For the past two weeks my poor little mini gallery wall has looked like this

master bedroom 003

Why? Because the frames that got for a seriously good deal over a year ago wasn’t enough to finish it off!

I finally made it back to Michaels just to see if they still carried the frames, but maybe in a different color…And wouldn’t you know, they did!  Best part is that the frames came in white so it was easier to to get it to the shade of white used in my bedroom

master bedroom 002

Some of you may wonder why the need for primer if the frame is already white…Well, primer is to help the actual paint adhere to the surface.  So if I didn’t prime, chances are the paint would eventually start to come off…

master bedroom 006

I now have a finished “mini” gallery wall with the prettiest framed purple wildflowers!

master bedroom 013

master bedroom 007

master bedroom 008

Now, about that table! I’m going to try to work with the fabric that I found at goodwill to make the skirt.

master bedroom 007

master bedroom 009

I’m thinking of doing a skirted table with a painted top…Sounds weird? Yeah, I have no idea where I get these ideas from either.  But I’m surely going to Google it to see if somebody has done it!  I do have an idea of the direction I want to go with the skirt part.  I’m just a little curious as to how it might actually look!

On a side note, did anyone else email Oprah yesterday?!?!? I did and guess what? She responded!!! **insert scream here!**



Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Glad you were able to find a frame that worked. It looks great. It's always nice to be able to cross another project off the list, isn't it?

That's so cool about Oprah emailing you. Did you print it off to save?

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

It's a great idea to add the skirt and paint the top, I wouldn't have thought of it, but I'm sure someone has done it somewhere!

I was surprised by Oprah's last show, but it makes sense she would have done a show like she did, and it was really quite powerful.


Kathysue said...

Laekitha, I love your gallery wall!! I also love a skirted table. I have two in my home. I used Ballards diamond quilted fab in white. I have wanted a pleated skirt for ages and now ballard makes those too. I wish I enjoyed sewing oh the skirts and pillows I would make!!! I know your project is going to be fab, you won't except anything else, you have wonderful style and taste,Kathysue

Rene said...

I know you are glad to have that behind you. The wall looks great! Isn't Oprah the best?!

Ches said...

I love your gallery wall, and I am sure that a painted top with a skirted bottom on your table will look great. By the way I used these same frames for my gallery wall recently.


The Sister Sophisticate said...

Cute! I am liking where you are going with the painted top for the skirt table! Can't wait to see!

Tonia said...

Sounds interesting I've seen rectangle and square tables like done with skirts but not round ones.

Ches said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments on my curtains and gallery wall. I found the material for my curtains at TJMaxx in the form of a tablecloth.

Debra said...

Where did you get those prints?? They are BEAUTIFUL!

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