This is why I'm evicting them!

See if you can catch the litte one sneeking around the sofa so he can crash there house that they are building!! Cute yes acceptable NO!! I can't keep cleaning this up. Can you guess who was helping them make this mess (if you guessed their dad you guessed right!!).


Sharon said...

girl, put some clothes on those boys, LOL --I do the same thing with Chandler...:)

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Hi, I found your blog from mysweetsavannah. Your kids are cute! I know what you mean about the couch cushions though. When our boys(10 & 12) were little, they and their 3 cousins would use all the couch and chair cushions to make forts. Then they used blankets over the dining table and chairs to make bigger forts. Getting them to help with the tidy up wasn't always easy either. Enjoy, they will soon outgrow this.