Hellllooooo out there! I’m back today for the not so thrilling reveal of the table in my bedroomWinking smile

You remember what I started out with, right?

master bedroom 001

master bedroom 005

I decided to paint the top

bedskirt 061

Then I showed you the during stage of me “stapling” the fabric around the table

master bedroom 006

master bedroom 009

master bedroom 011

skirted table 007

skirted table 002

skirted table 008

I haven’t finished off the bottom of the skirt nor have I added the ribbon trim around the top of the table to cover the staples.  I’m trying to see if I like it.  I think a more free flowing fabric with some type of print would look great on the table (don’t you?).  Now I need to find a fabric that I think would work…

skirted table 005

For some reason I’m getting a banquet table vibe from looking at these picturesOpen-mouthed smile



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Before you make any changes why don't you place the items you'll have on the table and then wait a day or so. I nearly always find I'm not completely sure about a change in a room at first, usually simply because it is a change and my eye is not used to it. Also, with the items on the table you'll get a better idea of the overall look and if you really do want to go for a print...just a thought!!

Chyanne M. said...

Janell mentioned a good point. Accessorize the table first, step back and see if you still like it.

If you don't than go ahead and get a fabric with a print you can live with for awhile.

Or add a trim to the bottom of the fabic you currently have now.

Chyanne M.

Nia said...

What kind of fabric is that?

Love the framed cork vision board :)

L.Duncan said...

Great idea Janell! Chyanne, I think I will do just that:-)

Nia, the fabric is from Goodwill, but I think its canvas? Its a bit stiff. And thanks for the compliment on the board!

Mrs. Chic said...

It looks good -- I agree w/Janell - maybe also pin the ribbon you were thinking about using and see how you like it before you change the fabric out / go further.

ps - Thank you for the kind words about our newborn son! :)

Kathysue said...

Laekitha, I think Janell is right. Iknow you love color so maybe that is what you are craving. I could see a fun print here, but I do like the quiet feel the way the corner is right now.I know whatever you decide will be perfect for YOU!! Kathysue

erinbearin71 said...

I'd add a cut to fit mirror on top... I think it will glam up the skirt. My 2 cents!

erinbearin71 said...

Oooh, and maybe some bullion style fringe on the bottom of the skirt.
So now it's my 4 cents! ;)

Bonggamom said...

OMG Lakeitha you are so talented! I wish you lived in the Bay Area so you could redo all my rooms. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I'm so thrilled to call such a superstar decorator and blogger my friend :)

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

i like! Good revamp. Put your vases or whatknots ont the table first. (Add some color of course) and also maybe put a plant near the table. It looks gr8!

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

i did think banquet table for a second! that said, it will look completely different furnished, i'm sure.