... i dont want it to fail completely.... :(

Jenn said...

I loved reading this. I ALWAYS do everything wrong the first time! I never though about actually blogging that part. I was SO wrong!It made you stand out to me and I like you more. I also LOVE the header and name!

Cathryn de Prume said...

Did you ever make these? I'm about to try it. I'm so glad to find your blog and learn what not to do! Hysterical! How about fabric glue or hot glue instead of that spray? I'd hate to ruin all this fabric.

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