To share my bedroom!
I have a few small things to do like style the nightstands and take REAL pictures with my camera and not my phone!  I'll try to have it up on Thursday:)
Stay tuned!


Let's just get to the point. I hate my living room


It's not me at all. AT ALL!!!! For some time now, I've been longing for a lighter space infused with color. You know, like the rooms below






Those are the types of spaces that speak to me. But instead, I'm surrounded by this

Via- me:(

Ugh... Yeah.


I have tried lightening the space with throw pillows and such


But no luck with changing the way I feel about the room. It's just too much darkness going on. It's funny because I was in love with this color 3 years ago. Now??? I'm ready for us to part ways.


So yesterday I started testing out paint samples

I'm pretty set on the top right sample which is Wheat Bread by Behr paint at Home Depot. Can't wait to get started on this project. It's not going to take place until next week sometime because I'm gearing up for a five year olds birthday party:)

I'll keep you posted on the progress!




Ever since I started this blog I have been drawn to color.  Like LOTS of color.  And with any venture I've started (vintage furniture makeovers, vintage rentals, now jewelry making), I tend to use A LOT of color! The interesting thing about this is that I've noticed that when it comes to my home, color is used sparingly.  Why?
So the other day I set out to change that.  I have decided to add more pops of color throughout my house.  I made a joke on instagram saying that I'm determined to brighten my home one throw and pillow at a time. 
Here are a few ways I've added color to my home so far:
Green tray from Target on my coffee table
Piece of art I scored at the thrift store (already framed!).  It's been sitting around for months and I finally hung it at the top of my stairs.

$10 chevron pillow from Marshall's.  The color isn't showing well in the pic, but its the same green as the tray.  Its perfect in my dark brown bedroom.

Flamingo glasses from IKEA! I haven't decided if I want these in the kitchen or in my living room for my "bar".

Throw from IKEA and water color inspired pillow from HomeGoods.  I'm also planning to redo that picture wall above my sofa.  It's just too brown lol!
Its basically one dose of color at a time around here, but I can already feel my home feeling more and more like "me"!
And speaking of color, I just added more color to the shop with my new tassel bracelets!  They're definitely worth checking out;-)  
What ways have you added color to your home?  Or wardrobe for that matter?



Hi! Just popping in to let you guys know about a few pieces that are back in the shop and that you can take 15% off your purchases with code THANKS15



A chunkier "Gabby" in silver!

"Lexy" bracelets in peach and mint




They are already priced right so with the extra 15% off, they're a steal!

Thanks for your support and enjoy this fabulous Wednesday!






The other day I left you with a peek at the thrifted chairs I scored for $2 each.  Today I want to share the after!

Just in case you forgot how they looked before, here's the reminder

Hot mess, right? But with so much potential!  I knew I wanted fur to begin with, but I thought I could get the look with a shag rug from Target.  Not bad, right?
But my bestie Tricia reminded me that it wasn't the look I was going for.  True! So after a quick trip to IKEA yesterday, I snagged 2 faux sheepskins and got to work. 
 Here is the after

I'm totally in love and so happy that I went with the fur!

What are your thoughts?  Love it or hate it?

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Last week on one of my thrift store visits, I came across some black metal chairs. I loved the look of them, but didn't know where I'd use them and figured it would be best to just leave them. Fast forward to when was headed to bed and realized I HAD TO HAVE THEM! My mind was racing with thoughts on what to do with them, but I could not figure out WHERE to use them. Well, the minute I woke up, I knew that they would be perfect for my work room! I high tailed it back to the store so fast lol!

Here they are in their rough state


At only $2 each, why would I have left them there in the first place??? After getting them home, I couldn't wait to test out their scale in the room and see if they were everything I imagined they would be.



My plans are to clean them up (because they are REALLY dirty), and find some fur type fabric to upholster them with. Can you imagine them with some type of furry white fabric? Oh I can! In fact, fur came to mind the first time I saw them:-)

Stay Tuned!



LILLY PULITZER: I'll always remember my first time

I'll never forget my first introduction to Lilly Pulitzer (the brand). It was during my trip to New York for BlogFest.


From the moment I stepped foot into the showroom that showcased her fabric/home collection, I was smitten. I am always drawn to people who love color as much as I do. People that go against the grain with their business ventures. I guess because I try to do the same.


And who would have thought that it all started with juice? Rest in Peace Lilly. An inspiration of mine for sure. I'll always remember my first time.




Ok, so the weather here is not so good which means that my images aren't that good either.  But I didn't want to leave you guys hanging! Soooo.... Here are a few snapshots of the dresser.

The first image shows more of the true color of the dresser.  The others make it look more purple, but it's definitely a bright bubble gum pink.
I'll take more pics over the weekend (that's if the rain lets up).  I have another little project that I will be working on over the weekend that I can not wait to share with you!
ps, for those that mentioned it, the necklace is available in the shop it's the IMAN necklace:)
Enjoy your weekend!




After looking over my inspiration for my office, my jewelry, my wardrobe, etc., I've noticed that I'm quite taken by neon pink! Actually, it's neon pink mixed with any other vibrant color. Maybe it's because of the warmer temps? At any rate, it's making an appearance in my office first. I'm actually finishing up the dresser today and I'm running out to grab an expedit bookcase from IKEA to replace the other shelves (more on that later!).


Have you noticed yourself leaning towards brighter colors lately? If so, what color(s)?