Hi! I'm Lakeitha, the writer behind this blog.  I started blogging to gain sanity from being a stay at home mom to three boys.  Little did I know, it would grow into something wild and amazing (the blog that is!). 
Formerly known as Home to Three Duncan Boys, lakeithaduncan.com is basically a name change with a little growth thrown in.  In the beginning, my boys were the center of my universe.  Though that has not changed, I now know that its ok to have something for me that does not involve them.  Sure you'll see the occasional post with pictures of them, but this is a blog mostly about MY adventures in DIY, decorating my home, Art I'm taken by, clothes and accessories I adore, and more!

Also, ,did I mention I design jewelry?  Pretty fab jewelry too:)



And here are my boys for good measure!



Thanks for stopping by!