While doing my once a week trip to the Goodwill and the Salvation Army, I stumbled across a piece that had me not at hello, but at I don't know! It was one of those things that catches your eye, but also make you think if you really need it. So after a 20% discount and a $34 price tag I said okay I'll take it! Anywho... While the sales person was putting it in my car I noticed the name of the company (Henredon) and then next to that it said fine furniture. My first thought was yeah right fine furniture! So after getting home and looking Henredon up on the web I found out that THIS little table might just be FINE FURNITURE. I'll let you be the judge. And if you have heard of this company please share your information. I tend to get a little interested in things that I know little about especially when it is something worth knowing about!

I'm sharing this thrifty treasure with Rhoda at southern hospitality so head on over and check her out


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

What a great find! Love it! I am no help with info on it, clueless, lol sorry! It looks like a great piece to me though!

Daryl said...

I don't know much about Henredon, but we do have an armoire that was my in-laws and apparently they paid big bucks for it. It's the one thing our son has that was his grandfather's. From what I understand, it isn't irreplaceable or anything, but it is fine furniture.

Good find!

SIL said...

I love any and all antiques! It just sets the mood for a formal living or dining room. I also want to share a secret with Lakeitha's followers! I go to this website www.estatesales.net everyday and I have found MIRACLES at these estates sales (especially antiques for $50 or less, but worth $1000's). Quick story, a wealth man died after years of isolating himself from his family. So when the atty had an estate sale based on his will, many people far and near showed up. Anyway a young man arrived & fell in love with a portrait of the owner & bought it. And to the human eye it wasn't an attractive piece fo artwork. At any rate, once the transaction was complete, the Atty stated that the SALE was over! IMMEDIATELY! It turned out the will stated WHOMEVER found joy in purchasing the portrait of the owner would inherit EVERYTHING in the house & the house itself. Now I'm sure this story has been told a million times and a million different versions. But the point of this TRUE story, it that those who appreciate the smallest or simpliest things in life stands to gain more than one could possibly imagine. So who know, you could have purchase a diamond in the rough! CHOW!

Tamstyles said...

so what are your plans with it? paint, sand stain? room? great piece.

Marie said...

Hello! Love that table! It's fabulous. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Thank you for sharing!


Angela said...

I know this is an old post, but Henredon is a very good brand of furniture. The company has been around for decades, They sell the line in upcale home furnishing stores and Macys.

If my memory is accurate, they're the makers of the Martha Stewart Collection.

Henredon said...

Henredon table looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.