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When I asked what to do about the alarm box most if not all of you suggested working around it. Latasha suggested using Mod Podge and scrapbook paper so I gave it a try.

Here is the beast before I covered it up

And here it is after I mod podged the scrapbook paper over it

These are the materials I used (and scissors not shown)

This project is so easy that I didn't even think to take pictures as I did it. It took about 5 minutes to do (if you are familiar with using mod podge) and 7 minutes if you're not! I basically dipped my brush into the bottle and brushed the mod podge on the box. Make sure you move quickly with applying the paper because this stuff dries fast! I used about two sheets of the paper and I let it dry. I didn't feel the need to go over the top of the paper with the mod podge because the surface will not be heavily used. If you were lining the inside of a drawer then you would most likely do so.

Now I'm wondering if its okay for me to use magnets on the box???

Oh can you tell that I've installed the other shelves? By working around the box, I was only able to install two more shelves (not my plan). And the paint that I chose is not working for the space. I wanted to do a nice blue, but I chickened out. Now I have to repaint because this subtle taupe is not doing anything for the space.

Here is quick peek at the unfinished space:

Next I would like to talk about storage containers. As you can see I've used these glass containers that are nice, but they are not air tight. In order to store sugar, cereals, and other foods that could clump or become stale(?) I need good containers with air tight seals. I'll show you what I've been looking at tomorrow. What do you think so far?


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Great idea to cover it, looks very nice. I have no idea about the magnets, I will ask my husband he may know. I love the glass containers and you can find some that have the snap lids that are air tight. Check Wal-Mart or Target, I found one at my Goodwill last week. I think you have made an awesome transformation. :-)


Sandi (Meme) said...

You've got a great start! Doesn't it just make you feel better already? Have a great weekend from sunny Kansas!

Linda said...

Looks outstanding...love the idea!


Mrs. Chic said...

It looks great! love the glass jars in yuor pantry - very Martha :)

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Brilliant, you've taken something utilitarian and turned it into pretty!! And again, what a great idea to turn this closet into a pantry! I agree though, that color is not making the space feel happy...so you are going to repaint?! Ugh...

Dayka said...

I like it, and I love the box cover--great job. I think it would be cool if you used a color to make it pop when you open the door--are you open to something in the yellow family? And have you been to Ikea? I store my flour, sugar, etc, in some glass jars with metal tops I got from there. I like your progress. And about Kandi, of course I'm still your friend! I don't like her interior, but I do like the house in an older ATL sort of way. I like the fact that she renovated instead of trying to ball like everyone else. Smart girl . . . now she just needs a new decorator. :)

Annette said...

It looks great! I love when something practical could also be made decorative.

Tamstyles said...

looking good girl..you are officially domesticated..

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, it looks so cute! What a great idea and I love the paper you used. Great idea to cover an ugly, but needed item.

AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

Wow - what a great idea! I love the paper you used too. I've never done Modge Podge...I know, can you believe it? I'll have to try it out sometime.

Oh, and thanks for you sweet comment. It made me want to cry. I totally know what you mean.

XO - AnNicole

adventures of a 1st time mom said...

great job it looks nice...and you right it do need to be repainted....dare to be different go wild do something you wouldn't think you would do...stop playin it safe....

other than that i love everything you end up doin i am a big FAN of your work...kep it up....

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

I'm calling the local authorities, I'm sure you've violated some code by the state. THANKS AGAIN Nate Berkus-Stalker!

jenjen said...

Great idea! I love mod podge! It looks great!


Holly said...

That was a great idea! The magnets would be really handy...maybe you could contact the alarm company and ask if it would affect the electronics inside?

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

This is so smart! I wish more people would do it...

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