Well hello there! What have you been up to?! Me myself, I’ve been busy “doing”.  Doing what exactly?  Well for starters, I started painting what will soon be my office.


Crappy picture, right?  Well I took it with my phone.  The paint was wet and the light sucks in this room.  I’m painting the room the same color as my kitchen and family room.  I forgot the color.  I’ll tell ya later! 

I originally thought I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted in the space, but ya’ll know me.  Nothing in my head is solid! But when I found this piece (below) at the Goodwill last week, I knew the direction I was headed in.


It includes everything I want for the space… COLOR! oh and pinkWinking smile

Father’s Day came and went and my hubby was spoiled.  Well not really, but the boys and I did good.  Here is his gift


My etsy shop is doing great! I met my personal goal already.  Yes, my personal goal was to sell 5 things this year.  I did that yesterday. You may think that’s a pretty low goal, but I thought it was a stretch! I never realized how much I’d enjoy packing and shipping my pieces. 


I also enjoy when my sis Deitra finds me new inventory and how she swears it won’t sale


And because I’m crazy like that, I’m starting yet another etsy shop! This shop will be totally different than my current one.  I’m selling bracelets!


bracelets and brass items 107

bracelets and brass items 086

bracelets and brass items 089

That’s just a sample of what I’ve done so far. I’ll talk more about them when I launch the shop.

I know I haven’t been doing much blogging lately, but the boys are out of school and it’s just hard being glued to the computer with them running around.  My phone is practically glued to my hands so a quick tweet or post on instagram or FB is so much easier for me.

So yeah, that’s it.  I’ve been “doing”.  If you have instagram, you can find me under my name or Swoon Worthy Vintage!

What have you been “Doing”?!?!





A while ago I wrote a post about collecting globes and other things and how I’ve been trying to find some while thrifting.  Who would have thought that I would come across two in the same day?!



Now I have 4 globes in all! I also found a set of glasses to add to my bar


they’re going to replace the current glasses I have. 


And speaking of finds… Thanks for your kind words on the launch of my etsy shop!  If you find something you like, take 15% off with the code SWOON! 

Happy Monday!




Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience as I took a little break to hang with the kiddos and hubs.  While I was away, I also had time to do something else.  I opened my etsy shop!!!

etsy banner

I know I’ve been all over the place with my swoon worthy ventures, but after giving it much thought, I realized that my passion is shopping for vintage home accessories and furniture.  What I’ve also realized is that many people love the thought of having vintage pieces in their homes, but don’t have the desire to “hunt” them down. 

I still have more items to list, but I am so excited to share this with you I couldn’t stand to wait another day!

Making my shop affordable was a big concern to me.  So while everything may not come across as a “steal”, I assure you that the prices are fair.

Now for those who haven’t clicked over yet to see what I have listed, here is a teaser


impala bookends

Vintage phone

vintage phone

Vintage brass pig bank

brass piggy bank

Vintage brass and enamel lidded bowl

brass and enamel lidded bowl in chevron pattern

Vintage Lace-edged candy dish

milk glass candy dish

Vintage silverplate cat ring holder

silver plate cat ring holder

Vintage green bamboo glassware

green glassware with bamboo pattern

Vintage linen napkins with pink trim

linen napkins with pink trim (set of 8)

Thank you so much for your support in all of my endeavors.  I hope that you see something you like today! Don’t forget that I am still listing items so if you don’t see something you want or that works in your home right now, keep checking back.  Also, feel free to email me if you’re looking for something in particular…. I may just have itSmile



I’m supposed to be on a little break around these parts, but I had to blog about Adore Magazine’s latest issue. 

From the COLOR-FULL shops…


to the beautifully decorated interiors, every page is Swoon Worthy!


Oh and this Bachelor pad designed by the ABSOLUTELY talented Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 is simply stunning… I would live there myself.  Without the boys.  And husbandWinking smile


I know that you only read House of Fifty Magazine (right?!), but this issue of Adore Mag is definitely worth checking out! It’s full I tell ya.  Bursting at the seams even.  Go look.  NOW!


All images are from Adore Magazine June/July 2012 issue