It all started with a color. I chose to paint the bathroom in another shade of blue that is similar to that of Sherwin Williams 'Rain washed 6211' (for those of you who are familiar with SW paints), but since I was on a budget, I purchased Olympic brand paint from Lowe's in 'Babbling Brook'. First let me tell you that I will never ever ever ever do that again! It took three coats to get that paint looking like the paint chip. I wanted to throw the gallon of paint out of the window after the second coat! After that, I went searching for the right shower curtain that will give me the feeling I'm going for in the room, which is clean, crisp, and fresh! Given that I'm on a budget, I started my search inside of Homegoods and I had no luck! Soooo I went over to my home away from home (Target) and there it was, the budget breaker!

This picture really doesn't do it justice. Imagine a creamy background with very light green and blue stripes (that are the exact color blue as my walls). I can't do this shower curtain any justice either! You just have to see it! The price is $39.99 which is $10 less than my budget for the entire room. What is a girl to do? Well for starter's I am going to try one more target in my area to see if they have it and if not, I'm going to do a simple click of the mouse and after about 5 minutes I will have one on the way to my house! So that's basically how you blow a budget!

Before I forget, here is a SNEAK PEEK of the bathroom wall color!

Next up, a mirror that I knew would work somewhere in my house!


Tamstyles said...

cant wait..so far so good.

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

It really is looking great! When I see I something I really want, and it's out of my budget, I often look on eBay. You wouldn't believe how many times people buy things, think it will work, and then decide to sell rather than return it to the store. I'm talking NIP (new in package). It's worth a try anyway. If you live fairly close, you can also keep checking back to see if it goes on sale. I'm an hour from any Target, so that would never work for me.
Good luck with the search!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

That is a great color! I laughed envisioning the scene where someone threw a can of paint out a window! Ha!
Also, google "target coupons" prior to placing the order, if you go with the shower curtain, you never know, there may be a coupon you can use. I always do this prior to placing any online order...amazing how many times I find ones I can use.
Looking forward to seeing the mirror! Janell

Suzanne said...

Blues and greens!? Those are the colors for my bedroom (and bathroom) makeover. And rainwashed is the color above (on the SW paint strip) of my bedroom's Quietude. (Which was just painted yesterday.) :) No pics, of that yet, but you can see the reference to it on besusan's blog. That curtain would match my rooms alright!

So...did you get it?

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience with Olymic paint. I bought a metallic silver and it came out baby blue-gray. Needless to say, I was not too happy, but kept it because I was too tired to do it all over. I had to change my entire plan! (Love Taget, by the way.)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting over on besusan's blog re my makeover, L.. (I can't remember how to spell your name!!! sorry! :( )

Looking forward to the rest of your bathroom makeover. Mirrors, i'm looking for a couple myself.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Beautiful color - I love it!