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Today I'm extra excited! Not only does Sex and the City 2 hit theaters today, but I was able to score one of the hottest rising bloggers to give you a sneak peek of the decor from the set! So, to not bore you with all my blabbering, I'll allow Erika to take it from here!

Hello everyone, this is Erika Ward from BluLabel Bungalow and I'm excited to be a guest blogger for Home to Three Duncan Boys! With high anticipation for the upcoming release of the movie Sex and the City 2, LaKeitha asked that I whip up a post based on the film.

When I view movies like this I usually have to see them twice; once for the story line, the second time for the interior design. What's better than getting a "home tour" of your favorite gal's apartment and gaining inspiration for your own home.

It seems new photos from the sets are being released daily. The ones you see below are images from the official website or shots I snagged from the movie trailer like this one of Carrie and Big's bedroom.

The apartment, boasting bold wallpaper patterns, luxurious fabrics, and amazing furniture was designed to reflect how Carrie would interpret them as a couple.

A big congrats to Hickory Chair for having two furniture pieces in the movie. The Hallings Secretary designed by Thomas O'Brien and the Hunt Chair designed by Suzanne Kasler. The wallpaper is the Rococo Damask by Cole and Sons, the bedding by Anichini.

And who could ever forget the closet from the last scene in the first movie? A fashionista's dream! Notice the difference between the two sides. Big's side has dark, masculine wood tones while Carrie's side has white cabinetry, ample closed storage up top and back lit shelving for her shoes.

NET-A-PORTER provided most of the clothes for Carrie's closet.

Moving on to the kitchen and dining room...You can't help but notice the electric blue tile backsplash against the bright white kitchen cabinets. I don't know the tile's source, but I would guess Ann Sacks. See the inset of what appears to be the same tile, but in a different color.

The fabric on the dining room chairs is gender neutral even with its feminine details. For all you couples fighting about home decor, see if you can find common ground with this print Bellgravia by Lee Jofa.

I can't wait to see more of the living room below...so sophisticated without being pretentious. Here we see more of the neutral color palette, the repeat of blue in the sofa, and now an infusion of color with this gorgeous accent pillow.

The Birdie Blossom Pillow / The Rug Company will cost you $495 for its handmade needlepoint detail, while the Anderson Chair by William Sonoma Home is a close substitute for Carrie's modern wing chair.

Everyone's sweetheart Charlotte is seen baking cute confections while wearing this playful Baker's Delight Apron from Anthropologie. At an easily affordable $32.00, these babies will be sold out by Saturday!

Again we see beautiful white cabinets this time in Charlotte's professional grade kitchen. This time around she's the mother of two little angels and I cannot wait to see her in action! Who else can bake cupcakes like she can wearing a vintage Valentino skirt?

This post could go on forever with scene after scene of fabulousness that will make you green with envy! I'm also looking forward to seeing scenes from the girls' vacation in Dubai as well as the elaborate wedding that takes place in New York! Are you planning to see Sex and the City 2? Which of the ladies apartments would you like to tour in person?

Thanks, Erika! I wouldn't mind seeing all of their homes! But, if I had to choose, I'd pick Carrie so I could get a peek at that fabulous closet! I can not wait to see this movie later today! Who else is making plans to see the movie?!



Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

WOW! I won't tell the movie, but I got a chance to preview on last night. The decor and fashion are sure not to disappoint.

LaKeitha, thanks for having Erika over give us a closer insight on the decor for "SIC2"

Rachel @ La Bella Bungalow said...

Great Post! I'm so ready to see this movie, but I have to wait until the 13th for all of my girlfriends. The suspense is killing me!

niki.mac said...

I cannot wait to see how the apartment has evolved since the last movie - I wonder what it's like to REALLY live that luxuriously all the time. Must be like living in a dream!

MzMannerz said...

The decor is one of my favorite things about this franchise. Thanks for posting this!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Wow, fun post! I know where you will be tonight, Lakeitha!!

Kiki said...

Great post Lakeitha and Erika! Sex and the City will certainly be an inspiration in fashion and interiors - can't wait to see..


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

great post. i LOVE the masculine & feminine sides of the closet--it looks great, and is such a smart touch. i think i'll be waiting until next week (if i can stand it!) to see it with my best friends!

Kiran said...

Excellent Post Erika! This makes me soooo happy. Love that closet! :-) XO

Mrs. Chic said...

Love it!! I really like Carrie's and Bigs apt :) and that closet whoa!

I can't wait to see the move with my gal pals on Sunday -- I'm really looking forward to seeing Carrie's, Charlotte and Samantha's APTS. I like all thier styles..

Heather said...

LOVE this post. I have seen glimpses of the decor from previews! I can't wait to see the REAL thing!
Erika, great job -

I want Carrie's closet!

charm home said...

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I'm thinking I'll go to a Sunday afternoon matinee. I won't have a chance until then. I can't wait to see all of the amazing fasion and interior design that is certainly going to be all throughout the movie.

Great guest post Erika!

Hope you are having a very fun week out of town Lakeitha! xo, Cristi

Hello Lover... said...

I also did two posts on SATC2 - the sets are amazing!