Hi guys, so far my week is going great! And hopefully yours is too! Today, I would like for you to welcome Emily A. Clark as my next guest. She is one of my new "friends" here in blogland! I love her sense of style and her way of mixing things up. So without further adieu, I present to you Emily!

First, I have to say that Lakeitha leaves some of my very favorite comments on my blog, and I think she has a beautiful personal style, so I of course, I was happy to fill in for her while she enjoys some time off.

The topic of my post is one that many of us strive to do, but sometimes just don't know where to start: layering and mixing patterns within a room. The good news is that in today's design world, almost anything goes. However, sometimes it's hard to be confident in your patten-mixing ability. Here are a few of my best tips:

1. Layering patterns is easy when you start with a neutral palette.

If you start with a neutral base (sofa, flooring, walls, etc.), you can layer almost any array of multiple patterns by using different throw pillows. And, of course, the great thing about pillows is that they can be changed easily as your tastes change. Notice in this image that while none of the accessories--pillows, curtains, accent chair, or even the green vases--may not necessarily "match," they all work in the room together when added to a soft neutral palette.

House Beautiful

2. Vary the scale of the patterns you are mixing.

It's not so much whether you can mix florals with stripes with plaids, etc. You can mix lots of different patterns as long as you vary the size of the patterns. For example, if you have a really bold rug with a strong pattern, choose upholstery that has a smaller scale pattern (a thin striped chair, for example). Lots of patterns in one room only become busy when they are all at the same or a similar scale.

Lots of patterns done right:

House Beautiful

3. Throw an animal print into the mix to serve as a "neutral."

Although some people may think an animal print is a rather bold statement, it's actually a great way to bring in another pattern that works as a neutral. Almost any room can handle a small dose of the wild, and they are in naturally warm, neutral colors.

Country Living

Good luck mixing things up in your home! And, Lakeitha, thanks for having me!

Thank you, Emily! I'm telling you, it's so nice to be able to take some time off and learn something in the process! I think I'm ready to tackle painting rooms in my house and mixing patterns in a professional way;-)

Do any of you feel confident when you mix patterns? Do you like plaids and polka dots? Or, do you prefer the stripe with stripe look?!



Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Now, I've truly enjoyed these tips for pattern mixing. I get a little intimidated by mixing patterns. Thank you for having Emily over.

niki.mac said...

That blue room is so calming and rich at the same time! Love it.

Lana said...

Tips on paint and pattern mixing. For 2 consecutive days your blog pretty much giving me the information I needed for quite sometime.

Thanks for sharing this tips. this goes to your guest bloggers as well.

Enjoy your break time!!

Fran said...

Great post - I love design advice. I like mixing patterns up! It can be intimidating at times, but I just need to learn to trust my gut more.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Mixing patterns can make a space! Wonderful tips...Jaenll

Heather said...

Hi, So glad to find your blog via Emily Clark. I love the pictures, and the last one with the nautical pillows is a perfect inspiration for shore house decorating this weekend! Fun - glad to stop by your blog....!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

So pleased to have found you via Emily's blog. Both of you have so much inspiration going on and it's lovely that you hosted Emily's fab tips on pattern today - thank you. Now following! Will

Haven and Home said...

Great tips from Emily! I am LOVING the background here on your blog!

Myssie said...

I love this post! Layering is something that I need to be more confident in (as in I don't do it because I am scared!!). Thanks for the great post Emily!

Design Esquire said...

Great suggestions!! I need to take more chances in this area.

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

mixing patterns in a room does give it a professional look. my favs are the ones with unexpected animal prints. zebra please!

Karena said...

Lakeitha, great images and I love the 2nd best!! Love to see your guest posts! Come see me for inspiration.

Art by Karena

Hello Lover... said...

Great post - I'm working on doing this in my living room!

Anonymous said...

Great suggestions from Emily, as usual (and I'm happy to learn about your blog!). I have zero confidence when it comes to mixing patterns!

Mrs. Chic said...

great ideas!! In our living room we've mixed pattersn while keep a tight color pallette - I think mixed patterns make rooms so much fun and not so stuffy :)

Kiki said...

Great guest blogger and great post! I hope you are enjoying your time off from blogworld..


Lisa said...

Great post! It really shows how to mix patterns successfully!

Averill said...

Great tips -- but then again Emily is always spot-on with her advice.

And I can't believe I've not been following YOU Lakeitha....but at least we found each other eventually. ;)

Have a wonderful long weekend! Off tomorrow for vacation.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oh how i adore the sweet emily! her style is fantastic. great guest post L! xoxo

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

what a great idea for a guest post! this is definitely something i struggle with and her tips were great!

Anonymous said...

Your tips are brilliant !! I'll keep it in my mind!! Throw pillows

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