STILL WORKING IN THE CORNER….DIY Inspiration board part 1

I’m baaaack! Okay, since I’m putting a work area in my bedroom, I need a place to post notes and inspiration for future projects.  With that in mind, I immediately knew what I would use for my frame for the inspiration/bulletin board. 

On the last day of the Room Service Atlanta install, I noticed a stack of art against the wall.  When I asked what was going to be done with them, I was told that I could have whatever I wanted.  Really?  No one wanted them? Okay. So I took four framed pieces of art home with me!  Here is one that I am using for it’s frame

master bedroom 013

The frame is HUGE! And believe it or not, it’s not the largest one I got! 

master bedroom 010

Obviously I’m not feeling the art, but geez, the frame is PERFECT!

master bedroom 011

master bedroom 012

I’ve already started removing the art from the frame

master bedroom 014

master bedroom 015

master bedroom 016

(ignore that person’s leg in the picture…I have no idea whose leg that is!)

That was easy enough to remove. All I used was a butter knife (slack, I know!).

master bedroom 018

master bedroom 017

Now I just need to get some corkboard.  I think this fabric would work over the corkboard

master bedroom 008

It’s thick and neutral and I found it at Goodwill for less than 3 bucks! $2.10 to be exactWinking smile

master bedroom 007

Now, where can I get some corkboard cut to size???


Myssie said...

you can get the roll corkboard at Michaels and then glue it to some partical board or something. But I am not sure where you would get actual corkboard cut. I love the mirror by the way!! ;)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Great advice from Myssie!! You are on a roll here, keep it up and you'll be complete with this room in no time...

Rene said...

I couldn't figure out where to get cork board cut either so I bought a pack of cork squares at Walmart - 4 for $5 - and taped them together with shipping tape. Great score on the fabric!

Nutbird said...

I don't know that you need corkboard. You could use that foam board. Any soft surface can be enhanced with a layer or two of batting. I saw that some blogger used a lot of the election signs that litter the landscape every year. How about a post about using crappy hotel and condo art and frames? There are tons of that around. Ann

Kathysue said...

If you are covering it with fabric I would go with foam core and you can cut it with scissors and glue it onto the piece of art for stability, You are on a roll, Missy!!! I love the way you purchase items knowing that someday they will work for you and Voila!!! You make it work beautifully, Kathysue

PS Laekitha come and check out what I just ordered from Wisteria, so excited!!

Tiffany said...

Its gonna be good! That frame is perfection!

Lori said...

How did I miss that artwork? What a score for you. Can't wait to see it finished!

Have a great weekend!


Leah said...

I can't wait to see!!!!


Kathysue said...

Looking good sweetie! have fun with Janell I told her to give you a great big hug from me, xo Kathysue