Why is the fiddle leaf fig so awesome?!?! I hope it doesn't become one of those things that people are already starting to be over. For now, I'm totally loving mine!

I found this one at Home Depot and it was actually the smallest one they had. They are $35 even for the trees that were as tall and taller than me! Go get ya one:-)




Hey guys! Popping in to share a few very recent Target finds with you. There are some really nice pieces being added to the shelves and just in case you haven't seen any of it, I got you covered!

I'm in love with this gold python tray. They actually have a collection with python print.

This acrylic and gold lamp is everything! I want it. I NEED it! But I have nowhere to put it:(

Gold base and tray top table? Yes please! Could possibly be a cute little bar cart. It's too short for that in my home, but I'm sure someone will make it work!

These little figurines are part of the Nate Berkus line. Super cute, too! They're large and are 12.99 I think.
Agate slice top table? Yep! And this picture does not do this table any justice!



Though I really want the agate table, I don't have a use for it. But, they do have agate slice coasters for $9.99 for 4. I think I'll get 2 sets and call it a day! Oddly enough I didn't get a picture:-/


Here are a few pics snapped by my peeps on Instagram... 2pk of chairs for $99? Oh hell yes! I wonder the quality? Can't be that bad, right?

And the stools to match!

Target is slaying us right now! I hate I didn't see the chairs and stools at my target. I would have grabbed a set (or 2!). I did grab that gold tray though lol!

This is not how it will be used. I only did that to show the size to someone.


So have you been to Target lately?


Ps, Target is not paying me! Y'all know I'm just the crazy Target lady:-)