I've never been a fan of yellow. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I never thought about using it in any type of design as far as my home. When I asked my oldest son who is 4, what color he wants his room to be he said yellow! Now the only reason he wants a yellow room is because he loves Bumble Bee from Transformers! How on earth am I going to incorporate yellow into not only his room, but a room he shares with his two brothers? And no, its not going to have a Transformers theme! While searching for yellow I ran across some really nice room designs that incorporates yellow into the color scheme. I know these are not children rooms, but they gave me a new look on yellow. So when life hands you lemons, decorate with yellow!

images courtesy of: google search (yellow interior design), and Patricia Gray

So what's your take on this vibrant color? Have you decorated with yellow lately? Is yellow your favorite color? Or, is this not your cup of tea?!


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I have very very rarely used yellow! It seems to be showing up everywhere these days and I am starting to see its charm...the photos you have posted are great examples of a little goes a long way.

And bubblebee transformers!! Yikes, Max got one for his birthday and I was tortured for hours trying to figure out how to...transform it! :(

Tamstyles said...

i love the yellow but scared to do it myself..

SIL said...

Tamstyles, I completely agree with you. I too love the color yellow (and all shades of it), but wouldn't try it in any other room than a nursery. Back in 1998, I did my son's room with a soft canary yellow with Beatrix Potter Bedding! And yes, it was very "themey"! But it was Gorgeous! But that Chocolate and Yellow is HOT! It actually has a classy, yet elegant look!

Suzanne said...

I have a yellow room! It's the guest room, and it's the only room upstairs we didn't paint when we moved in. It was a little girl's room. I'm decorating it in black and white. Love it. (The paint job is also a subtle clouding or ragging effect done by a prof. which seems to soften the brightness of it, i guess? I dunno. What do I know? Just that i like it.) :-)

Lindsay With Lindsay said...

Love those pics! Yellow and white is just such a fresh combination. Love it!

I saw your comment on my room mural post - I just used the acrylic craft paints (the 59 cent bottles!) for the cars, buildings and landscape. ;) I had to do two coats of paint on each (and three on the greens), but it was WAY cheaper than buing latex paint for all of those colors.

Tamstyles said...

Hursh chile, hursh! i saw the pics of you with the blonde...hursh! seriously though. I would have never guessed you had your hair blonde like that. you look totally diff in your profile photo...im scared of you!

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