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I was originally planning to do stripes in my boys bathroom, but then I remembered another project I wanted to do.

I placed my very first bid on ebay for an old Samsonite suitcase and I lostSad smile

first ebay purchase1 

I saved a picture of it because I just knew I was going to win it and I wanted to blog about it! When I didn’t win, I told myself that if I came across a similar suitcase, I would do my own stripes and guess what?

I found my ownSmile

scotch blue 001

After a quick wipe down, I taped it with the Scotch Blue tape sent to me

scotch blue 003

scotch blue 005

scotch blue 008

When I applied the tape, I eyeballed it because I didn’t want it to be too perfect (except for the clean lines I knew I would get from the tape!)

scotch blue 009

I used my beloved chalk paint (Henrietta color) and a sample pot of green paint I picked up from Lowe’s

scotch blue 010

scotch blue 011

Clean lines? Check!

scotch blue 012

scotch blue 013

scotch blue 015

scotch blue 018

Now it’s perfect for Swoon Worthy Vintage Rentals!

scotch blue 020

scotch blue 027

scotch blue 022

I’m thinking about adding another stripe down the center of the case, but right now, I’m happy with the simplicity of the four stripes!

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ScotchBlue Brand reached out to me to participate in the ScotchBlue Painting Party to celebrate the launch of their new ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector. My post represents my honest experience with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. I am not being paid for my answers, but I did receive ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to assist in completion.



Yesterday I was out in the yard taking pictures of a few of my vintage suitcases

swv 010

when my mail lady pulled up with my box of chalk paint!!! I’ve heard so many good things about this paint and I just couldn’t wait to crack open my own can of it and get to work!

swv 021

I ordered my paint from Kelly over at Stylish Patina and she was great to work with.  There was a delay in my shipping so she sent me a few paint brushes that I was thrilled about!

Last week I blogged about the piece I planed to paint and what color I wanted to try first (Henrietta). For a $36 can of paint, any normal person would have chose a neutral color, but you know meSmile

Anywho….Here is the vintage desk in all of its before beauty

swv 019  

Let me tell you, I've painted a few pieces of vintage furniture, but this piece here had me questioning myself when I pulled out the paint. Then I reminded myself that it would still be the same piece of furniture after the paint!

swv 024

What I love about this paint is how thick it is and how I don’t have to sand or prime before I paint. The above image is after one brushed on coat of paint!

swv 029

I used this brush the entire time and it it took me about an hour to finish the desk!  AND… I didn’t use nowhere near half the quart!

swv 031

Wanna see the finished desk?!

swv 045

swv 046

I know you do! Hop over to my other blog, Swoon Worthy Boutique to check her outWinking smile




It’s been a while since I decorated. I mean, yeah I have my bedroom that I’m working on, but I mean really started a room from scratch.  I feel like I have lost my mojo.  Or maybe I haven’t lost my mojo, but rather I’ve lost focus?  At any rate, whatever you want to call it, it was lost.  Lately I’ve ben getting the urge to do something. 

We moved into our home a little over three years ago and it still does not feel like home.  My husband tells me he feels like we are under construction and jokes about how we should have a sign up for guests that reads “Pardon our dust, but we’re still open”… Ha ha. 

I say over and over how I’m a one woman show which basically means I do everything alone. Its kind of tough at times (insert violin here)But from now on, I’m going to stop thinking so much about that and just get things done like I use to!

First that will be completed this week is my bedroom!!! It’s been a long time coming, but its finally winding down to the last few finishing touches like my bed being delivered today and my bedding that I found. 

The next space that I will start to decorate will feature these colors


Some of you may remember what room this is for, but the new readers, you’ll just have to wait and see!

On another note, what do you think about this

SWVR - Opt 3



Over the weekend I was thrilled to see my two youngest sons’ bedrooms featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!

nick room


Although I was originally contacted to feature my oldest son’s room, they featured an interview they did with him instead!


So now I know he wants a different color on his walls!

Also, they asked for a few tips on decorating a child’s room and here are a few that I gave

*Hold off shopping at stores or in departments that are specifically for children

*In a little girls room, make her feel like a princess by adding a chandelier

*Shop thrift stores for an old dresser to use as a changing table so it can be used once the child is well beyond the diaper stage

*Don’t be afraid of color, but don’t go wild with it.  Yes, children like color, but it can be brought into the room in other ways than on the walls!

*Give your kids a canvas and paint and let them create their own art for their room

And look who my son was excited to see next to his picture


tj interview


Erika Ward of BluLabel Bungalow! He couldn’t wait to take his paper to school!

I’m very grateful to be included in an article with other talented women.  It was a great weekend!



WHAT I’M LOVING RIGHT NOW: Crochet blankets!

For the past two days the weather has been in the 60’s (Can I get a woot woot?!).

Well, now that it’s getting chilly out, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep warm.  For some reason, my downstairs will not stay warm very long so when it is really cold out, it’s nice to have a blanket on hand.  I always see the prettiest crochet blankets at thrift stores when I go, but if you aren’t comfortable hunting down one there, you can always check Etsy for some really cute ones!

Vintage Crocheted Throw Afghan Blanket Sweet Sherbet Baby Striped

Before I get to some that would look great in your living space, how cute is this one for a nursery?! I love the yummy colors!

Vintage Crochet Blanket. Green Mix Chevron

I purchased one like this one the other day in a buttery yellow and cream combo.  But how cute are those shades of green?

Inventory 038

This one is mine (above). Can’t beat $1.50 at a thrift store!

Not into all the color?  What about blue and white

Vintage Crochet Blanket / Rug Navy and White

But if you’re like me and don’t mind a punch of color, there are plenty of colors to choose from on Etsy like this one

Vintage Crochet Blanket Wide Zig Zag

I like this one too!

Vintage Hand Knitted Brown, Cream, and Orange Blanket

This one would be cute in the child’s room with all of the colors! AND… it’s only 12 bucks!

Vintage Crochet Afghan Blanket Throw Rainbow of Colors

I LOVE the colors in this one

Vintage Crocheted Striped Afghan Blanket Lap Robe

Have I inspired you to add a crochet blanket to your d├ęcor this Fall/Winter?! This would be an easy way to add color to your room.  It is a lot cheaper than purchasing new pillowsSmile


On Friday when I weighed in I had lost another pound.  That’s good, but I was hoping for 2! I hate given excuses for not having done my best, but I do have some. 

1. I have been drinking less water.  Not less water and more sodas or juices, but less water and rarely anything else.

2. I haven’t been adding my veggies like I should be.

3. I have a lot of things going on.  Content for House of Fifty due, my husband has worked everyday for the past seven days, and trying to add vintage rentals to Swoon Worthy Boutique.  I have a lot going on and it’s all on me.

4.  And the last detail which is trying to figure out how to stay motivated given this is my last week in the Jenny Craig program…

I’m not giving up.  It feels great to know that I’ve lost 6.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  If I stay on track, I’ll be almost down 50 pounds! I guess that’s motivation enough right there, huh?!

Next week I want to talk about Weight Watchers.  I was asked why I didn’t think of using them….

Have you been in a slump lately?  How do you pull yourself out of it?  How do you stay motivated?


Happy Wednesday!



BEDDING FOUND…Oh, and a bed!

After my walk last week, I stopped in Target to check out what they had to offer as far as bedding is concerned (Thanks Janell for the tip!)

Here is what I found


a solid colored comforter.  I usually don’t purchase comforters because I have a duvet and I like duvet covers, but this one isn’t that bad!



It’s not too thick and it does not feel too cheap. 


Plus I love the tone on tone pattern on it.  It gives it just enough interest without being to busy.

I should have bought this pillow (below).


Another thing I found was a coverlet.  I’m not all that in love with coverlets either, but I have a light-weight blanket that I can layer on my bed with it.



I didn’t purchase either of them because I have been going back and forth with my husband on getting a new bed.  We seriously need a bed and I want a king, but he likes the price of the queen… We currently have a queen and its fine, but when the kids come piling up in the bed then that’s when it becomes a problem.  My three year old makes his way into our bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT…

Anyway, we went ahead and purchased a bed and yes it’s a queen.  I was fine with that decision last night, but now that I’m typing it out, I want a king sized bed…

Serta® Perfect Sleeper™ ''Dashing'' Eurotop Queen Mattress Set

So, what size bed do you have?  Those that have a king, please tell me what I’m missing out on.  Those of you that have a queen size, would you prefer a king???

This is crazy! I can never fully make up my mindConfused smile