Okay so its been a minute since my last post so let me explain why. I have a shopping addiction! While in the middle of doing things to my home I got caught up in shopping for clothing and shoes. But after getting a reality check from my sister-in-law I'm back on track. She recently put in new flooring in her bath and kitchen & dining rooms and all I have is paint on the walls! I'm here to say as of today I am back on track. I made it outdoors for a minute and only removed some over grown bushes. Now I'm back inside because I'm still confused as to what I'm going to do with the outdoors. I will be posting some newly finished projects by the end of the week including my half bath, nursery, and maybe the master bath.


Decorating that makes SENSE

Okay so I was on the phone with my sister -in-law the other night and we stumbled upon this website: www. homedecorators.com. I found a table that was perfect for my dining room. I've been searching for a table that made sense in the room because my living room and my dining room are somewhat joined together (see pictures in last post). The reason why I say a table that makes sense is because in design you want your rooms to work together. In my living room I have an art deco styled coffee and end table. I can't just go a different rout in my dining room since the two rooms are joined. Given that, I set out on a mission to find an art deco dining table to mimic and compliment the tables in my living room. Thanks to my sister-in-law and her love of lazy susan's and round tables, I found what could be the perfect table! I love when things happen by chance like that. I say this could be the perfect table because I had my eye on another table so now I have to way my options.

This chair is the chair that I like hands down for any table I choose. They also havw the arm chair to match.

This is the table tht I originally had my eyes on. It is the collette table that actually goes with the chair above. They are both from Zgallerie.com

This table is the one I found last night on home decorators website. Its from the Napier collection

I've finally removed the the overgrown bushes from my front yard!! In my next post I will be talking about the importance of detail on the outside of your home.