Have you been shopping today?!

today I got up and went to my garage. Why? well to shop of course!! Do you know what you have in your garage or closets or attics? You may be suprised as to what you may find. Its like going to a sale on things that have been tossed aside because either you didn't need it in a room anymore or you purchased it and then changed your mind about it and never got around to taking it back. Well let me tell you this: ANYTHING CAN BE TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING NEW!! You can paint anything even plastic (YES YOU CAN!!). I have old art that don't match my style any more, but the frames are perfect so what am I going to do??? you guessed it! take that picture out and put a new one in. And if you don't like the color or finsh on it PAINT IT!! These days you have to work with what you have first because it saves money for other things that you might not have yet.

And as for my boys play room look at all the goodies I already have (jealous?). So now I know what I need to spend money on and what not to. I have 3 of those blue cart thingys , 4 of those red crates (great storage), a white shelf, chalk board, cork board, 12 white picture frames that can display something (art?), 2 green totes, 2 blue baskets, 3 of those big red canvas totes, and 3 of the short red canvas totes (Its like getting paid to shop!). And my husband says I waste money!!

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