I've been looking for ways to add more 'depth' to my blog. My day to day life is chalked full of things that I would love to share and get other parents point of views of. What I would like mostly to talk about is being a stay at home parent. I say parent and not mom because there are stay at home dads out there that I'm pretty sure experience some of the same things.

Before I go any further, allow me to share some background facts about my voyage to becoming a stay at home mom.

Found out I was pregnant.
Not sure what that meant as far as becoming a mom.
I knew I wasn't ready.
Never planned on having kids (especially at 21).
gave birth to my son in November.
Became overwhelmed quickly.
felt as if I had to protect him
Neglected myself
Neglected my husband
Friends neglected me

started to get the hang of things
went back to school
went back to work
decided i couldn't leave my son 5 days a week at his young age
became a stay at home mom when he was 7 months
found out I was pregnant.... AGAIN
Depression knocked at the door
I opened the door
Depression made itself at home
started to hate my life
resented my husband
and my kids
but, mostly myself for allowing this to happen
wanted to give up
felt alone
know one took me serious (about being depressed)
Started to doubt myself (about being depressed)
Stopped talking about being depressed (didn't want people to think I was crazy)
Became more depressed

Son was born
LOVED my son
HATED my life
still resented my husband and the fact that he still had his sanity and job
started taking online classes
that didn't work for long
resented my husband more for that

things were going well (thanks to a new found Friend)
planned a vow renewal with husband (yes the one I resented!)
had a REALLY nice vow renewal in July
Found out I was pregnant is August
By this time, I was already sure that my life was over anyway so whatever

purchased our home
use the house to clear my mind
painted kitchen red
painted cabinets white
painted powder room green
painted bedroom a creamy white
changed mind on bedroom color then went beige
gave birth to my third son (yes, after I painted those rooms)
planned a house warming party
Did I mention that I had 3 c-sections? oh, and gained a bunch of weight?
Anyway, had to prepare for house warming
painted some more

Things were going okay
became overwhelmed again
this time with taking care of a home, kids, and husband
started my blog
school was a no go

things are better!

If you are still reading this, I'm getting to the point now! I want to add little snippets of my life and my adventures of being a stay at home mom. I want to ask for advice from you guys from time to time. I started this blog as an outlet for me to possibly connect with other "ADULTS". the other day a friend asked me how I do it being a stay at home mom for almost 6 years to 3 children and still have my sanity. I honestly don't know how I've made it this far, but what I do now is I read a lot and it helps. For instance, right now I'm reading this book

I swear, I can relate to everything in this book. Really! It helps me to look at life and parenting differently. I realized that there are other moms that have gone or go through the SAME. EXACT. THINGS!

Now, about my husband, I'm reading this book

This book helped me to look at myself and by doing that I was able to see Tony differently. Our relationship has been so much better (and I'm the only one reading the book). Actually, this book has helped me with relationships in general.

Basically what I'm getting at here is do you mind if I squeeze in a few of my "life moments" on this here blog? I promise I will not talk about religion or politics. Just my crazy life of being a homebody!


I was not asked to give my opinions of these books. I am not being paid to do this AT ALL! I just wanted to share what has helped me.




You may have noticed that my posting have become a little scarce lately. I think the problem is the fact that I've been posting on my bedroom for over 3 months now. I don't know about you, but I'm bored with my bedroom! So, to keep things a little more interesting, I plan to switch up the topics for awhile until I find some more things for the room.

Do you remember this dresser?

It is the dresser that I originally purchased for my bedroom. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it and where to place it. Right now, it's sitting in my living room, where I think it may stay (unless I decide to put it in my bedroom!).

Over the weekend, I decided to start painting it. I chose Rustoleums Heirloom White because I figured it would work in another space if I decided to put it somewhere else

And for some reason, I feel the need to highlight the 'etched' part of the drawers

Hmm... Maybe with this?


Or maybe with a color? I don't know. What do you think?



The other day I asked you guys if you do any spring cleaning. Your answers didn't surprise me that many of you do. One answer stuck out to me though. Basically the comment was that they don't spring clean because they keep their home clean throughout the year so that they don't have to bring down such a happy season. That comment got me to thinking. Why do we spring clean every year? Why don't we limit ourselves to only what we need and not what we think we need or have to have because of the price?

To be honest I don't like to clean. When I say don't like to clean, I mean going through my piles of things that I "had to have". My husband asks me all of the time "Lakeitha, do you REALLY need that?". And EVERY time I answer "YES"! Well, this is what happens to the things that I REALLY need

It just piles up on one side of the garage. And really, that's not all of it! My husband calls me a hoarder. I call myself a "bargain shopper". But then I had to answer this question: How is it a bargain if you don't NEED it? That question got me thinking. Then I started to wonder how much other stuff I have in my home that I don't need that I had to have because I thought it was a bargain.

With all of that said, I am going into "Spring Cleaning Frenzy Mode". I plan to go through all of my closets (linen closet, laundry closet, bedroom closets, etc), and the garage and get rid of things that are not needed. And with my next project in mind, I may attempt to do something that I am scared to do. Have a garage sale. I usually donate things that I don't want, but if I have a garage sale, I can use the money to help pay for my laundry closet makeover. Anything that does not sale will be donated to Goodwill.

So, what about you? Do you collect things because of the unbelievable prices (Target's clearance)? Do you have a Goodwill addiction and every time you pass one, you have to run inside to see what they have? Or, do you only buy what you need and is as organized as Martha?!




I told you that my bedroom had a black and gold ceiling fan right? Just in case I have not shown it to you or you can't imagine a black and gold ceiling fan, take a look at this

Need a closer look?

Yup, that's what I get to see first thing every morning. Yesterday that all changed. Friday I received my chandelier and Tony (the husband!) installed it yesterday with my supervision!

So much better! And for some reason while installing the fixture, he kept saying to himself "this was not my idea. This was not my idea." I wonder why?!




Remember this mirror from last week?

I was able to give it a little makeover this past weekend. First I taped it off with my handy dandy frog tape

Then I primed it with my Kilz primer I had left over from another project

After the primer dried, I was able to paint the mirror this beautiful turquoise (Drizzle by Sherwin Williams)

Check back tomorrow to see it hung in my bedroom!




I've had this color palette in my head for a while. Excuse me while I dump it out!

If it was used in a room, I'm pretty sure it would look like this

Room designed by Palmer Weiss



I've been very busy this week around the house. Mostly trying to figure out what my next projects are and preparing for my spring cleaning session. Also, the boys have been "demanding" more of my attention. And with the great weather we were having, I was able to give them plenty of it:

From going to the Tennessee Aquarium

To lunch at Benihana

And a picnic at the park (Don't have the pictures yet).

I believe I can get back to blogging now!

But, before the week is over, I want to update you on the Master Bedroom.

So far, I've ordered the chandelier

Purchased "another" mirror

And received heads up on a chair that may work in the room (Thanks Dayka!)

My "to do" list for this weekend includes:

Refinishing the mirror (Prime and paint)

remove fabric from the chair

sand and prime chair

possibly paint chair

With all that said, I have two questions for you. Where do you get dressed (bathroom or bedroom), and Do you spring clean?




If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you may remember when I was planning to paint my kitchen cabinets black. I like black kitchen cabinets, but many people did not see my vision.

Nice right?! Do you think that I can pull it off? Or should I stick to white? Or, should I get back to work on my bedroom and stop getting sidetracked? Let me know!

Want to see more of this kitchen like the before and during stages? Well, head over to Anything Pretty and meet Jenny and all of her DIY awesomeness!




After a while, you guys are gonna totally think I'm nuts. No, seriously. How often do I get sidetracked by something and then go in a different direction? Here is my latest craze:

Brown & Yellow


I'm really crushing on this color combo for my bedroom "right now". I don't know if it's my new blog design (thanks Erika!), Dayka's first mood board for my bedroom (thanks Dayka), or this photo that I took after trying to see if the chairs I purchased awhile back would work in my bedroom (scale not as is!).

What are your thoughts on brown and yellow (mustard yellow)? Is it hot or not? And, is my constant changing/ sidetracking normal? I mean really, what happened to my brown and blue obsession?





Happy birthday to my sweet little Nick!

Some say he is my twin

But, I think he looks more like my dad!

see what I mean?!

He is a great little brother...

And a protective yet jealous big brother...

I guess he is ready to be a man because he always figures out a way to have facial hair (beard)

Here is his mustache...

I personally would love for him to stay my little truck and car loving Mommas boy Nick!

Sorry for the long tear jerker of a post! My baby is turning 4 and he is so excited, but I'm a little sad! Do you ever wish that your babies didn't have to grow up? I think it's the independence that's hurting the most. I'm starting to get the I got it mom. I know how to do it mom. And less of the help me mommy!

Have a great day!