There are a few decisions I must make in the master bedroom before I can continue.  One being whether or not I should change the headboard to an upholstered one

I think most of you love the current headboard in my room, but it never really did it for me

master bedroom 021

I think it’s the height of the headboard in my room that’s the problem for me…Maybe I could raise it up somehow?

Then there are the lamps

I’m thinking they need to be a little heftier.  I found a pair at a thrift store that I can spray paint that would probably do the trick!

and lastly, bedding…

 bedskirt 033

This is probably why I gave up last time.  Bedding is the hardest thing for me to decide on in my room.  I need something basic.  And I need it to be in the right color.  Not but, but not cream.  I always think ivory, but sometimes what a company considers ivory is not what I consider ivorySmile

I really can’t wait to finish this space.  Every time I look at the above picture, I realize that I’m so close!

Who else is going to see Cars 2 tonight?!!!


Anonymous said...

I definitely think it needs to be taller! I like your current headboard, but it needs more heighth especially with the lamps being taller! Go for a padded headboard, it would be pretty easy to do!

Lynn said...

http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?GrpTyp=STY&ItemID=1a71e42&submit search.y=8&Ntt=Artisan+10+pc.+comforter+set&SearchString=Artisan+10+pc.+comforter+set&Ne=840+4+877+878+5+961+6+29+3+598+11+15+12+506+10+23+585+596+963+579+1031+8+1022+1014+586+1007+879+1027+18+904+903+969+833+949&hdnOnGo=true&NOffset=0&submit search.x=14&Nao=0&N=4294959029&SO=0&PSO=0&CmCatId=searchresults

I was just wondering if this comforter set from jc penney's would work with your room and decor?

I really love the white padded headboard.


Kathysue said...

When I saw the first pict. I thought Oh she finished, and I love it!!! I like the idea of a padded headboard. and I love hotel bedding. White with brown border. I have hotel bedding forever at least 17 years, I got it a looooong time ago and it still works for me. You can add color to it or pattern for a change. Kind of like a great neutral sofa. I love your lamps, I like the clean classic lines. find your bedding and the rest will come!!! Kathysue

Darnetha said...

I love the padded headboard, I am currently constructing my own. You could customize it to the height you need and add any fabric. I do love the white bedding in the first photo, perfect, reminds me of a great hotel room.
And yes we are going to see CARS tonight, my little men are so excited!

Tonia said...

As I always say I'm sure that you'll find something that you like...and enjoys going to see cars.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Maybe try what you think would make the biggest impact in the room first and work from there. I like your headboard but I think your idea about adding height would make a big statement. New bedding and some throw pillows in a color you love would be nice additions too.

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Replace it. U appear to love the highboard so much better.

(u could raise the headboard using hooks to hold it against the wall.--just a thought)

i would use a slate grey in the bedroom or an apple green bedding.
lots of pillows filled with designs and or color.