Yesterday my husband and I were talking about how the kitchen was coming along and how different it looks compared to when we first moved in.  Somehow the conversation got to how I never painted behind the back of the refrigerator.  He called me a slacker (Mind you, I’ve painted every room in the house). I was telling him how hard it was to pull out the fridge and and push it back.  So he pulled it out to see what I was talking about and guess what we saw

behind the fridge 

Ewwwww…. What the what??? What in the heck is all of that? And then I took a closer look.


My refrigerator has been leaking!!!! Do you see the rust and water stain and mold? Its totally gross back there.  But what do I do about that? Do I call my insurance agent?  I don’t even know how long this has been going onSad smile  All I know is that its nasty and after cleaning up the area, you can clearly see that there is some damage to the floor underneath (subfloor) and baseboards.  Ugh…the joys of homeownership.


In other news, I got a new dishwasher!





I’m getting closer to a prettier kitchen minus the mess behind and under the refrigerator.





Tonia B. said...

Have you pulled the linoleum back to see what the floor look like underneath?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh...you should see behind ours....makes yours look perfectly pristine! sigh.

Shelby@Perfectly Imperfect said...

There is a ton of dog hair under mine!! I dug a piece of paper that slid under there out just last week and the dog hair that came out with it made me gag. Good thing I love that dog! ;) Congrats on the new dishwasher!!

Mrs. Chic said...

LOVE LOVE your new dishwasher that's the same style I want, hidden controls! :)

For sure call your insurance company, way back in the day 9not to freak you out) my parents fridge waterline to the ice maker burst and our WHOLE house flooded, we had to get all new carpet, wood floors. My parents were upset, but in the end they were able to 'upgrade carpet and wood floors' so they ended up happier

Mrs. Sutton said...

Poor you - happy scrubbing! But at least you got a new dishwasher!
Paula x

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