I saw this sofa at the salvation army and something about it said buy me! I know it's not the Duncan Phyfe that I've been wanting but it's by Drexel which is even better in my opinion! I love the size and the style, but the fabric not so much. I'm also not too thrilled about the tufting. Don't get me wrong, I like tufting, but not on this sofa. I didn't buy it and now I'm going through withdrawal!

So what's your take on it? Would you buy it? If so what would you do to it? By the way, did I mention it's only $200? How sweet is that! Go on tell me I need your 2cents!

~Side note when I went to get the Duncan Phyfe the frame was cracked on the right side. So sad


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Well, I'd be tempted...would you reupholster or...? The price is great, however, to have someone redo it I'd count on another $1000 or so. Still, you'd end up with a quality piece at the same price (or less) than a new sofa. Can you put it on hold and take a picture to an upholsterer to get a quote? Can you get the price down, (find some damage to use in negotiating)? Do you love love love it? Nothing like a comment to confuse you further!!!!! Good luck...Janell

L.Duncan said...

Ahhh yes Janell, its nice to have you back!!

Well I called to see if it was still there and its not. I got to thinking that maybe I should purchase something that I really like (that is new) and is good quality so after years of having it and loving it I can just get it reupholstered. I've only purchase two sofas in my life and one is on its way out! I like Calico Corners furniture line. I don't know what I want! I just need something that's worth having and not something just to have. Do I make sense?!

SIL said...

I like it, but don't settle for something that you just like, you really really need to love it! Safe your money and get what you want. But it's NO Duncan Phyfe! Chow

Dayka said...

OMG, I LOVE THAT COUCH!!!!! Awwwww, we could've bartered for it! Love the lines and everything! Great find.