There are so many different ways to to make a headboard. I'm going to take the easy route with plywood, foam, batting, and fabric. My only problem is the type of fabric to use. Should I use a graphic/patterned fabric or a solid? Should I use velvet, linen, or twill? There so many choices to choose from. What do you suggest? Do you have any great sites for finding fabric at a good deal?

Here is an article for different types of DIY headboards



Oh how I could not wait til Christmas. Only to wake up the day after to realize that it's over. The day that we all have been preparing for is now gone. I have not taken down my tree and to be honest, I really don't want to!!! But since the holidays have come and gone, I can focus all my attention on my most important project

My Master Bedroom!

I have chosen the colors and have found and purchased the bedding (pin-tuck duvet from west elm), dresser (I have a surprise for you with the dresser!), and I have found (not purchased) my chandelier. All I need to do is patch a few problem spots on the wall, prime, and paint. After I paint the walls I'm going to move on to making my headboard. The headboard is going to be something similar to Freckles Chick headboard

One of my Christmas gifts was an air compressor, so once I purchase my spray attachment I'll be ready to paint some furniture...woo hoo!!!

Hopefully by Wednesday I can post a mood board to give you an idea of the space. Until then, I'd like to hear how your Holiday Celebrations went!!! Did you get everything you wanted? Did you get to enjoy your family? What about the food, were there any non-traditional meals made? Come on guys spill the beans!!!



I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
The best gift that I've ever received is your friendship and I THANK YOU for that!!!
Happy Holidays


Chandeliers ~VS~ Ceiling Fans

Hey guys I need your opinion on something

My husband is concerned about my decision to have a chandelier in the bedroom. He has never heard of such a thing and was wondering why I would do it. He also think that our current source of light (a black and gold ceiling fan) is alright as is for the room. So I would like to ask you:
Why do you like a chandelier in the bedroom?
And while you're at it, tell me what you think about this:

Be honest!



I have no clue as to finding a good color. Have you noticed? I'm always complaining about not having the right colors in my home. With my bedroom, I refuse to have that problem. I went out on a very wet, very cold, very windy morning and purchased 4 samples of paint. Colors that I just knew were going to be the bee knees, but what happened to these pretty colors when I tested them on my walls....


None of them were a success. I'm trying again and hopefully I'll have a color to share with you after Christmas.

Boy do I suck...



Well guys...I didn't get the lamps. By the time I made it to Home Goods they were sold. But, I did find two of these

(pay no attention to my unmade bed and that dent in the wall!)

Of course they don't look as nice as the two Dayka found, but I do like the color. I'm not completely sold on these, but my motto for T.J Maxx or Home Goods and Marshall's is: "If you're not sure about it, buy it think about it and take it back later". Because most likely it WILL NOT be there when you go home home, dream about, wish that you had grabbed them, and then run back to get it!

Next up: My failures at picking a good paint color...



I have two corner windows (next to each other) . They are approximately 38in wide.

The panels that I plan to purchase for them are 50in wide. Do I use 1 or 2?

I know that this sound like a dumb question, but I'm asking from a design point of view not measurements!



Do you remember my first attempt decorating my mantel? What about my second attempt? Yeah...I didn't think so! Well I gave it a third try and this is what I came up with

I took close up shots of the mantel because of the mirror. I like mirrors over a fireplace, but I don't care for what they reflect. In my case, you would see an old dusty and country ceiling fan that needs to be taken down. So trust me these close ups are better! Oh and one more thing, I know that I'm missing candles. When I find some, I'll take more pictures so you can see how the mantel (mantle) look then.

Here are a few updated pictures of my living room. I added some peacock blue ornaments with the turquoise (very pretty)
( My branch display had to be moved because it was tempting my 1 year old!)

(see how he is running into the room? that's why I moved the branches!)

While helping me put the ornaments on the tree, my oldest said that these ornaments were him and his brothers:

(He said this is Brendan the baby)

(this is himself....)

(And this is Nick because he take all the presents!)

Now I have to keep these ornaments forever! I purchased those ornaments before my kids were born. I was working at Macy's and they were on clearance. I thought they were cutest ornaments! Now they represent my three boys....thanks to my 5 year old!



Once again Target has saved the day! I needed some new chairs for my living room because the chairs that are in there now will be placed at the dining table (whenever I get one). While doing one of my daily strolls through the store, I came across this chair

After reading all of the reviews online about the chair, I decided to go for it and ordered two for my space. They arrived two days after I placed the order and I am so excited and pleased with them. Can you say comfy?!

Have you seen these in a Target near you? What are your thoughts about Target furniture?



Aren't these the cutest lamps?
Dayka sent me a picture of them while she was at Home Goods.
Hopefully they're still there when I get there!
(Cross your fingers!!!)



Yesterday I laid out my plans for my master bedroom. I wanted to show you my color scheme for the room, but I'm still on the fence about that one!! However, I know exactly what I want as far as storage (dresser). I needed something that has plenty drawers and something that had a vintage flair to it. With that in mind, I enlisted one of my close friends Craig to help me in my search. I set a budget of $100 for a dresser.

What I wanted out of the dresser was for it to be

1. a quality piece

2. a vintage piece

3. the size needed to fit in the the space

4. at least 6-9 drawers

If you remember my inspiration photos, then you probably remember Michelle's yellow dresser

Like I said before, I plan to pull out elements from each of my inspiration bedrooms (Rate my Space style)to add to my own. So while checking out craigslist I found this:


I love the lines and the detail of the dresser, but like Michelle's dresser it will be painted (I do like how it look now). I know that I said $100 was my budget for a dresser and this one was $75, but I really should have offered them $60 for it. I'm not a good haggler so next time I'll make sure I have someone with me that is (alright Dayka?!).

Here are a few more pictures of the piece

(please ignore my pink cell phone!)

BTW, Check out Dayka's first mood board that she put together for my bedroom. Great job Dayka!

I'm linking this up to Miss Mustard Seed's

Furniture Feature Fridays



Before I discuss anything else, I must express how important it is to have a plan.
Deciding to design a space is one thing, but not knowing the steps your going to take to carry out the design could pose major problems.
Here are the steps that I plan to take to make sure I stay focus on my Master Bedroom Redesign
  • decide on a color scheme
  • find furniture that will work in the space (seating, storage, etc)
  • Make Headboard (fabric, materials)
  • find lighting (bedside lamps, chandelier, floor lamp)
  • find bedding (duvet, bed skirt, shams)
  • decide on window treatment (blinds, drapes, hardware...)
  • find bedding and pillows
  • gather accessories (mirrors, vases, clocks, art...)

The biggest thing from this list (in my opinion) is to decide on the color scheme. Use fabrics, art, or a favorite item that you love to pull your color scheme together. Then you can build everything else around that. As far as budget, you're the only one that know how much you can afford and with that, I would advise you to stick as close as possible to your budget. Here is a great post on the importance of budgeting explained by the talented Janell Beals



This is probably going to be the hardest part of the redesign. There are so many color combos to choose from, that it's hard to settle with one.

(This isn't a bedroom obviously, but these colors are perfect!)

The above image is probably my favorite. The white and brown with that pop of blue screams my name! For my room, I want to use a base color that will allow me to change out accents. My personality won't let me commit to something bold like this (although I love purple!)

So, what color combo will I choose? You'll have to wait and see!!!!

What colors make your heart go pittypat? Are you bold when it comes to color? Or do you prefer something a little more classic or timeless?



In this post I will be publicly eating my words!!! About a month (or two?) ago, I suggested to Latasha of (Symone's Mommy) to go big or go home with her french provincial style sofa

She was planning on doing something a little more "safe" which is fine, but I came along and commented about doing something more dramatic like these

I just want to say that I was wrong!

The sofa is finished getting it's make over and let me tell you

She (the sofa) Looks AMAZING!!!

Don't believe me? Then see for yourself....

So Latasha, All is well right?! I think this make up for me trying to change your plans!!!

All before and after courtesy of Design Sponge Online