Okay so maybe the title of this post wasn't so funny, but I am having a set back when it comes to decorating my mantel. I had this idea for the mantel, but once I finished I was like...Ummm, NO! There are so many inspirations out there that I'm stumped on what I really want. So here is take 1 on my Christmas mantel (for the boys). I feel a take 2 and 3 coming on...

Have you decorated your mantel? How do you like it?



My living room usually look like this through out the year

But now that the holidays are here (and I had to pull out my mammoth of a tree), I had to rearrange the space to accommodate the new decor

(It's not that big of a change since the room is the size of most walk-in closets!)

For my coffee table, I decided to try out a whimsical centerpiece that consist of branches from my backyard and some ornaments. I plan to spray paint the branches heirloom white when I have a chance.

The end table that usually consist of these pieces

Is now home to my favorite holiday find...glass reindeer's from the dollar tree

A simple throw and a few good magazines is the perfect addition to the room for some relaxation on the sofa and quiet time away from the kids

That's my living room decorated for the holidays. Have you started decorating? What small or big changes have you made in your home?

Stay tuned because there is more to come!

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Since deciding to stay home with the kids, I'm able to take part in one of my favorite days of the year (besides Christmas)....BLACK FRIDAY!

Although the crowd was not like this

It was a fun morning. And because I arrived 10 minutes after Target opened, I was stuck with the BIG cart that you usually plead with your kids to NOT want to ride in.

I didn't get any pictures while in the store because you know, when you're in the store you're in the moment! I was able to grab a few shots of the cart prior to packing the items into my car

And who braved the early morning rush with me? My mom of course. Who by the way, was uncomfortable with me taking this picture since she was wearing her Black Friday attire

And I had to mention this:

My sister-in-law told me that she had no reason to get up this morning to shop. She said that she really didn't need any of the items out there. That's fine, but why when I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail I had a shopping list from her?
*First Act Electronic Drum Set $35
*New Bright Radio Control Hummer $12.50
*R/C Micro Terrain Titans $10
*Play-Doh $7.00
*Oster $15

~First two images found via google image search black friday~



Here are a few snap shots of my Christmas tree just to get you in the holiday spirit!

Thanks PK for the cluster tip for the ornaments!

Now, lets get those trees up!

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As always I'm thankful for family, friends, and health....

(My brother-in-law and my son Brendan)

But this year, I am so excitedly grateful for you. My blog friends! I hope all you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Oh and I'll be up at about 3:30am getting ready for my shopping extravaganza!!! But for what? I don't even have a clue! I just like the crowd!



Part of my christmas gift this year for my three boys will be a new playroom. The playroom that they have now is alright, but I think that I could have done better.

Here is a sneak peak at what items will be included in the redesign

(not the crib, but the wall decal)

Now all I have to do is pick a non-blinding color for the walls!

What do you think?

Images are from Land of Nod and Ikea



The other day I mentioned my ornament wreath and how I moved on to another project because I was burned pretty bad in the process of gluing the little hook thingy to the ornament

At that time, I was making the wreath that will be used in my family room for the boys Christmas decor. While catching up on new posts in my dashboard, I saw more ornament wreaths being made and was like what? Are you kidding me? I. MUST. FINISH. MY. WREATH. NOW!!!

This is Carolyn's wreath from My Backyard Eden

This is Sarah's wreath from Thrifty Decor Chick

So I went down stairs and got to work, but then I was sidetracked by the pretty ornaments I found at the Dollar Tree over the weekend

They look silver in this picture, but they are like a pearl/blue/pretty color! They came nine in a pack for a dollar and I purchased all four packs they had!

This project is so easy even a cave man can do it (can I say that without getting in trouble)!!!

Tools Needed:
*Ornaments-amount depends on the size of the ornaments used
*Glue gun-possibly a low temp gun if you have one!
*a wire hanger

First step is to secure the tips of your ornaments with the hot glue

Then you will need to shape your wire hanger into a circle (the best you can)

***Shape the hanger prior to untwisting the top of it***

Then you will untwist the top of the hanger and start stringing your ornaments....EASY PEASY!

After all of that you will end up with this

Oh sorry, that's Eddie Ross wreath! For another tutorial go to his page

Here is mine

I planned to do a pretty ribbon and purchased this wire ribbon thinking it would be nice. Well, not so much! I think I'm just going get the kind Eddie used and be done. I'm also not settled on the place to hang this wreath. The ornaments I used are German Glass and the box says to keep dry and away from moisture so my door is not a good candidate.

What do you think?!?!

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Last year I didn't do the BEST job of decorating my fireplace mantel

But this year, I have high hopes that my fireplace will make a statement!

I found these stockings at Target the other day.

I also found stocking holders at Target similar to these from Pottery Barn. The difference is price. While these are nice and engravable they also are $19 each. Whereas Target have them in a 2pk for $7.99!!

Now if I can find the perfect garland. Have any of you used live garland before? I think that may be my best bet because I havent seen artificial garland that is thick enough for what I imagine for the fire place.

And on a different note, Today is my oldest son's birthday!

I remember when I brought him home 5 years ago. Scared, excited, nervous, and blessed are a few of the emotions that I was filled with on that day. I appriciate all of the things I've learned from him! And I enjoy watching him show me all of the things that I've taught him! So tomorrow we will celebrate and the only decor I will be focusing on is everything that has this logo!

Have a great weekend!