Okay this is soooo crazy! Random.org chose #14 Mother of vein of Galen Survivor. Now I'm pretty sure you've seen her weird comments on my blog. This is actually my sister-in-law. My crazy, blog addicted sister-in-law. This was her comment for the giveaway:

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

I'm in! I love them! But first, let me tell you why I deserve to win. Because I'm collecting Crystal and Glassware. And I have thrown out everything in the cabinet, that is NOT! So NO need to mail them, I'll come get my giveaway! SPEECH: I want to thank all my Fellow BLOGGERS, i.e Janell & TamStyle for their on-going inspiration! Chow!

Yeah she is just that kind of person! Anyway Deitra you won so I guess you'll be driving over to get your containers...

BTW, I have my pantry post coming after this one and another giveaway!


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Oh, I am so mad! :)

Funny, hey, just think of the shipping costs you are saving? Everytime I have a giveaway I send an email out to all my friends and neighbors urging them to enter so I can save on shipping costs, never works!!

Have a great one...Janell

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Janell! I WON I WON! Therefore, I will be posting first. But first on a serious note, let me tell you what the BLOG community mean to Lakeitha, it is truly her connection to real life without my gorgeous nephew! And I THANK GOD for each of you who play such an important role in her life. And for me, I have a BLOG as well, but it's not for HOME DECOR, because I'm not good enough to do that! But my BLOG has given me a gateway to release my fears and thoughts about my son. And I hope you'll check me out one day! And thank you to my very Best Friend (yes I can say that!)for educating me on how to decorate my house. It's truly a gift that ALL of you have and I admire your BLOGS so much!

My BLOG is http://veinofgalenmother.blogspot.com/

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...


Symone's Mommy said...

Aw, man...what a racket! ;)

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

OMGOSH, your sister is a riot!!!! Can I borrow her for a while? I wish I still lived in Georgia. ;-)


Lana said...

I lived in Georgia can i borrow your funny sister too?. ( Just Kidding)
I love checking your blog everyday and one of the highlight and looking forward as well is how Janell and your sister do the comment race..Very Funny!

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