I know you've seen them. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the textured solid pillow covers from Pottery Barn that will run you about $25-$29 for just for the pillow cover.

Well here is your chance to win them. But wait there is more! You won't just win them (oh no it gets better!), you'll win the pillow inserts, and they have been customized by a cool designer! Who? Janell Beals over at Isabella and Max Rooms of course! Here check them out for yourself:

How can you pass this up? You can't! So head over to this post and leave a comment. You also will have a chance to increase your odds, but you will learn all of that once you get over there. Are you still reading this? Did I forget to mention that this giveaway is valued at over $150!



Hey lou, I mean you! Get over to Mrs. Limestone's blog now so you can enter for a chance to win the cute little lou lou chair by Kartell. How cute would it be to have one in a play room or a nursery. I can see it now a cute little girl's room with lavender and creams and this little chair! So hurry up and get your ducks in a row

Climb on top of people

Do whatever you have to do to get one of those chairs! It all starts with going over to this post and leaving a comment! And if you're like me and want another entry then you can also blog about it! You'll get all of the info as soon as you get to the site. GOOD LUCK!



I know that it's not good to copy people. In school they tell us not to copy other people's work right? Well I don't think that goes when it comes to good ideas in crafting, designing, decorating, or the way you dress because if that's the case I'm a complete copy cat!

I've seen these decorated message boards floating around blogland and I made a mental note that next time I find a board, I'm making one for myself and that's exactly what I did. Of course mine is not nearly as pretty as the other one's (probably because I rushed the process), but its mine and the computer does not show all of it's flaws (hee, hee)!

First let me show you the board Janell and her daughter did over at Isabella & Max Rooms that you can read all about here

Pretty, No? Of course it is!

Check out Centsational girl's message board that she made from an old kitchen cabinet

Oh how I love recycling! Read more about this transformation here

Over at EverythingLEB is this Oh-so-chic message board

Okay so enough with everyone else "FABULOUSNESS" lets get to mine...

If you can imagine what it look like in a picture taken with a better camera you could tell that it's actually kinda cute! By the way, lets play a game called tell me about your camera and where I can get it from! I have a Sony Cybershot and it has been shot! I need something better. Please share.



While doing my once a week trip to the Goodwill and the Salvation Army, I stumbled across a piece that had me not at hello, but at I don't know! It was one of those things that catches your eye, but also make you think if you really need it. So after a 20% discount and a $34 price tag I said okay I'll take it! Anywho... While the sales person was putting it in my car I noticed the name of the company (Henredon) and then next to that it said fine furniture. My first thought was yeah right fine furniture! So after getting home and looking Henredon up on the web I found out that THIS little table might just be FINE FURNITURE. I'll let you be the judge. And if you have heard of this company please share your information. I tend to get a little interested in things that I know little about especially when it is something worth knowing about!

I'm sharing this thrifty treasure with Rhoda at southern hospitality so head on over and check her out



After seeing centsational girl's painted closet doors, I knew that I had to do the same to my laundry doors in my family room. The problem now is that I feel like I should do something else to them. I've already added new hardware from hobby lobby, but there is still something missing. I don't know if its stencil or maybe paint. Also my bathroom door is next to the laundryroom doors so I'm wondering if it should be painted as well.

What do you think. Let me say first: I am really not liking this color anymore! Anywhoooo... Yeah I need your feed back so let it rip!



I saw this sofa at the salvation army and something about it said buy me! I know it's not the Duncan Phyfe that I've been wanting but it's by Drexel which is even better in my opinion! I love the size and the style, but the fabric not so much. I'm also not too thrilled about the tufting. Don't get me wrong, I like tufting, but not on this sofa. I didn't buy it and now I'm going through withdrawal!

So what's your take on it? Would you buy it? If so what would you do to it? By the way, did I mention it's only $200? How sweet is that! Go on tell me I need your 2cents!

~Side note when I went to get the Duncan Phyfe the frame was cracked on the right side. So sad



Since my cry for help for ideas for my kitchen, I've been busy with my cabinets. So far I've primed and painted the base of the cabinets. The doors are a whole other story. I must admit that I dread painting cabinets or anything for that matter because I'm something like a perfectionist. I sand, paint, sand, and paint again. And if I see a flaw after all that guess what? Yeah, I'll start the process over. So I have been taking my precious time with these doors. It's been so hot her in Atlanta lately that I tend to stay away from my kitchen and head to the garage and turn the fan on. I know it sounds crazy to go from air condition to the out doors, but it seems like my garage is a little cooler. Anyway..... Here are a few pictures of the progress

This is what it look like when we moved in. The walls were a honey mustard color and the cabinets were almost the same color.

This is just another view of my very small kitchen.

The lighting has to be replaced with something a little more up to date
I will be painting this table the same color as the cabinets and I've found some shield back chairs at a furniture consignment shop that would work better.

This wall will have three open shelves that will hold a few dishes and thingamajigs!
The walls are now Sherwin Williams Sands of Time. The cabinets are being painted Du Jour by Valspar from Lowes.

I haven't decided if I want black counter tops like this (picture found on house beautiful website) or something a little more earthy.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project. Next up will be the family room that's right off the kitchen. What do you think so far? Should I change the wall color? Am I moving too slow on this project? I'd like to hear what you have to say!



I started working on my kitchen about a month ago (well a year if you count the mess I made of it when I first moved in to this house!), and it is nowhere near being complete. I change my mind, chicken out about the original plan, and then try something completely new in the middle of the project. Now with a color on my walls that I'm not sure I like, and cabinets that have about three different shades of white on them (because I can't figure out which one will work best with the wall color or the back splash) I'm at a stand still! So after not wanting to post any of my progress, I decided to post ONE picture just to show that I have done something.

First here are some pictures of what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Very basic and builders grade right? Did I forget to mention how small it is? Well let's not because it's embarrassing!

In this photo you can see the palm tree wall paper border that I snatched down the day we moved in. Are you serious? Palm trees in the kitchen? Really?

And here is a picture of the family room that is right off the kitchen. It is a nice size for us, but it is narrow and my laundry closet is on the back wall so adding seating is hard because I have to make sure I can open the doors to do laundry. Just great!

ANYWAY...Enough rambling

Here is what I have done so far with the kitchen

Yes I painted the walls (I know they look the same as the above photos). Before they were a honey mustard color and now they are a sandy color (lighter than the photo). I painted the cabinets white last year and I'm in the process now of repainting them because up close they look awful! I'm also painting the trim the same color (what color? I don't know!) Originally I wanted black cabinets, but I'm scared I won't like them. I'm also changing the counter tops, adding a subway tile back splash, getting new light fixtures, new flooring, add shelves, and, and, and.....

Anyone out there with advice? PLEASE!!! I'll PAY YOU (seriously I'll pay you!). I know what I want in every room in my house, but this kitchen is freakin me out! I can't see the finish line. I don't know what I will end up with. I think it's the size. It really is small. I don't want to over do it and make it seem smaller, but I do need it to be more functional.

So what do you think? Am I just being a baby? Or does this kitchen require a pro?! Do you have any advice? Have you had any problems or second thoughts, or fears in your own kitchen? Tell me. I really want to know. I feel hopeless!



I'm Just getting back home from a weekend getaway, and I couldn't pass up joining in on the Nester's party. So here goes....

The Sofa is from Macy's Tyler Collection. The regular price is $899, but I got it on sale for $599

The Orange and the brown pillows are from target. The orange two were 17.99 and the brown two were 19.99.

The two brown chairs were on clearance at T.J Maxx for $99 each.

The coffee table was $254 after a 15% discount from Z Gallerie.
And the end table was $169 after the 15% discount from Z Gallerie.

The off white vase on top of the coffee table was $32 after a 20% discount from Z Gallerie.

The lamp is from target. It was part of their home design event that starts at the end or the beginning of the year. I was able to get two of them at 75% off of the $89.99 price tag (SWEET!!)

The drapes are from JCPenney's and were $79.99 for a pair.

there are two photo albums that sit on the shelf under the end table that were $3.24 each from target. The picture frame on the end table was from Macy's on clearance for $4.99

That's about it! I have other things now, but this was a quick photo since it was already saved on my computer. So what do you think? Was something too expensive? Did I get a good deal on something? Or did I not have enough to go by? Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by! Now head over to the Nester's party and check out what other people paid for their rooms!



I don't like rooms that are just for show. I completely understand having a formal room in your home, but some people have them and not use them AT ALL. I never understood having a room that just sits and collects dust.

Aren't these rooms worth living in?!! So get busy living and enjoying your space. Or, get busy enjoying the dust that going to collect on all that nice furniture you took your precious time looking for!



On this day (July 7, 1999), 10 years ago, I met who would turn out to be my husband. A sweet hearted and caring individual who is turning out to be a nice catch! We were married on July 7, 2005 and again on July 7, 2007 remember 7/7/07!

We both were bold on the above photo with my blond hair and his braids!(NEVER AGAIN!)

This was a picture we took the day we got engaged on July 7, 2004 (Better Hunh!)

This is the day after we were married in 2005 (Our Luau was rained out...)

7/7/07 Lucky 7's. This was actually a bumpy year for us because we were already newly weds and then we were parents of two! A lot for a young couple. I'm glad we did it because on that day while saying our vows once more, I realized this is where I'm suppose to be

So here's to my sweetie and our 10Th, 4Th, and 2ND year anniversaries. I love you and I look forward to celebrating many more with you!


On a bitter note...
Today is the day that the "King of Pop" will be laid to rest. I tried not to mention this because I didn't know what to say. And that's when I realized...there is nothing that needs to be said. I just wish that he could have witnessed the LOVE that this WORLD have for him and that will always have for him no matter how many others come along. There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson. Rest in peace Michael



I've been wanting to reupholster a piece of furniture for a while. I wanted to find a piece that was worth being redone. I recently fell in love with Duncan Phyfe. Here is a picture of a Duncan Phyfe sofa that needed a little TLC

And here is the same sofa after Calico Corners got a hold of it


So what I plan to do is purchase this one

and make it fabulous!

Did you know that Duncan Phyfe furniture is used in The Green Room in The White House? Who Knew?! I mean I know its antique and all but wow. Just a little something I learned while researching Duncan Phyfe on Wikipedia.

Also check out this Duncan Phyfe Settee


What have you reupholstered lately? Are you afraid to do it? Do you have any advice for me like Janell posted on her blog (It wasn't just for me!)? I want to hear what you have to say!