A is for AWESOME......B is for BEYONCE.....C is for CHECK HER OUT!

My anniversary gift from my hubby was BEYONCE tickets for her I AM....SASHA FIERCE concert here in Atlanta yesterday. Let me just take a minute to say I LURVE HER (and my husband too for buying the tickets)! Anyway... the concert was great and like always B was the bomb with a capital B! She rocked the house and made me realize that right now in this day in time there is absolutely no one like her. She is my generations Tina Turner. She is Beautiful, talented, and sooo inspiring regardless of what you want in life. She is truly a phenomenon and I'm glad I was able to see her live because its nothing like whats on TV. She is great on TV, but in person its like a big ball of energy bursting out at you! Love it! Love her! By the way, there is a song on my blog that she is singing and its very lovely "Ave Maria"

This last photo is a tribute to Michael Jackson that she did. She said that after seeing him in concert she wanted to be like him. Well, in my opinion, she is well on her way and there is nothing out there that can stop her. Like My brother-in-law says "she is an unstoppable force and an immovable object". I now know what he means by that statement!!


Anonymous said...

look like it was great show wishi could have been there

Anonymous said...

bout time you got out and did something...lol i am happy to hear that you had a great time

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

What a great gift and experience! You'll be going off this high for days! Janell