The other day while browsing through my blogroll, I came across a post written by Jenny from Little Green Notebook.  She mentioned using a campaign dresser in the kitchen and then shared this image

(images via)

I wasted no time doing a Google search for campaign style dressers in kitchens and the first one that I found belonged to Dave and Joi from Neustra Vida Dulce 


Shut the front door!!! How fab is that?!

Now I know that you’re probably wondering where I ‘m headed with this so let me explain.  I have a campaign dresser in my family room.  Remember the one I painted green?


Well I never told you something about this dresser.  The bottom two drawers are STUCK! Like in order to open them you’re going to hurt yourself! So I had planned to toss it out because I was so frustrated with the piece.  But after seeing them used in the kitchen, what do you think about this one being used in mine? I could paint it the shade of white used on my upper cabinets and I think it would be great for extra storage (the drawers that I can open).  BTW, the drawers aren’t stuck from me painting them, they were always hard to open.

I’m definitely going to give it some more thought and maybe even try it outSmile 

I have one more chair to paint and then I can show you the chairs.  Then I need to start on the table… and then I need to start on the gallery wall.  Oh, and THEN I need to start on a chalkboard project. Stay with me guys, I am a one woman show!

But seriously, what do you think about a dresser in the kitchen? Can be like a buffet, right? Let’s Discuss!



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love it, unexpected. Did you see on Christine's blog, Bijou and Boheme that she had a "campaign style" island installed? FAB. Janell

Tricia said...

YES!!! DO IT!!! People are always turning old dressers into buffets. Why not a campaign dresser? You could even leave it green to add a pop of color to the kitchen.

Marcie said...

I like the idea of leaving it green. Then it is something totally unexpected. And of course fun. Who couldn't use an extra smile with the morning coffee.

Sing said...

I like the idea. It'd make a great buffet table and storage. Also, why not see if the green works in the room as a pop before you paint it white?

Mrs. Chic said...

Love it! I say paint it a fun color! :)

Tiffany said...

You gotta try it, especially since you were just gonna throw it away. Waiting for the big reveal.

Jennifer said...

I agree with leaving it green. Id def at least try it out green for a week or two before you paint, to see if you like it. As for those bottom two drawes... pull them out! If there is no bottom underneath them, a piece of wood tacked under there will work fine... then you can store linens there.

Tonia said...

Try the candle trick, but I for sure wouldn't toss it out.

Kathysue said...

Love it!!! I say go for it, you are on a roll!! I think by time you are done in your kitchen you are going to love it!!! Kathysue

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Go for it! Leave it green I can't wait to see the big reveal, did you try anything to keep the drawers from sticking? You are on fire!! So excited to see everything.

erinbearin71 said...

I agree with what Jennifer said, take the drawers out... maybe put some shallow baskets in there. Before you give up on the drawers though, you may want to see if they are actually in the wrong slots. I know they look the same, but I have had this happen to me on older furniture, many times. I love the idea and look of it in the kitchen. Keep it green. :)

Joi said...

Thanks for posting a pic of our kitchen. : ) Just now catching up on my blogs.

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