Hi Everyone! Okay so it's day three of my time away and I can't wait to share with you what I've been up too! But, on the other hand, I'm really starting to feel a little spoiled by my guest bloggers! Today I would like for you to meet Tonia.
Tonia is a woman after my own heart! She is constantly finding great pieces at her local thrift shops. She is here to share some of her tips to striking gold on your next thrifting excursion. Take it away Tonia!

When LaKeitha asked me to be her guest, I thought long and hard about what I would talk about. My mind went all over the place trying to think of something. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, thrifting; it’s what I do best. So I’ve complied a few hints and tips, some you know and a few you may not.

If you have not been thrift shopping yet, then I encourage you to try it. Most people picture dingy floors, clothing piled on a table, and funny smells. In every town there are a few like that and those are the ones I like most. Thrifting is a fabulous way to stretch your dollar.

1. Have a Plan and keep an open-mind
Know ahead of time what you need. You cannot go “thrifting” without knowing exactly what you are looking for. With that said, Look-out for any other hot items. {i.e. campaign-style furniture} It’s always a hit-or-miss when it comes to thrift stores. You can sometimes hit the jackpot, but make sure what you find is actually something you need, otherwise you’re just buying clutter, and you’re not saving money at all.

Found for $40

2. Look for designer brands and consider alterations
You would be surprised at the higher end labels that are lurking on the racks. I’ve found labels such as Prada, Carolina Herrera, and Lanvin. Don't forget about handbags as well and always try things on, but don’t overlook great quality pieces because they're too big. Its worth having alterations done. If it’s a label you’re not familiar with, and it’s a great piece, it could be a European brand that you’re not familiar with. If you have one of those "smart phones" you can always Google unfamiliar labels. I know I do!

Found at Salvation Army for $9

3. Leave the kids at home
Most times than not you’re sifting through aisles that are full racks of clothing and household items. Children become bored and tired easily when you are not doing anything that they are interested in, so leave them at home or with a sitter. If you have to take them with you bring lunch with you, so you don't have to worry with finding a place to eat.

4. Know the Sale Days
Salvation Army stores have half-off all clothing on Wednesdays. Goodwill offers half off their clothing on certain color tags, each week. You would need to check with your local store for exact details.

Found at Goodwill for $12

5. Make a friend
You don’t expect them to bend over backwards but if you’re friendly each time you visit, and address them by name they’ll surely remember you over time and may give you a call when something hits the store you might have interest in.

6. Have cash and go often
If you don’t find anything one week, go the next week. Inventory changes often. When paying in cash you will be more selective on the items you purchase. Have a budget and stick to it, yes even thrifting.

7. Have your own bags and boxes
Have your own boxes, bags, tissue paper and/or bubble wrap for those delicate breakables you might be purchase. Nothing like finding a fabulous piece, get it home and it’s broken. I re-wrap things and place them in a box in the trunk of my car so they don’t get broken. Especially if I know I’m going to be out most of the day.

...and don't forget the hand sanitizer! It's a must.

I hope these tips help someone that maybe new to thrifting.
Thank you Lakeitha, for allowing me to do my very first guest post with you.
I hope you’re having a well deserved vacation with your family. See you on next week.

Thanks Tonia for the tips! I have a question; Can I have the purse and the dresser?!

So, what do you guys think? Were these tips helpful? Do you have your own to add? I want to hear it!


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Thanks you LaKeitha for allowing me to be your guest. Again, thanks!

Erica @ Decorica said...

Great tips (especially Make a Friend) and great finds. Love that metal table you found for $12!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love your tips, and I have the same tray table placed in my husband's home office! Great finds...

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

girl i love a good thrift store find! u can catch me goodwill hunting every week.

I just passed along the Versatile Blogger award to you. You can see the details on my latest blog post.

fashion DIY @ avidaccents.blogspot.com

niki.mac said...

Great tips! I'm a big clothing thrifter but as I move into my new place I'm going to be looking for furniture - thanks for the advice ;)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Great guest post, Tonia! Love it! Are you good at refinishing furniture? I need some tips badly!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

@shari, refinishing no, painting yes.

Emily A. Clark said...

Great tips--especially the hand sanitizer :)

Wish we could thrift together!

Leigha said...

Great tips! It has actually been awhile since I have 'thrifted'. I'm due a trip or two. Great tip on the sale days (I had no idea!).

Mrs. Chic said...

I love yuor tips! I really like the one about bringing your own bags and boxes - great ideas!!

Chic Chocolate said...

These are some tips, especially, if you are new to shopping for vintage pieces. Great job and great adivce, Tonia!

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

Wonderful post, Tonya! Thrifting to me is an adventure like treasure hunting! I love to tell stories of my finds and my friends laugh b/c I always brag abt how LITTLE I paid for something. Right on about the brands, too. Last year, when I finished taking the LSAT, I went straight out to the thrift stores the blow off a few months worth of studying steam. I found a GUCCI over the shoulder purse for $25! Felt like the universe was rewarding me! Love seeing your finds always, keep it up!

Claire Watkins, ASID allied said...

ok i have been spelling your name wrong for a while, Sorry!! no Y, ia !

Anonymous said...

Great advice to follow... Tonia definitely knows what she's talking about.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love a good thrift store find! My favorite place to go shopping (honestly!)

Rene' said...

Great finds! I love the dresser and little table!

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