On Friday when I weighed in I had lost another pound.  That’s good, but I was hoping for 2! I hate given excuses for not having done my best, but I do have some. 

1. I have been drinking less water.  Not less water and more sodas or juices, but less water and rarely anything else.

2. I haven’t been adding my veggies like I should be.

3. I have a lot of things going on.  Content for House of Fifty due, my husband has worked everyday for the past seven days, and trying to add vintage rentals to Swoon Worthy Boutique.  I have a lot going on and it’s all on me.

4.  And the last detail which is trying to figure out how to stay motivated given this is my last week in the Jenny Craig program…

I’m not giving up.  It feels great to know that I’ve lost 6.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  If I stay on track, I’ll be almost down 50 pounds! I guess that’s motivation enough right there, huh?!

Next week I want to talk about Weight Watchers.  I was asked why I didn’t think of using them….

Have you been in a slump lately?  How do you pull yourself out of it?  How do you stay motivated?


Happy Wednesday!



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

How to stay motivated, that is the question I think we'd all like the miracle answer to! I look at it like this, if I not feeling motivated, I just look at what is on my agenda, pick one of the tasks and just begin, one step in front of the other. As long as there is forward movement, things get done, goals are met.

And a lb is an lb! Don't forget that! Janell

Sing said...

Setbacks are normal, just stick with it. Life happens but we keep moving forward. Keep it up chica.

MzMannerz said...

Congrats on your weight loss!!

Jolyn said...

Just think it takes 1 pound and another pound to get to 2 pounds...Girl you are at 6 1/2..you have to keep going...Do not stop...since you are this far you heading in the right direction..if you go off you will gain the 6 1/2 back plus more and then if and when you start again it will be even more weight to loose...I think you will like weight watchers so much better...it helps you know how to eat in this world of life...So you can't fail if you don't stop...Make small goals..YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Myssie said...

Slack week?? You lost a pound!! You lost and didn't gain, that to me is no slack week girl!

I suck at diets, so I have no words of wisdom for you. But you are making me think that I need to get my butt in gear and start getting this baby weight off...now!!

Just be like Dori...
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!! You will get there! :)