Dandelions Growing in my Living Room!!

I've just found the most amazing thing while visiting kimba's blog. She talked about Lewas Designs, where you can purchase the most adorable vinyl wall art I've seen in a long time. The best part about these is the fact that they are inexpensive! My personal favorites are the little birds in the tree and the dandelion that can be made for your car window or a big one for your home. Who would have thought that a dandelion (something that I hate to see in my yard) would look so nice on a wall in your home. I love love love this site and I hope that you guys check it out and see for yourself!

here are some phots of my favorites and more...

pictures from Lewas Designs


My View.....Is it time for a LUAU?

Here is a peek at my hubby doing some ever-so-needed lawn work! If he knew I was putting him on my blog he would have a fit. Oh well, he doesn't read it anyway!


So I've completed 85% of the room and if I can just figure out what I need for the remaining 15%! I need to either paint the table and chairs that are in there now or buy new ones all together. I need to take down the closet doors for more room in the space, but I don't know what to do with the inside of the closet. I need window treatments, but don't know what color fabric to buy. I'm starting to not know anything about this room anymore since this color has moved in and convinced my kids that it does not have to leave! Well as soon as I get the 15% for the room I'll post it. Until then, here are some pictures of whats in the room now. Any suggestions?



In my last post I said that the paint color I chose for the boys play room was Flyway by Sherwin Williams. When I got to the store, I picked something different (dynamic blue). And let me tell you that sunglasses are a must when you walk in this room! I can't blieve how bright this room is. My kids love it but I'm not so sure I'm going to keep it for long. I can't deal with walking upstairs and seeing a reflection from those walls on the room door. So take a look and let me know what you think. (the room is not finished)


Play room progress

The walls have been primed and now they are ready for paint! I also found some letters at micheals that I'm thinking about painting and hanging them in the room. Also I made some art for the walls with some old flash cards I had and some card stock and frames I got from Target a while back. Did I ever tell you that Target is my home away from home? Its like having a summer home that you go to on a vacation to get away from everyday life. The only difference is I visit my vacation home at least 3 times a week! Okay back to this playroom (I'll share with you my reasons for loving Target another time!), The paint will go up probably Tuesday. I picked Flyway 6794 by Sherwin Williams its a pretty playful blue that will coordinate well with the lime greens, reds, and yellows that will be used in the room. Next post (I think!) I'm going to list everthing a DIYer (do-it-yourself-er) need to have on hand at all times.

playroom checklist:

Storage- got it
prime- did it
easel- on its way from walmart.com
window treatment- no idea
idea for closet- none!
how this is going to turn out- not a clue
will my boys love it- probably will
will my house stay clean for now on- doubt it
wondering why I'm doing a playroom in the first place- thinking about it now
is ther still time for a room for me(ONLY)- yes (hmmm!)


Once you go black you'll never go back..... OR WILL YOU!!!!

Okay here's the scoop, I painted my kitchen cabinets white with the thought of having a nice bright and airy kitchen. Then my sister-in-law and I, once again, was having a discussion about her bathroom and to go with black cabinets or a black vanity. So when I got on my blog today I saw an update from Melissa over at granville house that had posted an answer for someone who asked her about being scared about painting her bathroom cabinets black. Then at the end of her post she added a link to Emily over at www.chattingatthesky.com where she posted her cabinets that were painted black. After seeing that I was convinced that I am supposed to have black kitchen cabinets! Well at least I'm going to give it a try. That will be another re-design for me and good inspirations for you:-) until then here are a couple of pics I found for more pressure on me to start this re-design

pictures found on google images online


The Itso organization system will be perfect for the boys playroom. I had been reading the reviews on Target's website for a while and while I was out with my mom I showed them to her and she insisted on getting them for the boys! They come in plastic (these here), and laminate in oak and espresso. Whats great is you have the ability to customize them any way you like. So going down the check list for the playroom I can now check off storage! next will be the paint color.


This is why I'm evicting them!

See if you can catch the litte one sneeking around the sofa so he can crash there house that they are building!! Cute yes acceptable NO!! I can't keep cleaning this up. Can you guess who was helping them make this mess (if you guessed their dad you guessed right!!).

Have you been shopping today?!

today I got up and went to my garage. Why? well to shop of course!! Do you know what you have in your garage or closets or attics? You may be suprised as to what you may find. Its like going to a sale on things that have been tossed aside because either you didn't need it in a room anymore or you purchased it and then changed your mind about it and never got around to taking it back. Well let me tell you this: ANYTHING CAN BE TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING NEW!! You can paint anything even plastic (YES YOU CAN!!). I have old art that don't match my style any more, but the frames are perfect so what am I going to do??? you guessed it! take that picture out and put a new one in. And if you don't like the color or finsh on it PAINT IT!! These days you have to work with what you have first because it saves money for other things that you might not have yet.

And as for my boys play room look at all the goodies I already have (jealous?). So now I know what I need to spend money on and what not to. I have 3 of those blue cart thingys , 4 of those red crates (great storage), a white shelf, chalk board, cork board, 12 white picture frames that can display something (art?), 2 green totes, 2 blue baskets, 3 of those big red canvas totes, and 3 of the short red canvas totes (Its like getting paid to shop!). And my husband says I waste money!!


All adult living room (before and after)

The room is still a work in progress. I have to find some type of art, a floor lamp, rug and I'm so in love with my sis-in-law new floors that I'm putting laminate floors down soon as dad to three duncan boys give me the money!!

Have a Drink on Me.....

Its sunday and last night was an eventful night! I joined my sis-in-law at a party in honor of her brothers 45th Birthday. well things went okay but I think it will be the last time she is invited to that house (lol)!!! So today She can have all the S. Pellegrino she wants and its all on me! Love Ya


3 Duncan Boys playrooom Redesign (BEFORE PHOTO)

In this room I plan to keep the brown walls, but enhance them with lots of bright colors. I have to bring in storage for toys & art supplies, seating and a table. I need a wall for art work (by the boys) and for art brought into the room. The closet will be used to store things so I'm thinking about removing the doors, putting up a tension rod and adding drapes in a kid friendly fabric. The goal for this room is to stimulate my boys brain so much that they will never want to leave it!!

Stool or Bench I Love them Both

Love seating at the foot of the bed. It also adds an extra layer to the room.

pictures found on www.housebeautiful.com

The first place everyone goes....

It is said that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. So why wouldn't we want the first place we go after we get out of the bed to be here

or here

or here

or maybe here

If I had one of these baths I wouldn't care how my home look!! These kids can have toys everywhere for all I care!