Do you remember the colors I chose for the house? If not here is a mock up of the colors (not my house):

Well as you can see, the house in the mock up does not have garage doors that are visible. My house on the other hand does. So my question is: Should my garage doors be the same color as the shutters or the same color as the trim? Please help even if you've never commented before! I NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!

Oh and I AM working on the pantry as I type so here is a quick look at the color:

Can you tell it's been painted? Yeah me either! The color is Subtle Taupe by Valspar. It's a soft taupe/gray/boring color . We'll talk more about that later.

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Anonymous said...

I would make the doors the same color as the trim. The darker color draws to much attention to them.

Anna Renee said...

Hi Lakeitha! I'm not a designer or anything like that. My humble opinion is: Why not have the garage doors the same color as the house? Just for the continuity. Then maybe you can use either shutter or trim color as a highlight around the edges of the garage door or something?

Anonymous said...

Same color as the trim, always. I like the colors you chose!

Anonymous said...

I think you should paint the doors the same color as the house if you want them to blend in, and paint them the color of the trim if you want them to pop. I think the color of the trim would be really nice. That's my pick.

Jacquelin said...

I say same color as the house too. My current house and my previous house in WA both have the doors painted the same color as the house. Hope this helps!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Okay... I am not Martha ;-) I think the dark color really pops and with the shutters up it would be pretty. If you want the doors to really makea statement.

Now, if you prefer continuity go with the house color for the doors and the trim around the doors the same color as the shutters. (This is how our house is)

Wow...I am not really much help. LOL For some reason I really like the division the darker doors make between the two floors. But, I am not, nor will I ever be known for my decorating advice.



Dayka said...

I have my doors painted the same color as my trim, and I don't really like it. I've noticed other people's homes in my neighborhood, and most of their garage's are painted the same color as the house. The house was painted when I moved in, but when I repaint I'm going to have it (only one door) done the same color as the house itself. If you don't want to go that route, I would say go the color of the shutters.

Anonymous said...

It depends on whether you want your garage doors seen or not. If you want them to recede into the house, paint them the same color as your house. If you want people to notice them, paint them the same color as either the trim or shutters.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I agree with the first part of the last comment, it depends if you want the doors to pop or to receed. Having said that, I personally would not paint them the same color as the shutters, so then am torn between painting them the trim color or the body color.

Now that I've put my thoughts down, I would lean towards painting them the trim color, otherwise this entire side of your house will be one color with very little definition.

That was rambling, hope you can follow my train of thought and reasoning.

Too funny, your comment on my post today. Had to head right over here and see how our minds were working along the same direction today!!

Mrs. Chic said...

Hi there -- If you wan the Garage doors to pop, then leave as is.

However if you want the garge to blend with your house I would paint them the same as your house or trim color.

We just painted our house 4 months ago, and went with a white garage door www.chiclittlehouse.blogspot.com - it flowes well with our style house. Our house color is gray, with white and black accents.

Personally - I dont like your garage doors that color, it takes away from your entrance. So sorry to ramble on...

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

It's nice either way, but I'd prefer the garage to be the same color of the house. It definitely brings attention the house, being a different color and all. But when the shutters are back on the house, it might flow better. But check out some new development and see. Because you being Picasso and all, you can simply repaint the gargage if need be. I know you have enough paint!

Dayka said...

I'm scared of you-you go all the way to Alpharetta for Home Goods? I've been to the one on Piedmont & in Dunwoody, but I never go to the one in Alpharetta. I imagine the stuff up there must be good! I found those lamps at the one on Piedmont.

Ariyal said...

Hi, I'm going with the trim because it would give the perfect balance of color to your house since it's so neutral now. I do love your main color. Great pick. Hope we're all helping :)

Southern Aspirations said...

I vote for the trim color! I think it's the lighter- and I personally think that would look best. My second would be same as the house for the blending-in reason, but a little 'pop' could be good. Good luck!

AnneLoyd said...

I think it would look fine to match with the shutters but I personally would go for matching it to the trim.

I think the doors may stand out too much and would take attention away from your shutters.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Good Morning Lithonia,
Catching up on my blogs from yesterday..I would match the color of the shutters. Are you going to have some trim around the garage doors? And one suggestion..I would close up the treads of the stairs with some wood, paint the risers out and stain the stairs and porch (easier maintenance than painted flooring) Just my 2 cents
Enjoy your day

adventures of a 1st time mom said...

whats up girl...i am so late but i think the doors should be brown...you know me i like to stand out and away from others and the norm...hope you get what i am sayin...goooodddd luck!!!

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