Well my nephews costume party was a success over the weekend and so was my boys costumes!

Here are the 3 Duncan Boys version of Alvin and the Chipmunks!



My youngest truly is Theodore.  I handed him an apple just for the photo and by the time I started taking the pictures, he was halfway finished with it!





I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on the kitchen.  I’m headed out to Ikea this morning to pick up a few things.  How was your weekend?!

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Last year you may remember the costumes I put together for my boys and nephew

My oldest was a pirate

garrison costume party 001garrison costume party 005  garrison costume party 006

Nick, my middle son was Indiana Jones

garrison costume party 011garrison costume party 012  garrison costume party 020

Bren, my youngest, was a fire fighter

garrison costume party 045   garrison costume party 072

garrison costume party 071


And my nephew was the cutest cowboy

garrison costume party 031  garrison costume party 033 garrison costume party 032

garrison costume party 036

I was so happy with how these costumes turned out especially since most of the clothing items used were from Goodwill!

Well, this year, my boys wanted to be all kinds of stuff.  My oldest wanted to be Michael Jackson, Nick wanted to be a black spider, and Brendan wanted to be part of the pit crew of Nascar (seriously).  I really planed to make all of that happen, but then I remembered that I wanted them to be Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Alvin and the chipmunks

They are totally cool with that, but there is a problem.  Nick (my middle son) would be PERFECT as Alvin! But, my oldest wants to be Alvin because he thinks Alvin is cool.  So what do I do?  I planned to dress them as the original Alvin and the Chipmunks with the turtlenecks, but do you think the newer version would satisfy everyone?

alvin and chipmunks

alvin and chipmunks2

Call me old school, but I really like the Alvin and the Chipmunks that I grew up with

Alvin and the chipmunks


Stay tuned…. There might be some bribery going on around these parts.  My nephew’s costume party is tomorrow so I have to make a decision NOW!

What say you? Old school or new school?!



Remember the table and chairs in my kitchen?


The plan was to paint the table the color of my upper cabinets and then change out the chairs for the bentwood chairs

kitchen fabric 007

Before I started to paint the table, I remembered the table that I had planned to use in my bedroom

bedskirt 061

Could it work in my kitchen? There was only one way to find out!

kitchen table and bentwood chairs

It’s definitely smaller than the other table that was in there (about 10 inches smaller), but I think I like it better. It is large enough for four large plates which is perfect for the boys.  All of us rarely sit at the table in the kitchen together (we us the dinner table for that).


kitchen table and bentwood chairs4

I’m wondering if I should leave the base of the table “brass” or if I should spray it white? I’m leaning towards leaving it brass.  Also, finding the right fabric for the seats of the chairs in proving to be a challenge.  I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with.  Oh and as far as the cabinet hardware, I think brass is it! Now I just need to find some I like and order themSmile


I’M A WINNER!!!!!!!

Guys I am so excited right now.  I have already gotten one thing that I wanted for Christmas!


I am a fan of the of the H&HT Facebook page and they were hosting a giveaway in honor of their new fabulous clutches.  I am beyond thrilled right now.  I emailed the link from the H&HT website to my hubby to let him know what I wanted for Christmas and danggit I won one!! I guess now I can email him the link to their FAB gold and white chevron drawer linersWinking smile


Image of Terai- NEW!

I’ll also take two of their new candles for good measure!

For more info on on Karen and Hammocks and High Tea, you can read this post I wrote back in February on her or checkout her website here


Thanks again Karen! 


The other day while browsing through my blogroll, I came across a post written by Jenny from Little Green Notebook.  She mentioned using a campaign dresser in the kitchen and then shared this image

(images via)

I wasted no time doing a Google search for campaign style dressers in kitchens and the first one that I found belonged to Dave and Joi from Neustra Vida Dulce 


Shut the front door!!! How fab is that?!

Now I know that you’re probably wondering where I ‘m headed with this so let me explain.  I have a campaign dresser in my family room.  Remember the one I painted green?


Well I never told you something about this dresser.  The bottom two drawers are STUCK! Like in order to open them you’re going to hurt yourself! So I had planned to toss it out because I was so frustrated with the piece.  But after seeing them used in the kitchen, what do you think about this one being used in mine? I could paint it the shade of white used on my upper cabinets and I think it would be great for extra storage (the drawers that I can open).  BTW, the drawers aren’t stuck from me painting them, they were always hard to open.

I’m definitely going to give it some more thought and maybe even try it outSmile 

I have one more chair to paint and then I can show you the chairs.  Then I need to start on the table… and then I need to start on the gallery wall.  Oh, and THEN I need to start on a chalkboard project. Stay with me guys, I am a one woman show!

But seriously, what do you think about a dresser in the kitchen? Can be like a buffet, right? Let’s Discuss!




Just popping in to say that the chairs are looking great!

turquoise kitchen chairs

turqoiuse kitchen chairs

I wish my camera showed the true color of the paint.  They are a nice shade of turquoise.  I’m using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence.  If you remember, I used it on this dresser too!

cupcake buffet

Speaking of this dresser, how fabulous does this picture look?! Rachell of Moments of Happiness Designs wanted to style a few of my pieces to use for her site and I think she did a fabulous job!

chair with cupcake


See you back here on Monday hopefully with some finished chairs and the start of a kitchen gallery wallSmile



Morning peeps! The lack of posting this week came from the fact that I was still working in the kitchen.  I managed to finish the doors on the upper cabinets and now I’m moving on to the window treatments..

kitchen fabric 001

I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby months ago and it was deeply discounted! I have a little more than seven yards of it and only paid like $24! At the time, I had not a clue what I was going to do with it, but I loved the dusty blue and off-white stripes so I figured it would work somewhere in my home.

I have a double window in my kitchen with a white faux wood blind up (not a good look).

kitchen fabric 004

Because I’m going to have a few other painted projects in the room, I plan to install bamboo blinds to add a little warmth to the space. Speaking of other painted projects, I am prepping to paint my kitchen table and chairs

kitchen fabric 007

That table has definitely seen better days.  If you notice, I only have three chairs at the table right now which brings me to the chairs in the background.

kitchen fabric 006

I’m going to paint these and add some different fabric to the seats.

I’m actually headed to my kitchen now to do some work so I should have an update tomorrow.  Let me share a little side note with you on the projects that I’m doing around here.  I have accumulated so many things during all of my thrifting excursions that I plan to use as much of those items as possible.  I was out in my garage yesterday and was blown away by the amounts of fabric, frames, accessories, etc.. that I have just collecting dust.  I even have paint and primer that I I have never used! This is a low budget makeover and I am so happy about thatSmile

Here is a list of things I still need to do in the kitchen

paint table and chairs

add frames to wall above table and chairs

“make” and hang curtains

paint last cabinet in kitchen


change lights

find a rug

touch up banister/railing