#MayWerkOut (round 2!)

Hey ladies! So over 200 of you accepted the may challenge (and I'm sure thousands more did in silence!) so let's get it together. We will start this Monday April 27 and finish on June 1st. I'm actually hoping that many of you will keep going with it even after June 1st. Like I mentioned on Instagram, it's really something everyone can do regardless of how you eat, where you are on your journey, etc.


I actually did a May challenge last year and it was really fun! I enjoyed seeing all of the other ladies join in and tag their posts with the hashtag.




Back to this years challenge... Ok, this May, we're going to do it a little different. I'm not going to tell you what to eat. Huh?!?! Nope, I'm not. We all eat differently and we all have different goals on our journey. For instance, weight loss is no longer my goal. Fat loss is my goal now along with toning. Low carb may not be the way you eat and that's fine, too! The rules for this challenge are simple. They are:

--- Walk or jog at least 50 miles for the month. I really want you to push for 100 miles (like what I plan to do), but I know that may not be possible for many, so let's shoot for 50. People underestimate the power of walking. Not only is it a great form of cardio, it's also good for your heart and mind.

--- NO FAST FOOD. Seriously, NONE! Not even a salad. Yeah... This is where the challenge comes in lol! For the entire month, I want you to be more aware of what you're putting in your mouth. Now, there is an exception to this. Because I still like to date my husband, I want to be able to go out with him to a sit down restaurant and have a meal. So I'm allowing us to do that if needed during the challenge. And listen, this does not mean sitting down in zaxbys to eat! I mean a restaurant with a waiter to serve you. Even if you decide to do this, I want you to be mindful of what it is you're eating. This isn't a "cheat" day. It's an outing with a friend or loved one where you don't have to cook. Got it? Awesome!

--- Water Water Water! Ladies, drink the water! Let's try for 100oz a day. Chug girl, chug! Feel free to add mint, lemon, etc to your water, but only drink water for this month. Please?!?!

--- let's WERK those abs and legs this months. Every other day, I want you to work your legs. Lunges, squats, calf raises, etc. are some examples. We're going to WERK abs everyday. Planking, crunches, sit-ups, whatever! We're core building/strengthening this month ladies!

That's pretty much it! The hashtag we'll be using for this challenge is #MayWerkOut2. Please ladies, only post if you're actually doing something that this challenge consist of. We don't need random posts taking over the hashtag:-)

Oh and lastly, if you need help with where to start, I think my eBook will help. You can find it by clicking here or the weight loss tab above! Make sure you open it on a device where you can save it otherwise it won't open again (which really sucks).


Let's WERK!








When inspiration goes viral

Yesterday I shared a picture on Facebook. Very spur of the moment and I didn't think anything of when I did it. I always post on Instagram so I figured I'd share something exclusively to Facebook. What I didn't realize was that the random unmarked photo was going to go viral!
Holy cow! Over 1.5 million people saw that picture. SAW MY STOMACH for that matter.... Ahhhh! It's one thing for my regular peeps to see it, I mean, we're like family now lol, but for nearly 2 million people I don't "know" to see it was mind blowing! For all of my new peeps that don't know my story, I know it may seem a little questionable seeing someone with such a large midsection and then right next to it, the same person with a smaller midsection, but that's really me then and now. Let's get acquainted, shall we?
I'm Lakeitha. I'm a 32 year old wife and mother to three boys. I live in Georgia. I started my weight loss journey back in Seotember 2013 weighing 280lbs. I was at a very low point in my life at the time and I decided to do something for myself. I told myself to dedicate one whole year to getting healthy while setting a goal to hopefully lose 100lbs in the process. I lost those 100lbs one week shy of a year! I (honest to goodness) changed the way I ate which was lean meats, veggies, fruit, and whole grains. I only drink water and I walked for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. After my first 6 months, I had lost 54lbs. That's when I decided to switch to low carb. I eat meat and veggies along with a few berries here and there (though I plan to eat more fruit soon!). I still only drink water. I love cardio, but have also added a few other various workouts to my regimen. It's been 1 1/2 years since I started. I'm now 165lbs.
To answer a few questions:
no, I didn't have surgery at all.
No, I didn't use any waist trainers (they stole my pics).
Yes, it is possible for you to do it.
Yes, that's all I did. Changed the way I ate, drink water, and move more.
I wrote a 30 page eBook that explains everything from my journey. It gives you a grocery list (low carb and low fat), 2 different types on menus, answers to all of my frequently asked question, a list of exercises I do, and more! You can find that here  or by clicking the weight loss tab at the top of my blog (please save it before opening it). If you're not interested in the ebook, you can see my journey in its entirety on Instagram (@lakeitha_duncan).
I hope that helped you to get to know a little more about me. I'm really no different than you. I'm a girl that was ready to CHANGE so I did.
Thank you for reaching out. Stay inspired,