I totally wasn't planning on not posting this week, but I had to start on another large order AND I'm currently working on pieces for my spring/summer collection in my shop. I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek just in case you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook.





Color color color is my motto!

If I don't post again before Sunday, I hope you guys have a fabulous pastel filled Easter! And if you're in the market for treating yourself, you can take 30% off EVERYTHING in my shop with code FLASH30 now through Sunday!







Since I started my jewelry, it's safe to say that I have accumulated quite the collection. I never needed to think about how to store it all. Not only do I have to store my own personal collection, bit I also have to come up with ways to store and organize my creations and supplies.

Next week I hope to be able to share more of my work room with you, but for now I wanted to give you a sneak peek at how I'm starting to not only store my pieces, but display them as well.



How do you store/display your jewelry?





Have you heard the news?  Jonathan Adler has teamed up with JCP! His new collection, Happy Chic, is set to hit stores soon.  I wen to mine yesterday and the entire home section was under construction.  I was so excited because I can just imagine how it's going to look.  Not sure if you've been inside your nearest JCP lately, but it's not just for grandma anymore! 
Until I'm able to the collection in person, I'll share this video that I found through Autumn's blog of Jonathan talking about the collection.  I've found a few pieces that I'm crushing on already:)



Exciting news, right? I can't wait to check out the full collection in store.



Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fab. From a wonderful date night with my hubby, to ending with a fun time at the park with my other three guys, it was pretty darn good.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's over the cold weather. It seems like its been the longest winter ever. I think the worst part of our weather is the constant change from day to day. One minute it's freezing and the next minute it's hot! Even in February. Good thing it's officially spring in a few days:)

While taking a look around HomeGoods the other day, I came across a few pillows that I fell in love with instantly. So much so that I just brought them all home with me! I figured they would add a dose of spring indoors!

The colors in this pillow are so vibrant. Though the space that its in is mostly neutral, this pillow really just brightens up the room. Plus I love the water color print. Perfect for spring, right? I originally thought to give "the dragon" a try in this room, but figured the colors were too dark.

I also snagged a pillow for the living room. They didn't have two so I was hoping a trip to another HomeGoods would land me the other. But it didn't.
That second trip led me to these pillows below.

Side note: I love that chair!


Not sure if I'm sold on them in the family room. Thoughts?


I'm in love with floral pillows and fabrics and really want to add some to the family room. What about you? Are you digging florals? Have you found the perfect print?



The Hunted Interior {A THANK YOU}

I have been trying to put together a post to thank all of the bloggers that have helped me spread the news of my etsy shop. I haven't really figured out all I want to say because a) there are so many to thank, and b) I'm so completely overwhelmed with the love they showed me by instantly agreeing to do so. I haven't heard a no, yet! From wearing them and posting on Instagram, to giveaways and even simply mentioning their favorite pieces on their blog. I never imagined that I would get all of this. So again, thank you is just not enough!!


Today I want to share some images that Kristin from the Hunted Interior styled with some of my pieces. I reached out to her because I LOVE her photography skills. There's just something about her images that makes whatever her subject is pop! So when I started thinking about creating a website and needing images for it, I knew I wanted her to take the pictures. She graciously said yes and omg....

The above image is my wallpaper on my iPad!







Great shots, right?!?! I asked her to style the images in a "living with jewelry" kind of way. I think she pulls it off perfectly! I really appreciate her doing this for me. Thank you Kristin. Thank you soooo very much!





Hi! How's your day so far?  I have been running errands all day and while I have a break from a wholesale order I'm working on, I wanted to share a thrift store find with you. 
I picked up this picture holder(?) from one of my hit or miss spots today along with a few other things that I'll share later.
When I saw it, I immediately thought of how the color would go great in my kitchen.  Then I realized it would make a great recipe holder! I originally had planned to repurpose a little box that I had, but I like this even better since the pages flip!
I haven't had the chance to add recipes (duh, I just got it today!), but I will soon.  I've always loved the look of handwritten recipes on little cards.  Now umm... Where can I find some good recipes?!?!
What have you found lately while thrifting? 



Today I want to share a new find with you. Lately I've been very busy and slip on shoes have been my go to. To give my Lucky Brand flats a rest, I stopped in Target to see if they had something that would fit the bill for the time being.

Little did I know, I would run across a "new to me collection" named Mad Love.

Very similar to toms, right? But at $16 on sale, I'll take 3 please:-)


These are the black and white pair. I also snagged the silver cloud and the black. I may go back for this pair for the summer



So if you're in Target this week, definitely stop in and try on a pair:-)


Btw, this post is NOT sponsored in any way! I just like these shoes a lot!




I mentioned that I wanted to swap out the campaign dresser in my family room for the French dresser that's in my living room.
It has definitely seen better days in this picture, ha!
The reasons for this switcheroo is because I wanted to paint the dresser a bold color. You know, something like this
Where is this image from? I keep searching, but I keep coming up with sites that have used it and not credited it back to anywhere.
But after a quick search on Pinterest, I realized that these dressers look quite lovely in softer shades, too!
Can't find the source of this piece either:(
 This image stopped me in my tracks! I usually would think that using a shade of white would be a no for this piece, but not anymore.  This is the only angle I could find, but from here, I'm sold! Well not completely.  Though I love this idea, I'm not sure if this would be too much white in the space.
 hmmm... maybe not? What say you?  Swap, lighter, bold, white?



A few weeks ago, I was blessed with another birthday. Not just any birthday, but my 30th birthday! From dinner with friends, to a weekend getaway to Vegas with my boo... I had a blast! Don't miss my 20's at all!



I swear I gained 10lbs this weekend!
Getting ready for Zarkana (Cirque du Soliel)
This man right here.... My heart outside of my body.

It was nice coming back to this every night!

Ps, if you've never been to Vegas and have always wanted to go, GO! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Just make sure you bring a pair of sneakers for day time... Your ankles will thank you!


Oh and one last thing, notice something different around here?!?!