While getting things together for Swoon Worthy Boutique, I had a mini panic attack.  I have been going going and going trying to make sure everything is together with the added aspect of my business.  I realized that I will get caught up in something and abandon other things.  One thing that I have abandoned (and it has me in somewhat of a funk), is my home. 

There are quite a few projects that need to be done around here so I’m going to start doing them now! I think this will not only ease my mind a bit, but it will also increase my blogging (I know I’ve been slacking around these parts!).  Tonia from Chic Modern Vintage told me to write a list and place it on the blog.  I hesitated about doing this because I knew that I will have to carry out with what I put on here!  But that’s ok.  I’m so ready to start back focusing on my home (while at the same time managing Swoon Worthy). 

My list of things to do


family room

  • Replace Ceiling Fan
  • Finish painting ceiling (I know… pure slacker!)
  • Make Curtains
  • Purchase Curtain Rods
  • Find TV stand or bookcase
  • Paint inside of fireplace
  • find a sofa
  • find a coffee table
  • finish painting spindles
  • paint the powder room
  • new light fixture for powder room
  • find a rug




  • Paint Cabinets
  • New dishwasher
  • New Vent for over stove
  • paint table and chairs
  • rug for kitchen
  • new light fixtures
  • find hardware for cabinets
  • find a rug
  • curtains

Dining Room



  • touch up paint
  • paint and hang thrift store mirrors
  • replace chandelier
  • find rug
  • recover chairs
  • curtains
  • purchase rod
  • Decide what to do with pantry


040 - Copy - Copy


  • Curtains and rod
  • rug
  • touch up paint
  • find console table
  • sofa
  • reupholster chairs
  • pillows
  • replace light fixture
  • rug
  • lamps
  • art
  • bulletin board
  •  paint front door

Yep, I have my work cut out for me, but you know what?  It’s doable! And I look forward to getting a chunk of this list knocked out by December 1st!

Think I can do it?!?!

FYI, the list will be posted on my sidebar so you can see my progress as I check things off.  And of course I’m going to blog about everything!



Sing said...

Wishing you well with the projects.
Question, is your plan to do all these rooms at once or are you going to focus on one room at a time until completion?

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

With small kids it's hard to get anything accomplished. Slow and steady should do it, you'll eventually get it accomplished-then you'll probably be ready to move, lol!

Tonia said...

Ok now you're making me have to fall in line too, but I do think that creating a punch list will keep you on track with getting things done around the your home. Let's Work!

L.Duncan said...

Great question, Sing! My plan is to bounce around my downstairs area until I'm done with everything. I think that will make things more interesting and it will keep me from getting bored!

Mrs. Chic said...

Lots of projects to get done! I know how you feel my list keeps growing and its hitting me Dec 31 will be 3yrs in our home and there's still so MUCH to be done!

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

Wow, that is a long list! I am sure you can do it - but I guess we will have to see if you can find the time to get it done so soon! I think it is a great idea to post your list on your sidebar. Nothing like a little accountablility!

Brixton Nole said...

A deadline always makes me get in gear! Ive actually considered scheduling a cocktail party at my place to motivate me to get things finished!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I just read something about making progress, that as long as at least a small step is being made in the right direction that is what counts! But I hear you, we want our homes to reflect us and feel great, and when things are not were we want them its hard to move on to focus on other things. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS LIST!! Janell

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