Summer vacation is in full swing around these parts.  I think I’m going to take a little time to be lazy and enjoy the boys.  We are already looking forward to Madagascar 3, the newly opened Lego Land, a picnic at Stone Mountain Park (and maybe staying a few days), and hitting the road to site see. If I do decide to do a few projects here and there within the next two weeks, I’ll definitely update you!

Here are just a few of my favorite things at the momentSmile








Enjoy yourself and be safe this weekend!



Yesterday my husband and I were talking about how the kitchen was coming along and how different it looks compared to when we first moved in.  Somehow the conversation got to how I never painted behind the back of the refrigerator.  He called me a slacker (Mind you, I’ve painted every room in the house). I was telling him how hard it was to pull out the fridge and and push it back.  So he pulled it out to see what I was talking about and guess what we saw

behind the fridge 

Ewwwww…. What the what??? What in the heck is all of that? And then I took a closer look.


My refrigerator has been leaking!!!! Do you see the rust and water stain and mold? Its totally gross back there.  But what do I do about that? Do I call my insurance agent?  I don’t even know how long this has been going onSad smile  All I know is that its nasty and after cleaning up the area, you can clearly see that there is some damage to the floor underneath (subfloor) and baseboards.  Ugh…the joys of homeownership.


In other news, I got a new dishwasher!





I’m getting closer to a prettier kitchen minus the mess behind and under the refrigerator.






I received an email today from a reader and depending on my mood, it could have easily put me in a slumper.  Instead, she inspired me! For the past few weeks I have neglected my kitchen.  Remember the curtains I “made” using some fabric I already had on hand?


I never really liked it hanging up there and after my son stepped on it for the second time and causing them to fall, I took them down and didn’t think anything else of it.  And then I started with the butcher block.

Well, after that email I mentioned earlier, I remembered the tablecloths I purchased from Target about a year ago to make “short” drapes with.




I haven’t cut them, yet.  But I already love them A LOT better than what I had up there previously.  Why did I wait so long?  Why didn’t I hang them in the first place???

And since I forgot to update you on the butcher block, here’s a peek at it too!




I’d say the kitchen is coming together quite nicely. What do you think?


I’ve been thinking a lot about furniture for my home.  For instance, in my family room, I want a white slipcovered sofa.  Am I nuts??? I have three BOYS for goodness sake.

Pinned Image

Dreamy Whites

My husband would seriously think that I’ve gone off the deep end (and understandably so).  My boys ruin everything.  No matter how much we talk to them.  No matter how many rules we make for the house, they find some sort of way to mess things up.

Pinned Image

Apartment Therapy

But wouldn’t my life be a little easier with a white slipcovered sofa?  If it gets dirty, I can remove the cover and wash it.  Or I could simply spot clean it if need be.

Pinned Image

Apartment Therapy

And with IKEA’s EKTORP sofa being only $399, that’s not a huge investment, right?  Even if I replaced the slipcover every month it’s only $49.  I eat that a monthSmile

Pinned Image

Canadian House & Home

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Sherry Hart via BHG

I don’t know y’all,  I think I’m sold already.  BUT AM I CA RA ZAY?!?!?!



I found these outdoor pillows at JCPenney today for $7 each and thought they would be perfect in my living room.  Who says outdoor pillows are only for outdoors?!

Happy Sunday!




Do you guys watch the Nate Berkus show?  I have to admit that I never have a chance to catch it and I don’t have TiVo so if I do see an episode or shall I say clip from the show, its usually on his website. 

I was on Pinterest this morning and came across a dining room and when I clicked on the source, it took me to the Nate Show website.  Of course I got to clicking through the site and I came across this clip about Nate showing a guest how to decorate a space with $30 a week.  What the smurf?!?! I can do that!!! And I think if I did it this way, I can actually complete my family room! AND I think that if my husband sees me putting the room together slowly but surely, he’ll pitch in and add the flatscreen and new carpet. 


Did you watch the clip? Come on, click on the clip. I’ll wait


Ok, see what I’m talking about?  I bet we all can do this for at least one room in our house, right??? Because many of the pieces I want for my living room are from Ikea, this plan is PERFECT for my family room.  Shoot, it would even work for my bedroom and the boys room.  What about a Master bathroom? This may be the way I decorate for now on! And because I am a DIY’er, I’m sure it would take me no time because everything won’t have to be new!  Now it’s just a matter of staying focused.  Y’all know I bounce around a bit (ok, A LOT!!). 

So do you think you can put a room together on $30 a week?  Who’s down for a challenge? That would be FUN!

Happy Saturday guys!



So the boys have four days left of school which means I need to seriously get my fanny in gear if I want to have anything completed around here before summer break is in full swing.  Here are a few things I want to have completed by next Thursday (or at least Friday!)

end tables

I pulled two of these out of my “stash” in the garage.  I’m hoping to squeeze these babies in at the end of my sofa.  So far, I ‘m thinking that may be a stretch, but we’ll see.  If not I may go for these

etc 036

As far as paint is concerned (because aren’t you concerned about the color?!), I’m thinking one of these colors would work

color samples from lowes

I’m leaning towards the navy myselfSmile 


(hazy iPhone pic)

And while we’re at paint, have any of you had the chance to check out Lowes new display of their paint samples?  Cute if you ask me!

The colors that I’m working with for my living room are in this pillow

chiang mai dragon pillows

I may or may not have gotten two of them in the mail the other dayWinking smile

Oh and have you seen the shops at Target? I’m loving The Privet House collection to pieces! I snagged some of the salad plates for the dining room.  Again, they had to coordinate with the fabric!

privet house for target plates

And last but definitely not least, I picked up some numbers for my door

door numbers

They’re brass and they will look FAB-U-LOUS against my door!

coral door2


Do you see where I’m going with all of this? I hope so because I sure don’tSmile

If you don’t hear from me soon, Tweet me, Facebook me, or check instagram for updatesWinking smile



One of my favorite articles from the latest issue of House of Fifty Magazine is the article titled ‘Does Your Décor Tell Your age?’ written by Valerie Hart


In the article, Valerie mentioned how she shared a picture of her living room and a blogging friend of hers thought she was a “young 30-something chick”.  I found that to be quite interesting.  It made me look around my home and think about other spaces I’m drawn to.  Does my home tell my age?  Is it hip or mature?  I would like to think that it’s a combination of the two. 

Another part of the article that made me think about how I decorate my home AND how I think about myself being a young mother was a quote from Diane von Furstenberg.  She said “When I was young, I lived like an old woman, and when I was old, I had to live like a young person”.  I always think that because I have children I have to be more of a conservative woman.  I often see homes of other women my age without children and wish my home could be as chic as theirs.  I mean seriously, they don’t have to worry about juice mishaps and crayon wall art.  I also struggle with what’s appropriate in a home with children.  Like a bar


or a cream sofa

fall living room1

Although I do have children, I hope that the way I decorate my home allows even a smidge of my youth to shine through.  I also hope that I don’t allow my age to determine how I decorate my home later in life.  It’s not about trying to hold on to being young, but rather not allowing your age determine how hip you can be. 



Be sure to check out the article in House of Fifty.  It really is a good readSmile



Do you think its possible to be overly inspired?  Ever since joining Pinterest, I’ve been a pinning fool! Who knew there were so many pretty things out there?!

 Pinned Image


I think I’ve gotten more addicted to “pinning” than I have to blog reading.  Is there a such thing as being inspired too much?  I mean seriously, do you ever look at your boards and think you’re all over the place?

Pinned Image



I have recently started saying that Pinterest is the site with all of the ideas, but when you log out, you’re left with none.

Pinned Image


I know you know the saying that there is nothing new.  Sometimes I wonder how can there be when we are constantly inspired by something or someone else?  Please note that I am not saying is wrong to be inspired by something someone has done.  But if everything we do comes from that kind of inspiration, where is our own creativity coming from?  I’ve even seen how some companies have been inspired by bloggers to do things in their catalogues. 

Pinned Image


I’ve been feeling uninspired BIG TIME, lately.  What I’ve realized that works for me stepping away from the computer for days.  It helps me to get my mojo back! I’m a lover of good design, but when I see too much of it, I tend to doubt my own design and ideas.  I will do away with projects that I’ve started just to start something that I’ve recently been inspired by.

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Please tell me I’m not the only one that experiences inspiration overload?!



Well, not really.  But it’s a color I’m currently digging right now! Not only is it gracing my nails at the moment, but I darkened it up a tad and used it in my home.  Can you spy where?!

coral door1

I’m currently sprucing up the living room and I felt like it desperately needed a dose of color. 

coral door2

And I know what you're thinking.  And yes, once the door is closed, you can’t see that color.  Well, that’s why I’m painting the back, too!

back door 

Oh and I can’t stop looking at my “before and after” chair

before and after chair2 

I love it so much!

Today was Field Day for my boys and I was there all day.  So much fun, I tell you!

Soooo…. Are you digging coral?!?!