Before you go to a paint store, or a furniture store, or any type of place in search for something for your next project know what your going for first. For instance, if you're going for paint, then buy a sample of the color you "think" you like in the store. Bring it home and test it out on the wall your going to use it in. I suggest buying a paint deck in your favorite paint brand. That way you don't have to run back and forth to the paint store.

Next, you should have a plan. NEVER EVER JUST WING IT!!! What I mean by that is don't just go for it. Plan your project out first. Think of everything you want in the space (fabric, colors, accessories, etc..) and take sample pieces with you everywhere you go when your searching.

Know your space. How many times have you purchased big pieces and realized that they don't work well in the space? Get to know my friends Tape Measure and painters tape! Measure your space. And if you still have problems seeing the pieces in the space then that's when painters tape come in. Tape off the floor in the space where you think the piece would work in the measurements of the piece.

Please, please, please let your space flow from one to the other. When you are considering a color scheme in different rooms like kitchens, dining, living rooms, then try to do the same color family or colors that are close on the color card. Don't do red walls in the kitchen and a "toasty" brown in the living room that is somewhat open to the kitchen (hmmm I think I've seen that somewhere!).

Last, be fierce with design, but know what your doing. Don't do black kitchen cabinets if you're planning on moving in a year or two. The next person may not see your vision. So if you have cabinets that need to be painted, try a nice creamy white and accent with black accessories. Don't do chocolate brown walls and your furniture is black!



GO RIGHT OVER TO www.isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com and enter to win a fabulous giveaway! Don't just enter the givaway look around for a minute! And if you have on shoes take them off because your gonna want to kick back and stay awhile because this lady is AWESOME! Her designs are beautiful and her ideas are brilliant. So become a follower of hers and if your anything like me, you might become a blog stalker!!!



1. My name is Lakeitha
2. I love rich colors and white
3. I have 3 boys and a husband that I adore at times!!!
4. Favorite singer is Beyonce
5. Love laughing
6. love people that make me laugh
7. sometime wish there was 1 more hour in a day
8. Love life simply
9. I can get a vegetarian to buy a Ribeye!
10. I love Michael Buble
11. Oprah is my favorite past time
12. Martha Stewart is my hero
13. HGTV is my life line
14. I love thrift stores
15. Favorite movies: Somethings Gotta Give, The Women, Father of the Bride, Count of Monte Cristo, Maid of Honor, The Lion King
16. Love Hot and Sour Soup
17. I'm a believer that all things good are not expensive
18. Love good design
19. I'm afraid to travel by plane
20. At the age of 26 I still don't know how to swim (it terrifies me to learn)
21. I would like to travel to Paris one day (check back to #19)
22. I like to feel safe with people and not taken advantage of
23. I voted for Barack Obama for my sons and for my ~GRANDMOTHER~
24. I have so many ideas but so little time to execute them
25. I love my life even the not so good times I encounter

So that's 25 things about little old me. What about you? Will you continue following me? Are you ready to make a U-turn?! Who are you? what do you like? Do we have anything in common?


Finally, its time to make some moves! I have started the process of designing our family room and kitchen. Below are some quick shots of the beginning stages (I know you guys like a good before and after!). Do you see this red below? for lack of a better phrase its a "hot mess"! And yes I did it. I did it because my husband liked it (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). The ugly honey mustard color on the other wall is the color we got with the purchase of the house (lucky us). I'll be sure to keep you posted as the process progress!

By the way, black or white cabinets? I'm sooo scared of black, but I love it soooo much.



Okay so we had to purchase a stove like ASAP and I wanted a stove that was stainless and that matched the fridge that was purchased by my inlaws for a house warming present. The problem is, I have a husband that thinks a stove is a stove, a dishwasher is a dishwasher and a kitchen is a kitchen. Well I'm the complete opposite! A stove is not just a stove. It is the one thing that make me feel like I can cook! A dishwasher is the one thing that make me feel like a clean kitchen is possible even if there are three boys running around throwing food everywhere. And a kitchen is not just a kitchen if it does not look like Janell's kitchen over at Isabella and Max rooms.
So afer debating about this stove issue and talking to my mom, sister, and SIL, I dicided to try the "STAINLESS LOOK" range that was in my husbands so called budget! Really it was out of his budget because he wanted the plain white one that is $358! Check it out next to the stainless fridge and tell me what you think. Can you tell the difference? Is my husband a frugal bugal? or is it okay if I can get my dishwasher drawers?!

please check out Janell's blog. ~WARNING IT IS ADDICTIVE!!~


More Navy courstesy of ~HOUSE BEAUTIFUL~

Navy is becoming the rage these days. Is it because it gives you that all american feel? Is it because its classic and the color can be coordinated with other colors depending on the season? Let's see: navy, white, and a hint of Lime; Navy, white, and a pop of red; navy and gray; how about with yellow. Well here is a little more navy to possibly inspire you and to keep my SIL mind flowing with the possibilities that she have with her new found friend NAVY!


Okay seriously this is BIG news. My SIL took the biggest step in her home the other day and painted her dining room walls NAVY! I'm so excited for her. We had several conversations about her love of navy (here), but she was too scared to try it. Our last conversation on this topic led to me to give her a little more inspiration with this post . She sent me some photos of the walls so I'm going to share a few so you can have a sneak peek. I will be sure to follow up with the progress and finished result.

I know the pictures are a little blurry, but she took the pictures with her camera phone (bless her sweet little excited heart!)

Now if I can just get her to give me that chandelier!



HAVE YOU NOTICED A PATTERN HERE?! I love white kitchens too...

images from house beautiful


I love white dishes (you didn't think I was referring to something else did you!). White dishes are timeless. They can be as formal as you want them to be or as casual as you need them to be. They work well with any decor and you can find them at any price range. See for yourself!

pictures found through yahoo search (flickr)



I think its time to introduce the boys that I have the pleasure of running after, explaining to, waking up with, breaking up sibling spats, and much much more!

This is T.J the "big brother"! He likes to think that he is in charge of things when it come to the other two.

Then we have Nick. The grumpy old man! He likes to have late night meetings with his hot wheels! Then when its time to wake up in the morning he cries!

And finally you have Brendan the MAN! He is a sneaky little guy who is so sweet and innocent one minute and very mean the next.

These little fellas are a joy at times, but I can't wait until the first day of school! I'm starting to lose my hair at the ripe old age of 26! (yes I'm 26!!) There you have it 3 dudes that call my house home. I should have said 4 boys because sometimes I feel like I have a fourth child with my husband!!!


Classic Navy for a Sister!

Okay my sister in law loves navy. The problem she has when it comes to putting it in her home is that she feels like it can over power a room. Well, it can, if used the wrong way. So I am showing her how she can bring a little navy in her home without feeling like she has walked into space!

First start with a nice dark blue like Sherwin Williams "Naval 6244" Then add some glossy ultra white trim like SW "Extra White7006" and then your set.

get a nice dining table like this (she loves a "Perfect Circle").

Then you get some nice chairs but you get them in white like these:

or these

or these sinc she loves herself some arm chairs

and then you change out the fabric for something like this


or she can just get my personal favorite chair

Then you put a nice centerpiece on it like these arranged in a group:

or these arranged in a group and even better made into terreriums to let some of the out doors in

then the perfect chandelier

Then for the walls she can add art like these with white frames for one wall

Then the large wall add ledges like these

and add family photos in black and white in frames like these (silver)

then for the french doors: hardware and treatment

and yeah add a plant stand with a plant of course!

And there you have it a navy blue room with a timeless style

Now if I only had photoshop on my computer!

If this don't make sense, blame it on the fact that its almost 1:00am my time!