Someone made a comment suggesting that dark brown walls make a room feel cave-like. Well, in my opinion, it made my room feel "cozy". Every time I walk up my stairs and see the brown as I get closer to my room I get excited. Maybe it's the brown itself. I don't know, but I do know that is DOES NOT feel like a CAVE!!!

So I decided to let you guys be the judge! What do you think about the color of my room? It's okay to be honest!

A few things that I have planned for the weekend include:
pick up my window hardware from JCP
hang drapes
start on my dresser for the room
attach headboard to the bed



Well I do! Even stomach bugs....

Bare with me guys. My 1 year old (Bren) had a nasty stomach virus which was thought to have come from too many oranges. But, yesterday evening proved otherwise when I started to feel sick. So now, he is fine and my 5yr old are sick with it....

hopefully I'll be able to post tonight. I'm currently writing this from my cell phone (cool huh?!)



My curtain rods from William and Sonoma Home arrived yesterday and all I can say is "hmm...they're a little fat"!

Just to give you an idea of how "fat" they are:

I'm going to use them, but not in my bedroom. While at JCP last night, I noticed a new style of rods from Chris Madden and they are perfect. I hate I didn't take pictures of them to show you. They are actually on pre-sale, so I can purchase them, but have to wait until Sunday to bring them home.

Have you ever used 2" diameter curtain rods? Where is a good place to find rings for them?



Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was able to get a few things accomplished including hacking my IKEA Rast chests that will be used as my nightstands in my Master Bedroom.

I decided not to stain my chests because of this


and this

I don't know about you, but that was too many reminders that they are from IKEA!
I used Kilz oil based spray primer (which is now my new BFF), Rustoleum heirloom white spray paint (that I got for 20 cents!) and a clear gloss top coat

Since my husband assembled them (knobs and all), turned the knobs inside out so I would be able to open the drawers after I finished painting them

After my first coat of oil-based primer (did I mention it only takes an hour for this stuff to dry?), I sanded it a little with some 220 grit sand paper and applied a second coat primer

The reason why I sand between coats is because of this

Can you see how the paint runs a little? well we don't want that!!!

So after my second coat of primer dries, it's time for paint (the steps are the same as priming) After the paint dried, I added some knobs that I found on clearance at IKEA ($2.49 for two) and here is a glimpse of the finished "RAST HACK"

See how nice and "almost white" it look in this photo? Well, it's not like that really. It's more like this

After all that work, I may have to paint them again....

Stay tuned for the window panels I chose for the room and my $1.99 rods from William and Sonoma Home!

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Hey Guys,

Run over to William & Sonoma Home and check out their
curtain Rods that's in the the Final Sale section. You will not be
disappointed! Here's a hint



Hi guys! I'm doing a quick post just to update you on whats going on over at casa Duncan. The Rast chests have been purchased and put together

I'm currently in the process of painting them with my 20 cent heirloom white spray paint from Home Depot(must prime first!). Yes you read it right 20 CENTS a can!!!

and I have about 5 guys on my roof nailing away because we are getting a new roof!

So please be patient with me just in case I don't have a post tomorrow because I get a little behind when I'm working on projects and running behind kids that some how find their way into the fireplace (more on that later).

Have a great and productive day!



I received an e-mail from a reader inquiring about the process of painting my cabinets.

Here is what she said:

Hi Lakeitha,

My name is Carolyn, I found your blog today, and I must say " I enjoy it". I'm emailing you in hopes of getting some information on the process you followed when repainting your cabinets. I fell out of love with my kitchen cabinets a few years back, I can't afford to replace them, so a new coat of paint is my only option. Any feedback you can provide will be much appreciated. Here's a picture of my kitchen, the cabinets are a maple color (more like a soft pink)...so not me! Looking forward to hearing from you...thanks!


One of my biggest regrets about my cabinets is that I didn't take the time to document what I did. I hope that the information in this post give you a good idea of the steps taken to get my cabinets from this

To this

  1. Tell your husband that you know what you're doing
  2. If the first step does not work, wait until he goes to work the next day
  3. give your cabinets a good cleaning with mild soap to remove any build up from cooking (you know, any grease or whatever)
  4. Remove cabinet doors and number them(as you can see I don't have many cabinets so I didn't have to number mine). Also, I'm a little lazy and a lot impatient!
  5. Now it's time to sand. I sanded the "base" cabinets with sand paper sheets like these

as far as the grit of the paper, for this step I think I used 100 grit. For the doors I used this baby

6. I smoothed everything out and then used a damp towel to clean up the dust.

7. After you have sanded all of the surfaces, its time to prime

8. As far as primer, I swear by this brand

( A lot of people use Kilz, but I'm a Zinsser Kind of Gal!)

9. When priming, it's good to let the primer dry completely before starting a new coat and sanding between coats.


(These are the exact tools I use)

I can not stress that enough. Sponge rollers are your friends (No ladies, not the kind for your hair!).

11. Now remember when I said sand between coats of primer? That is to also ensure a smooth coat. And for that you should use a finer grit like 220 or so

12. After your second coat of primer is dry and you've given your cabinets and doors a light sanding then it's time to paint!

13. I use semi-gloss on my cabinets because its easy to clean. Applying the paint requires the same technique as priming. Apply 1 coat with sponge roller and brush if needed. lightly sand after its dry, and then do a second coat and let it completely dry and your done!

***********DRY TIME FOR ME IS AT LEAST 24 HOURS************

I really hope this helps. It's easier than people may think, but it is time consuming when you already have 3 boys (5 and under) running around wanting to "help"! I would say that my project could have been a week long project, but when you add in being a stay at home mom and a husband who is really not into the DIY thing, it took me a month. But, looking back at the before and after I would do it again!

So what do you think? Is there any other information that would help her out? Come on guys put it out there!!!

Thanks Carolyn for your email!



The other day when I put the picture of my newly painted bedroom (corner)

Mrs Chic made a comment:

I like it! It turned out nice - those chairs look perfect in your bedroom.

BTW - you paint well, no paint marks on the ceiling!

My favorite part was when she said you paint well, no paint on the ceilings...
Well Mrs. Chic....I don't paint THAT well! I actually just go in a room and paint! I don't cut in first or anything (please don't shake your head at me). What I do is paint majority of the wall/walls and then go back and cut in. Before I cut in, I tape off the ceiling and baseboards. After I peel off the tape, I usually get something like this

and that's when I pull out my trusty "touch-up" brush

add a little paint

and the spot is gone! (please excuse the textured ceiling!)

same thing with the side of the doors

Can you see how the trim paint is on the wall? My little brush fixed that too!

This brush is actually part of a pack of brushes found at Hobby Lobby. I think the pack is $7.99, but I paid $1.99 because someone opened it (thanks person who opened the pack, but didn't take anything!). And I know you guys see that brown spot on the floor under the chair right?

Well that was my way of insisting that we get new carpet in the bedroom, but my husband said "Why don't you ask your blog friends how to cover that up!" Please don't comment on that remark!!!

So there you have it! My "messy" little painting secret! I'm pretty sure that you guys are great painters so please don't be too mean in the comments;)



Have you seen all the "hacks" done on the Ikea RAST chest?

Just in case you've recently crawled from under a rock here are a few:

And here is my all time favorite (found here):

The above photo has two of my favorite things: the rast chest (hacked of course) and the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel!

I think these are going to be perfect for my nightstands. I'm going to purchase them tomorrow. Next up...finding the perfect lamps (YES LAMPS!). I'm thinking brass!



Originally, I planned to make my own headboard. Then, while putting together a post for my other blog Swoon Worthy Boutique, I realized I really wanted a headboard similar to the headboard Dayka found at Goodwill:

I decided to check out Craigslist to see if I would have any luck and guess what?

Whoot Whoot!!! I hit the jack pot!!! Oh, and please ignore the Christmas wreath on the door! I am going to paint this baby the same color as my trim (Behr paint and primer "heavy Cream") and she is going to be such a beaut! And for those of you who are interested in the the price of the headboard......$35 whoot whoot!!! By the time you read this, I'll be getting down to business on this project! Stay tuned....



I'm pretty sure you know that snow was in the forecast this past weekend.

And since Atlanta shuts down when we have a "snow storm" (I'm being funny here!) I decided to get the painting done in the master bedroom. Do you remember the hard time I was having deciding on the perfect shade of brown? Well I guess I need to start consulting my little sister more often. After not being able to pick up my headboard (more on that later), we decided to head over to Home Depot for the paint. Actually I was going to buy another sample, but my sister was like "NO". She took over and basically said "Get this brown and this for the trim and let's go"!

Here is the corner of the room with all my different 'sample' browns

(there were two more browns on the wall after this photo!)

Here is the same corner after being painted

The color is "Roasted Nuts" by Behr from Home Depot. It is the paint and primer mix also known as the more expensive Behr paint that still requires primer!

I will catch you up on the headboard in another post. To give you an idea of the direction I'm going, check out this post on Swoon Worthy Boutique.