Well hello! It’s almost noon here and I wanted to get this post out before it got too late.  One of the largest tasks on my Check List is painting my cabinets.  Of course I’ve painted them twice since I’ve been in this house, but I’m preparing to do it again one last time (no, seriously!). 

The first step in painting cabinets is prepping them.  This is actually a very important step.  Because my cabinets have already been painted and primed (TWICE), I’m going to skip priming them again this time around. 

Cabinets before prep

And because I have three active kids running around, I’ve decided to do this in stages.  First up is the upper cabinets.  To start, I got out all my prep supplies that I will need

cabinet prep supplies

(TSP substitute, gloves, rags, sanding block)

I’m using TSP substitute to remove the grease from the cabinets

TSP for cabinet prep

cabinet prep2

(Can you see the grease and grime?)

Before I use the TSP, I remove the doors

removal of cabinet doors

And now its time to work!

TSP solution

Make sure you use gloves when working with TSP and of course read the label

grease on cabinets

Can you see the grease on the cabinet?  I used TSP on this, but because this grease was pretty thick, I had to sand a little to remove the rest of it

grease removed by sanding

Then I did the same to the side of the cabinet

greased cabinet

sanding grease off cabinet


cabinet after sanding

After making sure all of the grease is removed from the cabinets, its time to sand all of the cabinets to give the paint something to grip to. 

If you are starting from scratch with painting your cabinets, you will pretty much do the same thing. 

1. Clean cabinets really well

2. lightly sand them

3. apply primer

4.  let primer dry for the amount of time suggested on label (VERY IMPORTANT)

5. apply paint

Next I will show you my supplies that I use to paint my cabinets!

On another note, did you guys grab the BHG Christmas ideas magazine???  I know it’s a little early to think about Christmas, but I had to snatch this issue up since it featured my girl Kate (aka Centsational Girl)!

CG featured in BHG 005

CG featured in BHG 002

CG featured in BHG 003

Super Congrats to her!

Now let me get back to work!


Brandi said...

have fun painting! seems like it will go a lot smoother since you are breaking it down in steps! but, I'm sure after painting your cabinets twice already, you feel like a pro! hope you enjoy your extended weekend!!

Tonia said...

Dang! I see you mean 'bidness' with getting things done on that list.

Centsational Girl said...

Those cabinets will be all "shazzam!" when you're through my lovely! Can't wait to see the space after you work your magic. Thanks so much for the shout out my friend!!!!

Shannon said...

I've painted my cabinets a couple of times too. I like to have a weeks worth of frozen pre-made meals in my freezer ready to go because cooking in the mess isn't fun. Good luck, can't wait to see the finished project.

O said...

Hi! I found you via Centsational Girl. I look forward to seeing what you do with your cabinets! Wishing you smooth sailing in your endeavor!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Oh, I want to paint mine so bad ! What color are you painting them ?

Loretta said...

What color will you be painting the cabinets? Can't wait to see the results.

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Love to see what you're going to do with your cabinets. And, yes, I did pick up the BHG Christmas issue. Fabulous!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

I can't wait to see you cabinets finished! Doing it in chunks is really smart, and yes got the magazine! So amazing!