BEDDING FOUND…Oh, and a bed!

After my walk last week, I stopped in Target to check out what they had to offer as far as bedding is concerned (Thanks Janell for the tip!)

Here is what I found


a solid colored comforter.  I usually don’t purchase comforters because I have a duvet and I like duvet covers, but this one isn’t that bad!



It’s not too thick and it does not feel too cheap. 


Plus I love the tone on tone pattern on it.  It gives it just enough interest without being to busy.

I should have bought this pillow (below).


Another thing I found was a coverlet.  I’m not all that in love with coverlets either, but I have a light-weight blanket that I can layer on my bed with it.



I didn’t purchase either of them because I have been going back and forth with my husband on getting a new bed.  We seriously need a bed and I want a king, but he likes the price of the queen… We currently have a queen and its fine, but when the kids come piling up in the bed then that’s when it becomes a problem.  My three year old makes his way into our bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT…

Anyway, we went ahead and purchased a bed and yes it’s a queen.  I was fine with that decision last night, but now that I’m typing it out, I want a king sized bed…

Serta® Perfect Sleeper™ ''Dashing'' Eurotop Queen Mattress Set

So, what size bed do you have?  Those that have a king, please tell me what I’m missing out on.  Those of you that have a queen size, would you prefer a king???

This is crazy! I can never fully make up my mindConfused smile


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

It doesn't matter the size of bed, when the kids want to pile in you'll be pushed to the sides clinging, queen OR King!!! We moved up to a king size when we finally had the room (when moving from a 1910 800 sf house San Francisco house to our first Oregon home) and Isabella still managed to crawl into bed each night, settling in width wise, leaving the adults clinging to the last bit of space on each side of the bed!!

It will pass, Isabella would NEVER think of crawling into our bed these days!


Mrs. Chic said...

We have queeen, a king size bed seems too big, plus the size would tske up most of our room!!

We have a grey Feildcrest Coverlet, its great!

The Uncluttered Lifestyle said...

We had a queen, but we "upgraded" to a cal-king. At first it was wonderful and I guess it still has its moments. But truly the only thing you're missing out on is more expensive sheets, comforters and duvets. In other words, I wish I could go back to a queen every time I buy a set of sheets, but the 6' 4" hubby won't have it.

Kathysue said...

If and when we get a new bed it will be a King!!! We have always had a queen, but when we stay in hotels we always get a King and we sleep better,(I am a noisy, restless sleeper) so it is better for hubby,Kathysue

Ashley @ LML said...

We have a king and LOVE it! When we first got married (just 3 years ago!) we had a double. This is fine for most couples, but my hubby is 6'3 and big, and took up most of the bed. My grandfather bought us our king bed as a gift and we absolutely love it. It takes up most of our teeny tiny bedroom, but someday I hope to have a room that fits it better :) For now it's worth being able to comfortably pile in bed with the hubby and our two kids.

FYI - my in-laws are actually downsizing from their king to a queen - their kids are grown and they like to cuddle :) So there you go! It depends on what you need I suppose :)

luvmakeupdetroit said...

DEFINITELY A KING!!!!!!!! we had a queen bed and argued every other night about the space, "move over!" " i am moved over!" etc etc. but once we got the king, all of that came to an end! the space is just great to have your own roll around space in if need be. and if you have kiddos, i bet some space is better than none. we dont have kids yet, but our little dog that likes to sleep in our bed definitely makes me glad we have a king!

MzMannerz said...
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MzMannerz said...

My husband is 6'5 and we love our Queen sized bed. It really is a matter of preference. I had a King before and just didn't like it aesthetically (notice when a bed is displayed in an ad or a store, it is almost never a King). I'd rather fill the space in my room with other types of furniture - or not at all. Aesthetics are a poor reason for choosing a bed size, but luckily my husband had always purchased Queen sized beds for himself, we aren't uncomfortable at night and I like how it looks, so that's what we have! :)

MzMannerz said...

BTW - it helps that my husband is as still as a stone when he sleeps. If we were tossing and turning that might make a difference!

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

I say KING! I'm 5'11" and my hubs is 6'3" but it depends on the buyer, the size of your room and your wallet. When buying bedding I just wait for a good sale and stock up. I plan on buying new bedding for the winter so I'll be on the prowl soon. By the way.....you crack me up :) Have an awesome week!

lizziefitz said...

Twenty years of marriage, five kids and one dog...KING!!! And I will never go back! I love my bed , maybe more than the above list;) we got ours at Sam's club , Sealy's not the pillow top. Really best decision of my life, really.

Toya said...

I've slept in every size bed at different phases of my life, but for sharing a bed with a 6'3 man king was our choice and I honestly love it. However, I do not love the extra expense for the larger size bedding.

Audra @ Filmography said...

I have a queen and love it, I've always felt that Kings were a little too large for my taste. Love your selections... not sure if you're into couponing but Target has a couple of 20% off coupons available for download online - one for comforters and one for Fieldcrest sheets. Happy Shopping!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I have been married over 20 years and always had a queen size. Everytime we stay somewhere that has a King, we wish we had one!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

We have a queen but will be upgrading to a king in a couple of years. My husband snores and whenever we are in a hotel with a king I sleep much better. Definitely a king. Don't worry - you're not the only indecisive one. Lot's of us around! BTW, love your new photo - didn't know you cut your hair - you look beautiful!

Sing said...

I'm a duvet girl too and I'm having the hardest time finding a new cover, argh.
I have a queen and only sleep to one side so it's really a waste for me as a single gal.

Glitteryfish said...

We have the children in the bed thing too - how about getting a blow up mattress that you can put at the side or end of the bed for extra space? You can get some great air-beds now. We have one that takes less than a minute to inflate (using an electrical socket) and is standard bed height - plus it's really comfy. You could deflate and fold it up in the daytime so its not on show.

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